Operations team

The Operations Team manages Silicon Cape’s day-to-day operations and supports the Board of Directors and Community Council meet the nonprofit’s objectives and mandate.


Ellen Fischat                                                                                                             Role: Managing Director                                                               @siliconcapeLinkedIn



Nozuko Poni
Role: Marketing & Project Co-ordinator
Email: nozuko[at]


For general enquiries please email engage[at]

Board of Directors

The volunteer Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance, government and strategic plan of the nonprofit company.


Daniel Guasco
@dguasco | LinkedIn
Role: Director | Email: dan[at]



Alexandra Fraser
@anfraser | LinkedIn
Role: Director | Email: alex[at]



Zimkhita Buwa
@zimbuwa | LinkedIn
Role: Director | Email: zimkhita[at]



James Milne
@JMilne_SA | LinkedIn
Role: Director | Email: james[at]



Sumarie Roodt
@SumarieRoodt | LinkedIn
Role: Director | Email: sumarie[at]

Community Council

The Community Committee is elected every two years with each volunteer member responsible for a specific portfolio of activity.

The 2017 council is made up of:


Guillaume De Smedt
Role: Chairman | Email: g[at]



Antoinette Prophy
@AntoProphy | LinkedIn
Role: Diversity & Inclusion | Email: antoinette[at]



Roslyn Lavery
Role: Startup Portfolio | Email: roslyn[at]



Lara Rosmarin
Role: Investor Relations | Email: lara[at]



Aalia Manie
@Aalia_IP | LinkedIn
Role: Government Relations | Email: aalia[at]



Yossi Hasson
Role: International Stakeholders | Email: yossi[at]



Reobone Mokhasinyane
@Reobonny | LinkedIn 
Developers Portfolio | Email: reobone[at]



Apoorv Bamba
@apoorvbamba | LinkedIn
Role: Skills & Development | Email: apoorv[at]