Invitation to participate in the annual Seed Academy Startup Survey

Silicon Cape
12 Mar 2017

Each year, Seed Academy’s startup survey continues to be the biggest and most referenced survey of its kind in S.A. Now in its 3rd year, we are aiming to go even bigger as we expand the scope of the survey from startups to all entrepreneurs in order to get a true reflection of the state of entrepreneurship directly from entrepreneurs.

Inline with this wider focus, we have also rebranded the survey to ‘The State of Entrepreneurship in S.A. – The Entrepreneur’s Perspective’.

If you would like to participate in this survey, please complete the form below:

We have great prizes on offer including exclusive one-on-one mentor sessions with some of the country’s top entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneurs could find themselves

·        Swimming with a Shark – Gil Oved, Co-founder of The Creative Counsel, S.A.’s biggest activations agency; or

·       Dreaming Beeg with Miles Khubeka, Founder of the Vuyo’s restaurant brand

·       Getting that entrepreneurial feeling with Ian Fuhr, Founder of the Sorbet Group

For more information on the survey, please contact Seed Academy directly.