Our Tours


Our Standard tour gives visitors a brief introduction to the ecosystem and facilitates conversations with key capacity building partners and relevant government support agencies.

Duration 4 hours
Locations Workshop 17
Presentations By Silicon Cape, government support agencies and capacity building organisations.
Visits Scale up visit


Experience the innovative culture of the Cape Town ecosystem with the Plus tour. Meet face-to-face with innovators, digital disruptors and experience firsthand their practices and strategies.

Duration 6 hours
Locations TBA
Presentations By Silicon Cape, capacity building stakeholders, startups and industry experts.
Visits Scale up visit


Accelerate your innovation journey by meeting with startups, scale-ups, potential partners and key ecosystem stakeholders.
With our Premium tour, you will gain a deeper understanding of the technology trends and what opportunities they present for your organisation.

Duration 2 Days
Locations Workshop 17 • The Woodstock Exchange • Khayelitsha • Phillipi • LaunchLab (Stellenbosch)

Customize your tour

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Our ecosystem tours are not only an opportunity to meet potential partners, but also to engage with industry experts and be inspired by the most established tech ecosystem in Africa. These programmes are tailored to meet your organisational needs. Discover emerging trends and disruptive technologies that impact the future of your industry , and society at large.

The programmes may include:

  • Panel Discussions
  • Hackathons
  • Workshops
  • Round-table discussions
  • Flash Consulting
  • Visits and engagements with local co-working spaces, incubators, accelerators, VC’s, government agencies, tech start-ups and scale-ups.
  • Transportation
  • Refreshments


Join our immersion programmes to learn more about new technologies being developed by the most innovative companies in the Cape


Silicon Cape is a non-profit, community driven initiative that supports and catalyzes the creation of a vibrant, sustainable tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Africa. Founded in 2009, Silicon Cape is the most established entrepreneurial network in Africa.

Silicon Cape is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of Entrepreneurs and Industry Representatives and driven on a daily basis by an operational team with extensive cross-industry experience.



We’re always eager to hear from anyone interested in the Cape Town startup ecosystem. Feel free to make an appointment to visit us.