Neural Sense

Neural Sense™ is the only full-service Neuromarketing consultancy on the African continent that leverages the full spectrum of neuroscience and biometric technologies. With specialist expertise in the fields of marketing; neuroscience (both neurophysiology and neuropsychology); behavioural science and biomedical engineering; the Neural Sense™ team provides a holistic Neuromarketing consulting service for it’s clients, which include marketing and brand managers; advertising agencies and traditional market research firms alike. 

Traditional research methodologies are just that, traditional. Clients are looking for new and innovative ways to improve their offerings and the ways in which they communicate with their consumers. Neural Sense™ offers these clients the unique opportunity to access the hearts and minds of their consumers so that they can make more informed business decisions using consumer insights that are backed by scientific evidence, ensuring that they maximise the impact of their marketing spend at a time when the ROI is paramount.  

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