Apply to be a Code4CT Coach


Code for Cape Town is an NPO that teaches high school girls coding, professional development and design thinking. We would like to invite your team to host our learners from July 10-13

In a previous module Grade 11 learners (all girls!) created a webpage for Code4CT using WordPress.
In this module they will be required to create either an e-commerce store or a donations platform.

Learners have 4 days to complete this project (set by Code4CT). They will have received a masterclass in how to use WooCommerce, and will have an instance of WP on which to work. We encourage learners to be as self directed in their learning as possible, Code Coaches acting as a support, but ultimately they are responsible for completing their own project. 

‘Code Coaches’ must: 
+Be familiar with using WordPress to create websites
+Be familiar with using the WooCommerce WP plugin

Please complete the form below by Tuesday, June 20th if you are interested and available.

If you have more questions, email or call 021 685 0991.

Visit for more information.

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