Have a Spare Seat or Need a Lift?

Silicon Cape
29 Aug 2017

What is Jumpin Rides?

Jumpin Rides is an online ride sharing platform which connects drivers with spare seats, to passengers going the same way. The service allows users to travel safe, save money on fuel costs and meet new people by sharing a car.


Jumpin Rides offers an innovative solution to local transport needs in South Africa in terms of safety, affordability and flexibility.

Jumpin Rides connects commuters and travellers going the same way. Once the journey is set, the service automatically calculates the shared cost of the trip. Driver and passenger(s) will save money fuel, toll and parking.


  • Safety: there are several safety checks on Jumpin Rides, such as ID verification, Facebook verification, email verification. User rating and measured ride share activities add to this trust.
  • Affordability: we help drivers and passengers to save money, everyone pays only a fraction of the fuel cost.
  • Flexibility: Unlike the public transports, drivers can pick up/drop off passengers at their actual address of departure and arrival, and at the time which is convenient for them.

A model inspiration?

Jumpin Rides has been incubated by Far Ventures Global since July 2016.The concept was inspired by the European unicorn, BlaBlaCar. This role model currently has over 50 million users in more than 22 countries.

Some data

Jumpin Rides reached an important milestone with more than 6,000 registered users on the platform. To become the leading carpooling platform in South Africa, JumpIn is actively looking to raise ZAR 2.5m to expand its business.

Benefits in using Jumpin Rides

Using Jumpin Rides has three major impacts: less CO2 emissions, less congestion and less costs.