Mobile User Experience: Where is the Money?


Date: 28/07/2010 - 29/07/2010
Time: All Day


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Cape Town host Africa’s inaugural Mobile User Experience event

Edunetworks and Forum Africa Communications have announced the launch of Africa’s first ever Mobile User Experience event which will take place in Cape Town at the BMW Pavillion on the 28th and the 29th of July 2010.

The two day, Mobile User Experience: Where is the Money?, event will provide insight into emergent internet trends that point to the growing importance of mobile in the evolution of the web, identify the portable user experience and web skills, and provide frameworks and design principles for creating compelling mobile internet experiences.

The year 2010, has been dubbed the year of mobility. Recent research indicates that Africa will focus on 4G technologies, cheaper, more capable smartphones and improved mobile social networking, payment and entertainment services for its end users in the current year. This event is being held on the eve of 2010 World Cup is expected to be the main driver in South Africa.

“Africa has some of the best developers in the world, their creativity is equal to the western world,” Dumisani Mncube, Managing Member of Edunetworks.
“This event is about sharing tools, learning the optimized ways and sharing guidelines to develop the best applications.”

“They know the local market and we are gathering experts to share with them how to package and deliver applications, we are saying lets share knowledge, build up the energy make it happen,” Mncube said.
According to the organizers, future application scenarios involving mobile phones are plenty, making remote health monitoring possible, accessing personal health records, providing education opportunities worldwide, enhancing mobile banking and payment services.

This however, has its challenges which developers need to address urgently to enhance development; the current mobile applications are limited in scope, relevance and number.

Between January 2001 and December 2010, our global society will have transformed from one where 13% carried a mobile phone, to one where 70% carry one.
Local content, will be a key priority for African carriers to attract new customers and drive mobile entertainment adoption. While voice services are set to remain the key purchasing factor, and “king” for most carriers, in 2010, African carriers and application developers will start to provide more local content. It is expected that more African carriers will partner with local content and mobile app providers.

Developers that wish to attend the event can get more details on event webpage

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