HEAVY CHEF: The Online Video Revolution


Date: 17/04/2018
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm



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Across the globe, millions of scrappy youngsters are gaming, vlogging, twitching, GoPro-ing, drone-ing and screencasting right now, uploading over 300 hours of content to YouTube every. single. frikken. minute. God only knows how much footage is being uploaded to Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook every minute, but it’s a lot. And now, it seems, the corporate hallways across the world have caught on. No longer are the ad dollars being spent on traditional networks. Marketing departments within companies are turning their lenses to Insta stories, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels to negotiate directly with these burgeoning young superstars. Many corporates are creating their own shows. Crafting their own playlists and driving their own narratives.

The media landscape is changing, rapidly.

We’ve asked the CEO of Special Effects Media, the gregarious and very dapper Danilo Acquisto to please explain just what exactly this new landscape looks like – and importantly, why we should be excited about it. If you don’t know who Danilo is, here’s the skinny: He’s the CEO of Special Effects Media, the official YouTube partner in SA. He’s a presenter on the Afternoon Express, with Jeannie D and Bonnie Mbuli. He’s also a radio show on Good Hope FM on the weekends. Danilo was one of the three inaugural winners of SABC’s Presenter Search – and he happens to be actively involved in various social projects in his spare time (cough! what spare time?)

This promises to be a fascinating journey into a brave new world. Danilo’s gift is in breaking down complex topics into its bare bones basics – and his presenting style is natural, energetic and approachable. You’ll feel like you’re being presented to by a younger, skinnier, better looking Barry White. What are you waiting for?

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