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Why startups need to implement risk strategies

We can’t predict what will shape the future of our business. There is risk in all our endeavours and projects. What is relevant and marketable today might be irrelevant tomorrow. Startups especially need to examine what it means to focus on projects, since they often don’t have anything to fall back on. So much of what matters exists in the future, meaning each project must be recognised for the risk it is.

To that end, startups must examine how…


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CLOSING SOON: Round 1 of the mLab App Fund

The App Fund is a partnership between mLab Southern Africa and TIA (Technology Innovation Agency). It provides a platform for local app start-ups to refine their concepts, app plans and pitches in order to qualify for funding of up to R500,000.00 (Five-Hundred Thousand Rand) to further develop their apps.…


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Fintech startup Momo raises $28m from Standard Chartered’s VC arm, Goldman Sachs

Vietnam-based fintech startup Momo today announced it obtained US$28 million in series B funding from Standard Chartered Private Equity and global investment bank Goldman Sachs, which is an existing backer.

Launched in 2014, Momo is an ewallet and payments app that allows users to pay online and transfer money to each other digitally. At selected stores, the app can be used for cashless payments.

The company…


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A startup for startups.- Succinct Design

We want to help startups grow.

We're a young Cape Town based digital agency. We offer a wide variety of services from web design and application development to graphic design and online marketing.

We've found a nice niche in helping to get startups off the ground by offering affordable website development and minimum viable product webapps, apps that serve as proof of concepts.

We can help startups get off the ground by creating a digital presence with…


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Applications open for Sparkup! The 2016 Accelerator and Investment Weekend

We are hunting for up to 12 startups to join this year's Sparkup Weekend programme. Applications are open to tech-based, or tech-enabled startups until 18th March 2016. 

Since 2011, the Sparkup! Weekend Programme has run alongside the annual Net Prophet Conference in Cape Town. This fully-funded 3 day programme allows startups to boost their business thinking and groom their business models. In association with Net Prophet, it is facilitated by a range of seasoned experts, coaches and…


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Western Cape Funding Fair - Apply for Funding - Application Extension

If you are a Western Cape based business / enterprise / entrepreneur / startup seeking more than R2 million in funding, please apply for funding via our website…


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mCommerce and Omni-Channel established as game changers at Africa’s leading eCommerce event.

The 2016 eCommerce Africa Confex took place on the 17th and 18th at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.  

The conference and exhibition, which doubled in size from the inaugural edition in 2015 kicked off in the auditorium where advisory panellist; Emilian Popa discussed where the top smart money VCs are investing in eCommerce. “The total amount of growth funding globally is $12 billion, but only $200 million is invested in tech start-ups in Africa, so the continent is…


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The Uber of digital outsourcing; Hooros

The 20th of August 2015 birthed a vision to improve the recruitment pipeline for freelance developers, designers, and online marketers;  three (3) verticals I collectively refer to as digital creatives (the commonality of these verticals is the creative nature of each profession). 21 days later we found ourselves with over 200 freelancers signed up on or home page;…


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Lessons learnt from a failed African startup

Do we as Africans embrace failure in our culture?


I don’t know, but what I do know is that if you have not…


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Gyft founder Vinny Lingham scores $2.75m for identity protection startup

South African serial entrepreneur Vinny Lingham has just revealed that his latest startup, calledCivic, has raised US$2.75-million in seed funding. Based in Palto Alto, Civic is described as an identity protection service that relies on bitcoin blockchain technology to secure consumer data.

“The key thing is that we are offering prevention of identity theft and fraud. The current solutions in the market only clean it up after the…


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Less than one month to go to the eCommerce Africa Confex

Tasking themselves with paving the way for eCommerce growth in Africa; Global eCommerce solution providers and the industry’s most visionary individuals are gearing up to exchange inspired and innovative ideas, discuss emerging trends and make lasting connections at the eCommerce Africa Confex in February 2016.

The event has become a ‘must attend’ on the conference/expo calendar and will once again connect the regions’…


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Start-ups in India can expect a significant boost following the announcement by the country's prime minister Narendra Modi of new support for the sector. But will these really help lift start-ups? Cl…

Start-ups in India can expect a significant boost following the announcement by the country's prime minister Narendra…


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ideo is disrupting the sleepy mattress industry through online only sales.[Updated]

Imagine buying a high end mattress that offers free delivery to your door in a box at a third of the price within 3 - 5 days anywhere in South Africa plus a 60 night free return policy with all your money back if you don’t like the mattress for any reason.

Frustrated with the shopping…


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Starting a tech business in South Africa

Any business will be difficult to begin and make successful. The competition is always tough regardless of which area you’re focused on. Everyone is trying to stay ahead which means no one can afford to be beaten by anyone else. Competition, while healthy for customers and consumers, is difficult to recognise as part of life for the average business. Yet, it is reality and facing up to it is part of what ensures as business’ survival.

This is…


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How to refresh your business and prevent stagnation

Developing a business idea and making it a reality is difficult enough. What’s also hard is maintaining the business’ growth in such a way that doesn’t mean it stagnates: if a business can’t keep growing, it will end. It’s important then to consider the signs and responses you can take to prevent stagnation from taking place.



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Calling all Cape Town startups!


On the 21st of October Cape Town startups will take part in the Get in the Ring city final knockout round to qualify for the South African national final taking place on the 17th and 18th…


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Silicon Cape Startup Profile: Exzavion Technology

Once a week Silicon Cape will be featuring a member from the community. If you would like your company profiled please fill out the form below. For more information please contact

Company Name?

Exzavion Technology



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The latest tech for cars

Technology has taken leaps and bounds in recent years - and cars are good demonstration of precisely where we’ve succeeded. The latest tech in cars has shown how far we’ve come and, also, where we’d headed. When tech is made to benefit cars, very often it indicates a benefit elsewhere.

Consider, for example, a new kind of paint being developed to combat heat corrosion. As…


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Hooros - SA's own elance or

We built our very young business concept around the assumption/axiom that businesses and entrepreneurs without technical skills (web development, design and online marketing) are more inclined to outsource those skills to freelancers. The second assumption we made was that businesses and entrepreneurs outsourcing projects to freelancers where more inclined to work with local freelancers (trust, same time zone). 

What we are learning however, is that no matter how well thought…


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Silicon Cape Startup Profile: Wanos Networks

Once a week Silicon Cape will be featuring a member from the community. If you would like your company profiled please fill out the form below. For more information please contact

Company Name?

Wanos Networks…


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