NedRock – Lean Analytics Fundamentals


Date: 23/06/2017
Time: All Day

Event Info

Full day Workshop

Lean startup has changed the way we turn ideas into products – this applies to both startups, and initiatives within a large company. A core component of Lean Startup is the Build ->Measure->Learn feedback loop. It proposes a lean and iterative approach to find the right product and the right market. The Build component of the loop is the easy part and often what people focus on. The Measure component is the weakest link and this is what Lean Analytics focuses on.

Analytics is about defining and tracking metrics that matter to your business and this is directly related to your business model.​ However in the early stages, your business model changes while you navigate your way to the right product. In this case the purpose of analytics is to help guide you to the right product in the leanest possible way.

In this workshop we will look at fundamentals of analytics and also at an analytics framework to guide the process. We will go through stages every startup goes through as it discovers the right product and the relevant metrics for each of the stages.

What you will learn

Analytics fundamentals
Understand the importance of analytics within the context of lean startup and what it means to have a data informed mindset.
Lean Analytics Framework
Deep dive into lean analytics framework and different stages a startup goes through as it finds the right product and market, starting from Empathy all the way to Scale.
How to focus by picking on the one metric that matters
Achieving focus is key, this means picking a single metric that is the most important for the current stage that you are in. Learn to pick that single metric, run controlled experiments and compare results more effectively.
Draw a line in the sand
It is important to draw a line in the sand, else you really do not know if you are doing well or not. Learn how to set targets and determine if you are progressing towards them.

Workshop Structure

This is a full day workshop including lectures, discussions and exercises.

Who should attend

Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Analysts, Entrepreneur

Price:R 2, 895.00
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