Such a shame, what a pity, maybe you can help

Silicon Cape
30 Sep 2009

Recently a read a great article about the seven elements that contribute to the success or for that matter failure of a project. see the list below:

1. Business case
2. Stakeholder involvement
3. Executive sponsorship
4. Project management
5. Change management
6. Third party relationship
7. Resources

One of the items which is a huge problem on the projects I work on is the shortage of resources. So at the outset I looked around and after much consideration selected a PHP (opensource) and MySql environment to build the web solutions required for the long term vision and objectives of my client’s. The reasoning was that should my primary contractor run into resource (read developer) limitations, then it would be a simple matter to search for and contract additional resource from other companies.

So the saturation point for what my primary contractor can deliver has come, is gone, gone, way over what his company can handle, as not only has the demand for his services increased from my company, byt due to the nature of what we do additional work has come his way from other companies, added to his current clients and just that his company is really great to deal with.

My first surprise was to find PHP/MySQL development services in the Cape. After about a days, worth of surfing, networking with my cronies etc, i came up with a shortlist.

Now here is where things as “such a shame” all three companies are eager to help and can do the module i need in their sleep. Problem is they are unwilling to meet or travel to my offices, oh and dare a I forget that they are really busy at this time.

On the flip side their website contact us enquiry system worked very well.

Such a shame that they do not realise what an opportunity they have missed out on, as the organisation I currently serve is very influential within the industry it serves (it is pretty much a goto company).

Well long and short of it is I am sending up a smoke signal from my neck of the woods and should any Silicon Cape company read this and wish to contact me for further details about our requirements, I may even toss in a bottle of the good red stuff if anything else for a visit and a chat.