The Silicon Cape Initiative launch event a huge success!

Silicon Cape
09 Oct 2009

Thank you to all who volunteered, sponsored, organised, spoke, blogged, tweeted, and attended. Your support was invaluable and overwhelming. I think there is no one present who didn’t walk away feeling inspired, motivated, and uplifted by what proved to be a momentous occasion, which was bursting at the seams with well over 500 people in attendance.

We were all a part of “an historic, landmark day in SA history” according to several speakers yesterday. Here’s hoping that the momentum generated by this community movement can be carried forward! Remember, this is your movement, and it will only be as strong as all of your individual involvement.

This is not about asking for hand-outs, sitting back and calling for or waiting for someone else to bring about the changes needed, this is about everyone asking of themselves, “What can I do to make this dream come true? How can I help?”.

Vinny and myself were simply two guys with a vision and a dream who decided to do something about it and become the catalyst for the idea, and campaigned for support which culminated in the launch event which took place yesterday. It is now up to everyone to be a part of bringing the vision to reality.

Still to come in the wake of the event:

– Official photos from the day will be posted on this website shortly
– Speaker presentations will also be posted
– The full video footage of the entire event, plus additional interviews, will be posted here and on the Silicon Cape Zoopy channel ( in due course after editing is complete
– Creation of the steering committee – Don’t forget to volunteer or nominate via!
– Formation of the foundation which will carry the work of the vision forward
– The start of regular monthly Silicon Cape networking events, to facilitate networking of entrepreneurs, angels, institutional investors, and other participants

Thanks again to you all. I believe this community has the power to bring about change in South Africa and do great things. Let’s see if our “can do” attitude can prevail!