Last month I was invited by the Executive Committee to present my thoughts regarding the direction of the Silicon Cape Initiative and its community. Shortly after that I found myself accepting a seat on the committee, and am now officially running the Communications portfolio.


Each of the 10 or so members of the committee takes on various portfolio responsibilities, but it seems much more significant that each of those members is there because of their own personal interest in taking our community further along our common desire for enhancing our local ecosystem. Being the only software developer on the committee, and carrying a strong passion for the cause, I'm looking forward to what I can bring to the table.


My interpretation of the Communications role is that it exists to directly achieve the initiative's aims through clear and concise communications between anyone involved in the community. Communication is a surprisingly powerful tool, in some cases we achieve our end goals and become what we want to be simply by committing to a communication of what we are. In the future we would like to be more open, transparent and clear about what we are and are not, and how we can all interact with each other, partly in the hope that this will facilitate and encourage more collaboration within this volunteer based community.


Hopefully as everyone in the community begins to communicate more, we will see the initiative becoming more what we all want it to be. On that note, take a minute to say hi or let me know your thoughts about the Silicon Cape community.


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Comment by George Gombay on March 26, 2012 at 9:16

Hello Tim,

What are your intentions for the future regarding the developers' group which you have been running until now?  Doing the two things ate same time, is certainly unique (in recent memory) for a committee member to be doing. :-)

Comment by Tim Lind on March 24, 2012 at 10:23

you can email: tim at

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