Events & Organisers in Cape Town

Why This Page?

We would like to co-ordinate startup/tech events in Cape Town.

All event organisers will have access to the details in the list, so that we can co-ordinate dates, times, venues etc. It’s also a great way to notify each other of great events, so that event co-ordinators can share the info with their networks.

This is for event organisers, by event organisers – Let’s support each other!


3 Parts To This Page:

1.) Events Calendar

This is a public view of events happening in Cape Town. The calendar is managed and updated by the event organisers in Cape Town (as per the “Event Organisers” list below).

2.) Event Organisers

This is a list of some of the Event Organisers in Cape Town – Please do attend and support their events.

3.) The Form

If you are an Event Organisers (or wish to get up to date info of what’s happening in Cape Town) – Please fill in The Form at the bottom of this


1.) Events Calendar

Upcoming and past events in Cape Town (Making use of Startup Digest Event Calendar, run by G)

If your event is not in here, please fill in the form below, and once added, please SUBMIT EVENT HERE!


2.) Event Organisers

Below is an incomplete list of event organisers in Cape Town.

If you are hosting events, and your name is not in here, or the data is incorrect, please either email G, or fill in the form below


The Form

Please fill in the form should you check one of the following reasons:

  1. You’re hosting tech/startup related events, and need to be added to the list
  2. Your data is incorrect in the above list, or you want to be removed
  3. Your want to get involved and help event organisers, or host your own events
  4. You want to keep up to date with what’s happening in Cape Town Startup Scene (and be notified of events)