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Silicon Cape
09 Mar 2017

Pitch Deck and Infographic available for use by all on and

Successfully positioning of the Cape as a tech hub is a team effort. The City of Cape Town, Invest Cape Town, Wesgro, CiTi and Silicon Cape have been leading this collaborative effort and are now sharing these resources on and

The pitch deck and infographic PDFs are for the whole ecosystem’s use, to ensure Cape Town is recognised as a growing economic centre for tech startups and enabled businesses.

Tim Harris CEO of Wesgro says, “The resources clearly show why the Cape is the leading tech hub in Africa. It is because of our skills pipeline, which is unmatched on the continent, combined with the quality of life and infrastructure in the Cape, and our established funding and support institutions. This means that we are the home to large tech corporates like Amazon Web Services and Naspers, and the largest set of tech start-ups in Africa.”

Alex Fraser, Director of Silicon Cape says, “The open sharing of this information and material is important because it means that many more people in the extended eco-system can confidently speak about what the Cape has to offer and why it is the leading tech hub. The more voices we have sharing this message, the more impact we will have.”

The purpose of the communications drive is sustainable economic growth. “The long-term economic impact of attracting international tech businesses to the Cape is significant for the region and the country. Beyond the obvious inflow of financial resources, it will make it easier for our local startups to attract local and international investment,” says Harris.

Ian Merrington, CEO of CiTi echoes this by saying “This project exemplifies CiTi’s approach to Open Collaboration. If the world views Cape Town as a place where international businesses are conceived, developed and scaled, then investing in Cape-based startups will become common place.”

The resources are licensed under Creative Commons BY SA, so that anyone can reuse the slides or images, in their entirety or piece by piece. “We have already used this information for a number of visiting trade delegations, to motivate why international businesses and start-ups should choose Cape Town as a base, but this is only the start. We would love to make this an ongoing project with stats updated every year” says Fraser.

The resources have already had their first real world test during the trade mission to Silicon Valley in October 2016. “We presented them to Roelof Botha of Sequoia and received positive feedback. Which, as you can imagine, was very rewarding,” says Fraser.

City of Cape Town’s Director for trade and investment, Lance Greyling says, “We are thrilled to have funded this collaboration of stakeholders to produce relevant and insightful content for a sector which we highly value. Our measure of success will be how the market adopts and propagates the materials designed to spread the word that Cape Town is an established and exciting digi-tech hub.

Feedback, comments and any information of when, how and why the resources are being used is very valuable to the team as it will enable them to keep the resources updated each year. Feedback can be sent via a form on the Silicon Cape website.

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