Gutsy Green Announces Exciting Launch of South Africa’s First High Quality Recipe Box Delivery Service

Who wouldn’t want to be able to produce amazing quality restaurant-style meals at home – without even having to hunt down a good recipe or shop for all the necessary ingredients?  In South Africa, thanks to the exciting launch of Gutsy Green, all this and more are available at an affordable price, with guaranteed delicious ingredients and backed by highly motivated customer support.

January 2017


For South African culinary lovers, who aren’t the best of chefs themselves, figuring out ways to produce top restaurant quality meals at home recently became much more simple.  Enter the innovative and exciting new company Gutsy Green, who having found their inspiration in the top American recipe box services, have recently announced the launch of their own box delivery – and while not South Africa’s first, from the quality of the easy to execute recipes, to the premium ingredients in each box and, most of all, the very much engaged and wildly helpful customer support – it’s certainly South Africa’s best and most affordable.


“When my wife Carla and I explored the existing recipe box delivery companies here in South Africa we were rather disappointed,”  commented Kyle Moore co-founder of Gutsy Green.  “Not just in poor packaging & presentation, but also the high prices that came with it.  So we knew there was a real need for someone to do this kind of amazing business correctly, and that’s exactly what we are doing with Gutsy Green.  Our mission is to exceed even the highest expectations and help our valued customers make totally amazing meals for themselves, their friends and their loved ones.”


According to Gutsy Green, the company delivers, with each box, a detailed recipe card that breaks down from A to Z how to prepare the delicious meal, along with the precisely pre-portioned ingredients needed to execute the meal to the fullest. There are 11 new recipes every week. None of the meals require very long prep or cook times, to add to the fun and convenience factor.  The presentation of the box itself is first class, making it a classy and wonderful way for a couple to enjoy making a meal together. They are looking to overseas markets for better eco-friendly and sustainable  packaging– qualities that are so important to the company they even included “Green” in their name.


Early feedback from customers has been positive across the board.


Bianca M., from Cape Town, recently said in a five star review, “I love to make great dinners for my boyfriend on the weekend, but sometimes time isn’t on my side since I have a pretty busy work schedule.  I’m so glad I tried out Gutsy Green.  We’ve used them twice and both times the recipes were easy to follow, the ingredients were clearly top-notch, and the meals came out amazing.  We’ll be using the service again and again, they are absolutely worth it and it’s great to see something like this get off the ground here in SA.”


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