Equity Crowdfunding Comes to South Africa

Silicon Cape
13 Oct 2017

At the forefront of Equity Crowdfunding in South Africa, Uprise.Africa, South Africa’s first Equity Crowdfunding platform puts power back in the crowd by enabling multiple Investors to support Entrepreneurs through buying equity in their businesses.

Globally, Equity Crowdfunding is rapidly becoming a more effective way to invest in early-stage businesses (Forbes, 2017). The World Bank recently predicted that the market potential in developing countries for crowdfunding would be up to $2.5 billion by 2025. In South Africa, Equity Crowdfunding has the potential to radically transform the funding landscape by democratising startup capital and investment decisions, levelling the playing field and enabling everyday investors to invest alongside traditional VCs.

Investors, from novice to professional, have the opportunity to develop and diversify their investment portfolio on a user-friendly platform showcasing top, curated business deals from innovative South African businesses. Uprise.Africa is interactive, transparent and provides legal and compliance support for Entrepreneurs and Investors alike. Should a campaign not reach its minimum goal, Investors will receive a refund less transactional fees.

To date, the dawn of Equity Crowdfunding has received excitement from the South African investment and entrepreneurial community in the build-up to Uprise.Africa’s official launch on 25 October 2017.  Gaining momentum, Uprise.Africa has had over 800 Entrepreneurs show interest in being a part of its community of entrepreneurs to raise capital through the platform. This is only the beginning.

Are you an Investor? Invest with Uprise.Africa and become a shareholder in an innovative South African SME. Are you an Entrepreneur? Raise capital through Uprise.Africa to receive financial support and market validation. Register on www.uprise.africa and claim your part in the future of startup finance and investment.