Bringing Payments Up to Date

Silicon Cape
29 Oct 2009

In terms of the National Credit Act, creditors are obliged to propose to a consumer in default under a credit agreement, to refer the agreement to a Debt Counselor to develop and agree on a plan to bring payments up to date.

We will assist individuals who are in a situation of not being able to honor their monthly credit agreements and account payments by reviewing their financial situation and establish if the debt review program is the best solution.

We are passionate about educating and guiding people away from excessive debt, which ultimately create an unhappy and stressful life for you and your family. We accept and understand that people from all walks of life get into financial difficulty from time to time and need professional assistance in resolving their financial challenge.

In analyzing your finances and negotiating with your creditors on your behalf, we present you with a recommended solution and budget in order to deal with your monthly credit commitments. The budget will leave you and your family with sufficient money to cover your living expenses and live stress free until such time that you have settled your debt in full. Upon that we issue a clearance certificate to forward to the Credit Bureaus advising them that your debt is settled in full.

Set up an appointment after you have completed the application form and submit it to us via e-mail, fax. Source all the required documents and call us to set up an appointment! We will assist you to take control of your financial situation immediately and alleviate your stress by protecting your interest and wellbeing (read the pros at

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