One-Day Course Customer Journey Mapping


Date: 15/06/2018
Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm



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This high energy 1-day course will give you a deeper level of understanding of the Service Design Thinking principles, key tools & terminology. The course design is highly practical, with a focus on learning by doing. You will learn how to research the current customer experience and co-create with your fellow participants personas and customer journey maps.

You will explore how to better understand the customer experience, their “job to be done” and how to accurately depict the customer journey once having researched their needs. This process will help you learn to uncover insights to design and improve customer experiences. The training will give you a framework with which to build a more customer-centric and collaborative culture when back at the organisation.

A short and interactive introduction into Service Design Thinking. What is it, where does it come from and why now? What are the challenges? What are the main approaches to Service Design within organisations? What are the key case studies? Where can you find more information?

During this practical session, we will get to grips with how and when to use Customer Journey Mapping by focusing on a particular challenge. We will develop some interesting personas and will build up the Customer Journey Map from the user or customers perspective. Building up a customer journey map requires doing customer research, empathising with the customer and their job to be done. In this way we will learn to approach customers in their context and engage with them to empathise with their thoughts, feelings and emotions and goals.

In this way you will discover the mindset, principles and approach needed to develop deeper insight into customer needs, experience and motivations. You will learn to connect to what job the customer is trying to get done and how to depict this job in the context of the user journey. What sequence of steps does the user go through, how can these be depicted in stages and eventually what insights do we have about where the challenges lie. How might these insightsthat may be framed as opportunities.

This interactive workshop will help you learn to answer questions like: What are people really trying to achieve? How are they trying to achieve this? What do they use and in what order? Why do they make a choice? What are they experiencing and feeling, while trying to reach the desired outcome? What channels do they interact with and how does this affect their journey?

When in solution mode, the journey map is built up layer by layer to match with the preferred stages they could go through. Here, you will learn to start ‘above water’, with the users needs and slowly dive deeper and deeper into their context, their goals and preferred experiences.

Eventually once we have the full picture of the user we can map this back to the touchpoints with the organisation and other stakeholders. You will thus learn to design a preferred customer journey (from the customer’s perspective) and map this back to how the organisation can collaborate to provide a service scenario that matches the customer need.

The tool can be used with customers or management, employees and other stakeholders to bring about a common understanding of the user challenges, frustrations and goals and where the gaps currently lie in order to design an improved service “blueprint”.

This qualitative design research tool will provide you with customer insights to improve the customer’s experience. The toolkit will be handed out after the training so you can start applying the tool immediately to your own business case.

Language: English
Participants: Appr. 18

Ticket Price: (Including lunch, drinks & snacks) R 3 898
Discounts available for teams signing up or NGO’s and self employed.

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