VC Office Hours

As part of the Silicon Cape Initiatives’s goal of creating more startups with a better foundation, we would like to announce a new monthly initiative:

VC Office Hours

This is great opportunity for you to ask an investor specific questions about the funding process, how to apply for funding, or about a specific aspect of your business. This is so that when you do apply for funding your chances of getting a “YES” are more than one in a hundred.

We have a great line up of investment professionals who have generously volunteered their time to assist the Silicon Cape community. Even if some of them have said no to you in the past, they are here to answer your questions, so please be polite.

The format of the sessions will be that 6 start-up teams will get a 30 minute question slot on the first Friday of each month with a funder. Sign-up will be via the Links below on this page and once you have signed up you will get a confirmation email of the meeting time, venue and details of who you will be meeting with.

Please read the house rules before you apply as we will be strict to ensure that everyone gets a chance and our investors agree to participate again. Once you have signed up you will get a confirmation email of the meeting time, venue and details of who you will be meeting.

Spaces are limited and sessions will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Please read the house rules before you apply as we will be strict to ensure that everyone gets a chance and our investors agree to participate again.

Click HERE to book your slot.

House Rules:

1. Strictly no NDAs will be signed by any of the funds or in the advisor’s personal capacity. It is up to you to keep your IP confidential if it is not protected. If you are considering talking to an investor you should be able to describe the project in sufficient detail without disclosing your IP until detailed investigation.

2. This is not a pitching session and is not a formal application for funding, but rather an opportunity for you to get some valuable insight into what funders look for, what they would require or how you could improve a specific aspect of your business to increase your chances for funding.

3. Meetings will be kept strictly to 30min. If you are late, you miss out.

4. Keep it simple – you only have 30min which includes any set up time if you want to do a presentation. The suggested format is that you present and discuss one or two aspects of your business with the advisor.

5. Sign-up will be on a first come, first served basis and will be limited to one session for each start-up, every 2 months depending on demand.

6. If you participate in the session, please provide feedback (to VChrs[at] from your session so we can continue to provide a useful service to other entrepreneurs.