Top Tech Companies Driving Africa’s Growth – Africa Tech Week

Monique Horwitz
13 Apr 2021
Enhancing Tech-Parity Across Africa

On the 5th and 6th of May, Topco Media and partners will be presenting a robust networking experience aimed at kick-starting economic growth in Africa, using technology. Africa Tech Week is alive with gleaming opportunities to shape fruitful connections, forge clearer paths to digital transformation and inspire collective and personal growth.


Enjoy the Inside Scoop from Top-Tech Companies

Registered attendees gain access to the two-day hybrid conference where they can enjoy the inside scoop from top-tech companies. Listen eagerly as renowned leaders including Dr Marian Croak, Vice President of Engineering for Google USA; Abe Smith, International Lead for Zoom USA and Ayodele Odusola, United Nations Representative for South Africa, unveil their winning formulas and “techs of the trade.”


Redefining a “New Normal”

Redefining a novel kind of normal in 2021 directly correlates with the future of IT and stimulating market growth through digitisation. Questions such as, why and how to invest in technology and Africa will be at the forefront of our quest for knowledge. Looking ahead at the “new normal,” and what it means for start-ups and fintechs during and post the pandemic, will be key topics. Immerse yourself in pertinent matters, including women in tech, CX, artificial intelligence and technology governance, as we embark on a two-day summit.


Partnerships and Recognition

Topco Media has partnered with outstanding companies such as Vaxowave, PPC, Gijima and Silicon Cape – just to name a few. Dr Sumarie Roodt, Silicon Cape Co-Chairperson says, “Africa is quickly emerging as one of the most important catalysts for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship – but success in these fields, and the growth potential of the continent, depends on investment, education and collaboration. This is what makes us excited to be supporting Africa Tech Week – an event teeming with possibility for players in the ecosystem.”

Africa Tech Week is also dedicated to the recognition and reward of the companies in Africa that have excelled at innovative product development. Looking at Africa, the continent bustling with the most youthful population on earth a decade from now, the splendid opportunity to build a thriving community is tangible. With a rich bounty of natural resources, sustainable development in Africa is imperative and achievable. The future is intelligent, and it begins with a platform, like the 2021 Africa Tech Week to catapult her people to the new and exciting frontier.


Bridging the Gap

Why is technology the driving force behind business and economic growth? And how does it work in the Africa context? The answer lies in connectedness – I am because of who we all are. Let us bridge the gap between access to resources and education in a continent brimming with possibility. Tuck into this technology conference, exhibition and awards ceremony and be inspired and activated.


The Importance of Multinational Partnerships

As the next big growth market, it is critical that multinationals partner with Africa for several sterling reasons. Ten years from now, we will be able to recount the great tale of how digital transformation took place and was catalysed. Be a part of tech history, at a summit designed to uplift Africa to new and soaring heights.


Network and Excel

As the age of unprecedented technological breakthroughs is ushered in, prepare your devices to blast off into a space where digital development moves at lightspeed. Meet an abundance of like-minded technovators and discover an arena where network building, fund access, and secure partnerships is at your fingertips – a click away.


Pioneering Africa’s Success

Reimagine a world, abundant with connections and investors. Actively manifest a technological nirvana where access, sustainability and uBuntu are the fibres that connect the planet. A brilliant webwork computing rapidly to achieve optimum people actualization and business enhancement.

As a unified entity, we hold the key to unlockking Africa’s potential. Come one, come all, as we combine our processing power to programme the mainframe to maximize performance. Technovators, pioneering a shift to a more equitable and progressive state, where the spirit of interconnectedness prevails.


To participate in this exciting event contact:

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