Impressive sponsors answer cynics

Silicon Cape
05 Oct 2009

One of the key indicators of the potential success of an initiative is the quality of the sponsors and speakers it attracts. Western Cape premier Helen Zille has been tweeting about #SiliconCape, so that’s not bad going, and the lineup of sponsor logos on the right is pretty impressive too.

I fully understand cynicism about ideas that set out to replicate the success of Silicon Valley. Not only is it hard to replicate something that happened, apparently spontaneously, at a particular time and place — nobody has ever really replicated Woodstock, either — but the dot com crash has vindicated a lot of the skeptics. However, to those who doubt the value of efforts such as Silicon Cape, the kind of backing this event attracted is a good answer. At least it should be reason to suspend disbelief, and see what happens.

I’m looking forward to 8 October, when I’ll be writing some views from the front row. Will see you all there.