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Finding solutions to the growing chargeback challenge

By Kyle Rozendo, CTO at SID Instant EFT.

Increasing sophistication in card fraud is reason for concern. Not only for banks, but most especially for online merchants, who are at risk of losing their ability to trade should they be implicated in repeat fraud attempts and excessive customer disputes.

While fraud is well documented, chargebacks as a result of a dispute can be just as debilitating. The financial services…


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Digital Payments Solutions for Africa

The payments industry in Africa is in a state of flux, with several technological, economic and social factors severing the value chain, fragmenting our perception of traditional money transfer. FinTech products, as we are growing increasingly accustomed to, are the face of this new reality. The drivers behind this are not what most are accustomed to; this is not a regulatory change, but a market driven demand.
Payments processing will continue to undergo transformation as…

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eCommerce and Fintech challenges for CIOs in 2017

What is keeping CIOs on their toes when staring down the ecommerce juggernaut? Is it the inflexibility of legacy systems or the frustration of migrating to future-proof platforms? Is it the journey through to scalability and delivering a homogenous omni-channel experience? Could it be managing the high-cost of conversion and the gravity of an extremely positive ROI?
Ecommerce: the seamlessly integrated business, marketing and retail platform,…

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eCommerce MoneyAfrica 2017 - Good decisions take planning

The past year has brought with it a lot of change. The rapid rise of fintech products and solutions, crowding a space that is in its infancy, all looking to be crowned the victor, is just one example of the ceaseless disruption we are experiencing. How do you plan to navigate 2017? These…

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African eCommerce Strategies

The seemingly continuous boom of online services and retail is attributed to the congruence of mobile payment solutions and ecommerce delivery. Added to that, as disposable incomes grow for many Africans, the financial services gap has become more apparent, and opportunities quickly served. Enabling…

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World's First Droneport to open next year in Rwanda

The sight of commercial delivery drones whizzing through the sky is much closer than anticipated according to  Jonathan Ledgard, Director of Afrotech-EPFL and Founder of Red Line ; and nowhere more so than in Africa, where the world's very first droneport, is expected to open in Rwanda next year.
In a recent…

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Start-up and investor success stories on the agenda for eCommerce MoneyAfrica

What's on the eCommerce MoneyAfrica Exhibition agenda?


SweepSouth is an on-demand cleaning service company. Founded in 2014…


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Where eCommerce Meets FinTech

Mobile money and other financial services are a high priority for many mobile operators, financial institutions, technology firms and governments. In Sub-Saharan Africa, mobile money promises a low-cost scalable alternative to traditional banking.

Only a small percentage of households make use of card-based, online and traditional banking. One survey conducted by Gallup suggests that more than 80% of adults have their bills in cash. The sheer amount of cash payments puts a burden on…


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5 Ways Online Documentation Can Help Small Businesses Save Money

Small businesses are always looking for ways to save money, as it increases their chances for easier future growth. Luckily, numerous new technologies are aimed at fulfilling exactly this purpose; there are numerous solutions which offer much easier and better workflow capabilities within a company. One of the interesting solutions that an increasing number of companies use is online documentation. 

Using a software documentation tool can severely cut the costs of various processes…


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Ransomware - Is Your Business Protected?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts a device's folders and files, making them no longer accessible without a secret key.

In order to access this key the cyber attacker requests a ransom, usually in the form of a payment on Bitcoin.

Ransomware was ranked the number one most threatening attack to a business, followed by phishing. More than 32% of firms have lost data in the values of a few thousand to a million rand.

Ransomware's infiltration of…


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How can HR Executives Protect Employee Information from Cyber-Hacking

Ten years ago, an average employee had to go to the same workplace every day and be connected via the same on-premise system, but today, the situation is much different. People can work from anywhere, they can bring their own mobile devices and access secure company data…


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OLX inspires South Africans to #MoveUp

Ntsikakazi Mxenge graduated with a B.Com in Economics from the University of Pretoria in 2007. After a short spell in banking, she moved into retail financial services, but it wasn’t until she joined OLX in 2013 as online marketing manager that she discovered her passion for brand-building and brand…


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The eCommerce Africa Confex evolution.

In 2016, global eCommerce sales are expected to reach just shy of $2 trillion; Africa represents only about 2% of this. What is driving the eCommerce environment in Africa however, is the continuing rise of mobile connectivity and the rapid development of FinTech products. Just over 80% of African adults do not have access to traditional banking, yet the continent boasts more than 220 million registered…


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Life Coach: Way to Happiness and Success

If you are stuck in your life and don’t have any idea what to do or how to do things, you must take help from a life coach. Many people don’t have the ability to understand their problems, which stops them from making a right decision.

Who is a life coach?

On literal terms, one who coaches you on life is called a life coach. Life coachis a person who is certified to help you in addressing personal goals, business goals, relationships or other problems in your personal…


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Interview with Anna Bowżyk, SweepSouth

This month AdMarula chats to Anna Bowżyk, Head of Marketing at online start-up SweepSouth. Born in Poland and with previous marketing positions at Rocket Internet, Naspers and Travelstart under her belt, she is fast making a name for herself in the online world in South Africa. We pick her brain on everything from media buying and brand strategy to sales targets and commercializing online communities.   


What are the essential ingredients for…


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mCommerce and Omni-Channel established as game changers at Africa’s leading eCommerce event.

The 2016 eCommerce Africa Confex took place on the 17th and 18th at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.  

The conference and exhibition, which doubled in size from the inaugural edition in 2015 kicked off in the auditorium where advisory panellist; Emilian Popa discussed where the top smart money VCs are investing in eCommerce. “The total amount of growth funding globally is $12 billion, but only $200 million is invested in tech start-ups in Africa, so the continent is…


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Build your digital footprint with magnetic content

The digital world is evolving at the speed of light and it’s chaotic online. Most people and brands are just contributing to the noise with no strategy on building their digital footprint and to stand out from the growing online crowd.

There are many social media channels you can use to start building your digital footprint and some of the popular ones are LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and even your own blog.

Using social media to build your brand…


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Less than one month to go to the eCommerce Africa Confex

Tasking themselves with paving the way for eCommerce growth in Africa; Global eCommerce solution providers and the industry’s most visionary individuals are gearing up to exchange inspired and innovative ideas, discuss emerging trends and make lasting connections at the eCommerce Africa Confex in February 2016.

The event has become a ‘must attend’ on the conference/expo calendar and will once again connect the regions’…


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What to watch out for when managing your inventory

One of the worst things that can happen for the modern customer shopping online is to have an order mess up. We can all sympathise: Imagine ordering an item, only to find the order gets lost, you are sent the wrong item or any number of other nightmare scenarios.

Order nightmares were particularly awful during the Festive Season. As Statista…


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Swift Butler - Same day delivery online grocery shopping

Swift Butler is an online platform that enables customer to buy groceries online and have them delivered to their doors same day - how this is achieved is by allowing customers to pay a fixed fee of R62 that will enable us to find a Butler close to the customers home and willing to go shopping on their behalf.

The butler closest to…


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