#Internet4All Meetup &Tweetup

Silicon Cape
15 Jun 2017

The World Economic Forum is supporting the launch of South Africa’s Internet for All initiative – to connect the next 22 million South Africans by 2020.

There are four dimensions of #internet4all, as delineated by the World Economic Forum. This campaign will have a particular focus on the skills dimension.

  1. Infrastructure: investment in basic availability
  2. Affordability: of devices, data, and content
  3. Skills: relevant skills to use the internet and make the most of it.
  4. Content: apps and information that can change lives

On the morning of Youth Day, June 16th, please join us Twitter to share your views on #internet4all. Specifically, we are discussing: “how access to affordable internet provides all South Africans the freedom to learn and to earn”

On Twitter, please share any supporting insights or questions to enrich our discussion on these topics. No contribution is too small – a like, comment, retweet or share even.

Campaign Details

Please add the event to your calendar (Refer to attached invitation)

  • Date: Friday, 16th June, 2017
  • Time:kick-off is at 8am, and we hope to be trending by 9am, with the peak of discussion happening before lunchtime.
  • Goal:get #internet4all trending alongside #youthday on social media.

How to Participate:

Contribute to the conversation on Twitter (& Facebook) all day on Friday by:

  • Followinghttps://twitter.com/AfricaWeShape (the official account) and Like, Retweet, Comment on the tweets.
  • Engaging with other tweets using the #internet4all hashtag
  • Sharing your viewson: how access to the internet provides all South Africans the freedom to learn and to earn.

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