Covid 19 Funding Infographic for SA Businesses- Fraser Consulting

With the country in lockdown for 3 weeks and potentially longer, it has never been a more uncertain and challenging time to be an entrepreneur in South Africa. Government, individuals and business have stepped up to give SMEs some financial support to cushion the blow via various funding mechanisms to relieve salary, debt and tax pressures, and also to enable businesses who are able to produce essential supplies or services.

Fraser Consulting has collated a Google Doc, detailing the available funds and non-financial opportunities for South African SMEs – which we will updated on a daily basis. Please use this doc as a resource for your own business, or to share with entrepreneurs in your ecosystem.

The below infographic summarises the key funds available currently to SA SMEs.

The full infographic can be accessed here.

We hope to see more targeted funds and programmes emerge over the next few weeks. If you are running, or know of, financial or non-financial support available to South African SMEs to this period – please contact us on