Save our Stories – Decolonise South African Bookshelves

Silicon Cape
09 Feb 2018

For the first time, a local publisher is doing something that will make a difference.
Storied is an initiative from South Africa’s leading independent local publisher, Jacana Media. The entity, drawing on Jacana’s experience in the publishing industry, will reignite the local creative-writing and fiction sector through targeted financial investment and innovation. Through Uprise.Africa, South Africa’s equity crowdfunding platform, investors will be offered a 49% share in Storied, an initiative that will breathe new life into South African publishing.

Johannesburg, Gauteng, 26 January 2018: Saving South African Stories:
Traditional publishing faces a set of significant challenges in the face of the decline in local fiction publishing and sales. It has been demonstrated the world over that a country that has a vigorous and active culture of storytelling and story sharing is empowered to develop a commonly agreed social agenda. Storied will focus on supporting local fiction publishing.

Storied will use Jacana’s intellectual capital and operational footprint to nurture South African voices and help them tell their stories. The initiative builds on the existing work of the Jacana Literary Foundation and Jacana Media in identifying and growing South African literary talent. It will also take new and exciting steps to develop key skills across the publishing supply chain by investing in the development of young editors and creative writers. In raising capital in exchange for shares through equity crowdfunding, Storied will cater to a diverse reading community that will have more readers buying more books.

Shareholders who believe in the power of our stories and invest in Storied will benefit from the profits of the business, be a part of Storied’s journey to reclaim African literature and support the talented authors in our country. Essentially, investors have the opportunity to participate in a drive towards social change in South Africa.

Uprise.Africa facilitates the investment process, thereby ensuring it is a streamlined experience for the investor. Investment in Storied is officially open for everyday, sophisticated and professional investors and all you need to do is register on the platform and be FICA’d.

Invest with Uprise.Africa and become a shareholder in a South African SME and a *shareholder in Storied.