Understanding Angel Investment in South Africa – SAVCA 2017 VC survey

Silicon Cape
03 Jun 2017

Southern African Venture Capital (SAVCA) 2017 VC survey – Understanding Angel Investment in South Africa

Survey Link: https://goo.gl/forms/hndmKOxJyoKWQ3iS2

The South African Venture Capital Association (SAVCA) is currently conducting its survey of venture capital and early stage ventures so as to define the current state of the VC asset class. The purpose is to formally define this important asset class so as to inform decision-making in terms of industry development and promotion.

Venture Solutions, a South African innovation management and commercialisation consultancy has been appointed by SAVCA to conduct this survey. Venture Solutions is bound not to reveal any company or individual-specific data as the survey will aggregate data for the purposes of trend analysis and to scope the size and nature of this asset class.

A key component of investment in early stage entrepreneurial businesses is the investments made by Business Angel Investors – so-called direct investments by private individuals. It is well known that the estimated total of investments made by Angels in the USA exceeds the total investments made by VC’s. The same is probably true of South Africa.

In order to understand this better, SAVCA would like to encourage Angel investors to – under total anonymity – reveal something of their nature, investment activities and preferences. The purpose of this is to outline actual investment activity thereby adding to what is currently limited to anecdotal references only.

Your participation is highly valued and SAVCA promises to keep all personal information confidential; in fact, its recommended that you don’t submit your name or contact details but simply complete this form on the electronic link.