The First Official Ethereum Meetup In Mauritius

Silicon Cape
27 Feb 2018

On 22 February 2018, Linum Labs hosted the first Ethereum Meetup in Mauritius in partnership with the Blockchain Launchpad at the African Leadership College.

Linum Labs alongside the Blockchain Launchpad, whose missions align in accelerating blockchain development in Africa, have partnered up to create an event that supports and fosters the innovative blockchain culture on the island.

The Meetup consisted of speakers with extensive experience in the industry and a passion for sharing knowledge with those who have an interest in blockchain technology.

Paul Kohlhaas, founder of Linum Labs and keynote speaker, presented on an Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency basics, by creating an open floor discussion with members of the community. Caleb Rockstone and Iyosiyas Mitiku introduced the Blockchain Launchpad and the current projects they are working on to bring blockchain innovation to the forefront of Africa.

Caleb, a member of the Blockchain Launchpad, says, ‘The blockchain has huge potentials in helping Africa leapfrog, especially in the finance industry’.

By collaborating together in hosting the first Meetup in Mauritius, both Linum Labs and the Blockchain Launchpad have created an opportunity for the country to learn about new technologies, making relevant resources accessible to the community.

Fostering Change for Blockchain Development

An event such as this lays the foundation in creating the framework needed to make Mauritius a global blockchain hub.

Linum Labs is excited to start engaging with the community in Mauritius more actively by developing an open platform where anyone from start-ups to corporations, can ask questions and have discussions with knowledgeable community members.

There is a need to generate more value through growing a peer-to-peer network, where individuals are exposed to platforms that promote idea generation, education and skills development.

“It is important to educate, through community engagement, that blockchain technology is more than just a means for transferring finances or investing into cryptocurrency and ICOs. Blockchain is fast becoming the fundamental platform for change”, says Linum Labs.

By providing the grassroots level with the necessary skills and knowledge, the community has the chance to make a difference and the resources to further blockchain development in Africa.