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Starting Your Own Business
The Definitive Guide
People that are considering starting a new business often lack the resources or structure to get started. Below is a comprehensive guide with all the tools you need to get started setting up your business.

This guide is designed for anyone looking to get into business or people already in business looking to make improvements.

Written by: Norman Swanepoel for Silicon Cape Resources

Startup Tool Kit

Each guide comes as a three-in-one: a detailed article, a visual step-by-step workflow, and a ready-to-use project template.

Online Business Courses

Udacity: How To Build A Startup Platform: Udacity Length/Start date: Self paced Time commitment/prerequisites: Students are free to pace themselves, and Blank suggests that they have at least some idea of the business they want to create. Why you should take it: This course is a bit unusual, in that it’s not produced in partnership […]

10 Tips – How to pitch

Guest post by Alex Fraser of Invenfin Unless you’re very lucky, you only get one opportunity to pitch your business concept to an angel or venture capital investor. So you’d better make it good. This article focuses on how to pitch to investors, rather than the content of an investment pitch, which is a separate […]

Guide to An Excellent Business Plan

Guest post by Alex Fraser of Invenfin The golden rule for writing a business plan to raise funding is simple: The shorter, the better. If you send a 60 page document it will, at best, be skimmed through. Venture Capitalists receive hundreds of plans and simply don’t have the time to go through them in […]