Learning Ruby

Learning Ruby on Rails? Here is the Silicon Cape’s list of best online learning resources:

Ruby:Try Ruby

Ruby path on codeacademy.com

Learn Ruby the Hard Way

Ruby on Rails:

Michael Hartl Intro to Ruby on Rails

Text and image tutorial by Jorgan Hugens for Udemy Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn From Scratch

Rails for Zombies: The guys at code-school have given SC Members 48 hours free, use this link for the coupon. Enjoy guys!

Rails Casts

Pragmatic Programmer: Agile Web development with Rails 4

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If you would like to share a resource that helped you learn Ruby or Ruby on Rails, please enter it into the comments below.

Code Quizzes – Learn programming with Ruby, JavaScript, and Rails code quizzes.
Ruby Quiz – Ruby Quiz is a weekly programming challenge for Ruby programmers in the spirit of the Perl Quiz of the Week