What Rights do I Have Before a Credit Provider Repossesses My Goods?

Silicon Cape
21 Oct 2009

Before a credit provider seeks permission from a court to repossess your possessions, as away to enforce the debt, the credit provideris required to give you prior written notice,informing you of the options available to you,namely:

• Seeking help from a debt counsellor;

• Seeking help from an alternative dispute mechanism; or

• Bringing your payments up-to-date. You have the right to reinstate the agreementby paying all overdue amounts, includingdefault charges and reasonable costs ofenforcing the agreement, before the creditprovider cancels the agreement.When you receive a Section 129 notice letteror any other letter of demand/final notice fromyour credit provider, do NOT ignore the letterACT ON IT! If you do not understand theletter, seek professional advice and avoid apotentially damaging situation.

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