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5 Ways Online Documentation Can Help Small Businesses Save Money

Small businesses are always looking for ways to save money, as it increases their chances for easier future growth. Luckily, numerous new technologies are aimed at fulfilling exactly this purpose; there are numerous solutions which offer much easier and better workflow capabilities within a company. One of the interesting solutions that an increasing number of companies use is online documentation. 

Using a software documentation tool can severely cut the costs of various processes…


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Ransomware - Is Your Business Protected?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts a device's folders and files, making them no longer accessible without a secret key.

In order to access this key the cyber attacker requests a ransom, usually in the form of a payment on Bitcoin.

Ransomware was ranked the number one most threatening attack to a business, followed by phishing. More than 32% of firms have lost data in the values of a few thousand to a million rand.

Ransomware's infiltration of…


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How can HR Executives Protect Employee Information from Cyber-Hacking

Ten years ago, an average employee had to go to the same workplace every day and be connected via the same on-premise system, but today, the situation is much different. People can work from anywhere, they can bring their own mobile devices and access secure company data…


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OLX inspires South Africans to #MoveUp

Ntsikakazi Mxenge graduated with a B.Com in Economics from the University of Pretoria in 2007. After a short spell in banking, she moved into retail financial services, but it wasn’t until she joined OLX in 2013 as online marketing manager that she discovered her passion for brand-building and brand…


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The eCommerce Africa Confex evolution.

In 2016, global eCommerce sales are expected to reach just shy of $2 trillion; Africa represents only about 2% of this. What is driving the eCommerce environment in Africa however, is the continuing rise of mobile connectivity and the rapid development of FinTech products. Just over 80% of African adults do not have access to traditional banking, yet the continent boasts more than 220 million registered…


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Life Coach: Way to Happiness and Success

If you are stuck in your life and don’t have any idea what to do or how to do things, you must take help from a life coach. Many people don’t have the ability to understand their problems, which stops them from making a right decision.

Who is a life coach?

On literal terms, one who coaches you on life is called a life coach. Life coachis a person who is certified to help you in addressing personal goals, business goals, relationships or other problems in your personal…


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Interview with Anna Bowżyk, SweepSouth

This month AdMarula chats to Anna Bowżyk, Head of Marketing at online start-up SweepSouth. Born in Poland and with previous marketing positions at Rocket Internet, Naspers and Travelstart under her belt, she is fast making a name for herself in the online world in South Africa. We pick her brain on everything from media buying and brand strategy to sales targets and commercializing online communities.   


What are the essential ingredients for…


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mCommerce and Omni-Channel established as game changers at Africa’s leading eCommerce event.

The 2016 eCommerce Africa Confex took place on the 17th and 18th at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.  

The conference and exhibition, which doubled in size from the inaugural edition in 2015 kicked off in the auditorium where advisory panellist; Emilian Popa discussed where the top smart money VCs are investing in eCommerce. “The total amount of growth funding globally is $12 billion, but only $200 million is invested in tech start-ups in Africa, so the continent is…


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Build your digital footprint with magnetic content

The digital world is evolving at the speed of light and it’s chaotic online. Most people and brands are just contributing to the noise with no strategy on building their digital footprint and to stand out from the growing online crowd.

There are many social media channels you can use to start building your digital footprint and some of the popular ones are LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and even your own blog.

Using social media to build your brand…


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Less than one month to go to the eCommerce Africa Confex

Tasking themselves with paving the way for eCommerce growth in Africa; Global eCommerce solution providers and the industry’s most visionary individuals are gearing up to exchange inspired and innovative ideas, discuss emerging trends and make lasting connections at the eCommerce Africa Confex in February 2016.

The event has become a ‘must attend’ on the conference/expo calendar and will once again connect the regions’…


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What to watch out for when managing your inventory

One of the worst things that can happen for the modern customer shopping online is to have an order mess up. We can all sympathise: Imagine ordering an item, only to find the order gets lost, you are sent the wrong item or any number of other nightmare scenarios.

Order nightmares were particularly awful during the Festive Season. As Statista…


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Swift Butler - Same day delivery online grocery shopping

Swift Butler is an online platform that enables customer to buy groceries online and have them delivered to their doors same day - how this is achieved is by allowing customers to pay a fixed fee of R62 that will enable us to find a Butler close to the customers home and willing to go shopping on their behalf.

The butler closest to…


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Online sales and impact of mobile

The ubiquity of smartphones has resulted in dramatic changes in how people operate as buyers and consumers; this has meant businesses themselves have had to adapt in how they present their products and services.

What’s remarkable has been the response from customers. Analysts, for example, have claimed that the recent Black Friday sales in America might have been “saved” due to mobile payments.



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So you’ve managed to direct more traffic to your website. What now?

Six tips to engage your audience

With more than a million registered South African websites, it is hardly surprising that grabbing the attention of visitors looking for local content is a challenge. Here's a few tips to help keep your audience engaged with your site once they access it.

1. First impressions count

When someone gets to your website, you have a split second to grab their attention. It is essential to have a core…


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Increase your online sales with Layby Cafe - Payment Gateway

The aim or objective for any online store is to achieve the highest conversion rate at the lowest cost and ideally every online store would love to turn every visitor into a customer. This is being achieved by offering customers with different ways in which they can complete their transaction.

By offering different methods of checking out, your customers now have multiple options like EFTs, Credit Card or even buy on credit through online credit facilities found out there.…


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3 Benefits of Upskilling Your Team

In today’s economic climate, with all the pressures of running a business to boot, upskilling your team is probably the last thing on your mind. Parting with an already scant budget to use it for staff training seems like a tall order.

However, a study conducted by the New Zealand Department of Labour indicates that investing in corporate training can have enormous long-term benefits for your…


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Sponsor Advertising opportunity on Comparison

Prys Comparison on Bribed (

Advertising Partner proposal hereby invites all interested parties to be premium partner advertisers on the newest and fastest growing price comparison website in South Africa. is a consumer website that allows users to compare pricing of different products and services, review products and services, create and manage shopping lists, manage finances and monthly budgets. Business owners can…


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Simdul Shagaya, CEO of on "How to sell into Africa"

In this video, Simdul Shagaya, Founder and CEO of  shares his insight on "How to sell into Africa" with the eCommerce Africa Confex Audience.

Increasing internet usage and the relative lack of modern retail industry make the emerging markets a ripe growth area for global online retailers. This session expands on what to consider when growing your business beyond SA's borders and the factors that are making certain markets…


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SpaceBox: Marketing an e-commerce start-up in SA

Recently launched, SpaceBox is an online personal storage service and the first of its kind in South Africa. As such, the marketing is key to ensuring South Africans know what the on-demand service does, and how it works.

It was important for SpaceBox to be first to market. “I believe South Africans are loyal. Once they trust you to provide a service, you’re more likely to build a lasting relationship.“ says Hjalmar…


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Freelance solution to help non-technical founders

One problem evident in the high-tech entrepreneurship ecosystem in South Africa, particularly in Cape Town, (where high-tech entrepreneurship is more evident) is that there is a surplus of creativity, ability and entrepreneurial intelligence in Cape Town. The city is abuzz with highly intelligent, ambitious individuals with practical solutions to real issues.

The problem however is, unless you are substantially skilled at coding and web design, or you have a rolodex of…


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