Timbuktu Travel

Timbuktu was founded with a clear vision: to make Africa more accessible to all, by empowering you, the traveller, to explore and build your own safari, regardless of experience or budget, while saving money along the way.

For years, safaris have been notoriously exclusive and complicated to plan and book. Sadly, the only people losing out are the travellers themselves. We’re on a mission to change this.

Timbuktu (and technology) to the rescue!

Using over 30 years of combined Africa-loving experience, we’ve created a content-rich site that showcases our hand-picked crop of amazing African journeys, and empowers you to chop, change and refine these adventures, or simply build one from scratch—all under the specialist guidance from our experts.

It’s fun and easy, and saves you money. You explore and create. We guide you and fulfill your dreams.

It’s time Africa moved out of the shadow of elite luxury travel, and the power was put back in the hands of people from all walks of life.

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