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Over the past four months, a network of university campus-based business incubators, known as LaunchLab, ran an entrepreneurial challenge across partner university campuses in the Western Cape and Gauteng region to unleash…


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Digital Payments Solutions for Africa

The payments industry in Africa is in a state of flux, with several technological, economic and social factors severing the value chain, fragmenting our perception of traditional money transfer. FinTech products, as we are growing increasingly accustomed to, are the face of this new reality. The drivers behind this are not what most are accustomed to; this is not a regulatory change, but a market driven demand.
Payments processing will continue to undergo transformation as…

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eCommerce and Fintech challenges for CIOs in 2017

What is keeping CIOs on their toes when staring down the ecommerce juggernaut? Is it the inflexibility of legacy systems or the frustration of migrating to future-proof platforms? Is it the journey through to scalability and delivering a homogenous omni-channel experience? Could it be managing the high-cost of conversion and the gravity of an extremely positive ROI?
Ecommerce: the seamlessly integrated business, marketing and retail platform,…

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eCommerce MoneyAfrica 2017 - Good decisions take planning

The past year has brought with it a lot of change. The rapid rise of fintech products and solutions, crowding a space that is in its infancy, all looking to be crowned the victor, is just one example of the ceaseless disruption we are experiencing. How do you plan to navigate 2017? These…

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African eCommerce Strategies

The seemingly continuous boom of online services and retail is attributed to the congruence of mobile payment solutions and ecommerce delivery. Added to that, as disposable incomes grow for many Africans, the financial services gap has become more apparent, and opportunities quickly served. Enabling…

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World's First Droneport to open next year in Rwanda

The sight of commercial delivery drones whizzing through the sky is much closer than anticipated according to  Jonathan Ledgard, Director of Afrotech-EPFL and Founder of Red Line ; and nowhere more so than in Africa, where the world's very first droneport, is expected to open in Rwanda next year.
In a recent…

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Start-up and investor success stories on the agenda for eCommerce MoneyAfrica

What's on the eCommerce MoneyAfrica Exhibition agenda?


SweepSouth is an on-demand cleaning service company. Founded in 2014…


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Where eCommerce Meets FinTech

Mobile money and other financial services are a high priority for many mobile operators, financial institutions, technology firms and governments. In Sub-Saharan Africa, mobile money promises a low-cost scalable alternative to traditional banking.

Only a small percentage of households make use of card-based, online and traditional banking. One survey conducted by Gallup suggests that more than 80% of adults have their bills in cash. The sheer amount of cash payments puts a burden on…


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A Transaction Note by






Pike | Law




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LaunchLab Pitching platform open!

The ATTACQ Retail Ideas Programme Pitching Platform has kick-

started on participating campuses around the country; Stellenbosch University (SU),

The University of Western Cape (UWC), The University of Cape Town (UCT), The

Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), The…


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What we can do to improve our startup life

The biggest difference between traditional businesses and startups is the idea of rapid growth. As BPlans notes:

“Startups are different from traditional businesses primarily because they are designed to grow fast. By design, this means that they have something they can sell to a very large market. For most businesses,…


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Why startups must change the business world

Recently, President Jacob Zuma spoke about what the government would be doing in terms of increasing attention on African business. There is a big push to get rid of unnecessary bureaucratic paperwork, preventing foreign investment. As AllAfrica reports:

“President Jacob Zuma says government is committed to ensuring ease of investment in the country…


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The eCommerce Africa Confex evolution.

In 2016, global eCommerce sales are expected to reach just shy of $2 trillion; Africa represents only about 2% of this. What is driving the eCommerce environment in Africa however, is the continuing rise of mobile connectivity and the rapid development of FinTech products. Just over 80% of African adults do not have access to traditional banking, yet the continent boasts more than 220 million registered…


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How startups can improve customer service

Customer service is essential to any business. This is because the primary relationship in a business is between what we can offer and how happy the client is upon delivery. Businesses can fail in spectacular ways if they do not have proper customer service setup. Indeed, in this age of instant messaging, customers are more primed than ever to make their voices heard if they’re unsatisfied with a company.

This applies to startups and small…


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How startups can increase profits

Businesses, like all entities, must find ways to survive. Given how chaotic the current financial markets are, being able to make it to the end of the month is an accomplishment. Many businesses settle for survival rather than outright success, even if everyone wants profits. Yet, that should not stop us trying.

We all want the combination of our skills and resources to lead to a beneficial outcome. The question is, how do we achieve…


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Standard Bank Incubator partners with Startup Grind to help local start-ups think like global entrepreneurs

The Standard Bank Incubator has announced a partnership with Startup Grind, a global start-up community powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. 

Startup Grind is designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. The initiative hosts monthly events in 200 cities and 85 countries, featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies. Globally, they have…


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Why startups need to implement risk strategies

We can’t predict what will shape the future of our business. There is risk in all our endeavours and projects. What is relevant and marketable today might be irrelevant tomorrow. Startups especially need to examine what it means to focus on projects, since they often don’t have anything to fall back on. So much of what matters exists in the future, meaning each project must be recognised for the risk it is.

To that end, startups must examine how…


Added by Terrence Stoker on May 27, 2016 at 12:59 — 1 Comment

CLOSING SOON: Round 1 of the mLab App Fund

The App Fund is a partnership between mLab Southern Africa and TIA (Technology Innovation Agency). It provides a platform for local app start-ups to refine their concepts, app plans and pitches in order to qualify for funding of up to R500,000.00 (Five-Hundred Thousand Rand) to further develop their apps.…


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Fintech startup Momo raises $28m from Standard Chartered’s VC arm, Goldman Sachs

Vietnam-based fintech startup Momo today announced it obtained US$28 million in series B funding from Standard Chartered Private Equity and global investment bank Goldman Sachs, which is an existing backer.

Launched in 2014, Momo is an ewallet and payments app that allows users to pay online and transfer money to each other digitally. At selected stores, the app can be used for cashless payments.

The company…


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A startup for startups.- Succinct Design

We want to help startups grow.

We're a young Cape Town based digital agency. We offer a wide variety of services from web design and application development to graphic design and online marketing.

We've found a nice niche in helping to get startups off the ground by offering affordable website development and minimum viable product webapps, apps that serve as proof of concepts.

We can help startups get off the ground by creating a digital presence with…


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