An Intro to Usability Testing

Silicon Cape
20 Apr 2016

Usability testing is a technique in user-centred design that evaluates a product by testing it on the intended users. It’s the cornerstone of user experience design and an irreplaceable usability practice as it gives direct input into how real users will interact with a product.

Graphic by Justin Case



Why Perform Usability Testing

The only tried and tested method of it’s kind, Usability Testing identifies UX issues with mobile applications to ensure user expectations are met and the prototype is easy to use.

The demand to improve product usability is greater than ever, yet few businesses succeed in accurately measuring the effectiveness of UX efforts; and if you can’t measure it, you won’t be able to manage it.


How We Do It

When approaching a project we always start with a strategy that aligns with our client’s business needs, as well as their users’ needs. We solve the business requirements using a user-centred approach and an agilemethodology. Before building a product, one needs to understand its context and reason for existence.

Agile methodologies follow an iterative approach to build software rapidly. The software development lifecycle is broken down into smaller iterations which helps to minimise the overall risk, allows the project to adapt to modifications rapidly and maintains the project schedule and budget.
At 4i we test prototypes to validate our assumptions, and live applications, to improve the experience. We source the users from the identified target market and test the application on these consumers. The users run through scenarios that are relevant to clients’ business goals and strategy, and the interaction is streamed in real time to our boardroom where clients can observe the user interacting with the product. The setup includes two cameras – one to capture the user’s facial expressions and one specially constructed to capture the mobile device.



Usability Testing Packages

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