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Why every etailer should consider using performance marketing in their online strategy

While eCommerce currently accounts for less than 1% of South Africa’s total retail revenue, a recent survey by PWC suggests that the online retail sector has a 15,9% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) and will be worth R9,5-billion by 2018. This is promising – despite the prevailing challenges facing new entrants - and likely the impetus behind many new online ventures. But hope isn’t a strategy and, to stay in business for the long-term, etailers need to change how they drive and convert…


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The benefits of digital versus physical

The world has simply shifted in gear to become more digital. With the integration of widely available internet and related services, we’re seeing less engagement with having to physically engage with services or people – and yet obtain the same, if not better results. This doesn’t mean digital is always better however. We should examine what this means in a wider context.

Infrastructure matters

There’s a reason the United States has widely available, affordable, stable…


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Fraud protection services can save millions for online merchants

By Brendon Williamson general manager of business development at PayGate 

Automated fraud protection services continue to save online businesses from lost revenue due to online fraud attempts.

One regional airline in Africa reduced their incidence of fraud from over a million rand a month to under R80,000 in just one month. An automated fraud protection service costs very little to implement, and it's not as complicated as some of the bigger independent…


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Interview with Josephine Buys, IAB South Africa

This month AdMarula chats to Josephine Buys, recently appointed Country Manager for IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) South Africa, which currently represents over 200 members. She shares some of her views and insights on the South African digital…


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Voucher Codes & Performance Marketing

Voucher code sites have been around for quite some time in Europe and the UK in particular, and the trend is catching up in South Africa with new voucher websites and mobile apps emerging regularly in the online landscape. People are getting savvier and browse the web to find the best…


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VavaVox: Converting Customer Experiences to Real-time Business Intelligence

The VavaVox online platform has emerged from stealth and is live with version 2.1.

Exceptional customer service is the only true, sustainable competitive advantage.

People are talking about your business. Are you listening?

VavaVox enables…


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Taking your business online? Here are six risk assessment questions you need to ask

By Brendon Williamson, general manager of business development at PayGate

Launching an online business, or taking an existing business online, requires a new set of skills for anyone who is used to a more traditional bricks-and-mortar retail environment. There are new ways to market, new ways to deliver your product – and new ways to ensure you don’t become the victim of thieves or fraudsters.

Whether you are an experienced online retailer or a relative novice, these are…


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WooThemes: It’s time to sell your time

Today marks a significant milestone in the journey of WooCommerce. In 2011, we created an eCommerce plugin that allowed you to sell just about anything – physical, digital, variable or affiliated products. That plugin is now used across 260,000 websites, powering over 12% of all online shops. Now with our latest extension you can sell one more vitally important…


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A Silicon Cape Initiative: Journey Startup Program to launch 1000 small business

Silicon Cape announce Journey Startup Program to launch 1000 small businesses

Cape Town, SA - Silicon Cape, announced today that it has partnered with Journey, a local startup, to create the Journey Startup Program. The program aims to help 1000 local startups and small businesses get off the ground by building and selling mobile apps to SMEs.

Of the announcement of the…


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Digital Devices for Paperless Businesses

More than a decade ago, a day at the office meant a stack of papers, greeting you at your desk. For most of the day, employees spent about four hours of their day, just sorting and organizing them. But thanks to the desktop computer and other digital devices, offices and businesses are slowly moving towards a…


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Online Entrepreneurial Education at a Discount

Online education is fast becoming one of the most used tools for up-skilling of business owners and staff. The amount of available platforms has seen a huge uptake in this field of personal development. 

Online education allows you to attend lectures at your own time, complete assignments in the comfort of your own space and interact with other students and lecturers with any queries or issues. 

We at Entrepreneur Incubator have been hard at work converting our well used tools…


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SC Startup Profile: Rethink Education (Pty) Ltd

Once a week Silicon Cape will be featuring a member from the community. If you would like your company profiled please fill out the form below. For more information please contact

Company Name

Rethink Education (Pty) Ltd

Website Name …


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LushBerry launches affiliate program

by Nanine Steenkamp

South African online boutique LushBerry is launching an affiliate campaign, by which commission can be gained through referrals.

Recently launched as an e-commerce pit stop for unique beauty and fashion products, LushBerry offers online shoppers high-end, affordable products.

Through the affiliate South African…


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Taskbox to run your errands

by Nanine Steenkamp

South African online task community startup Taskbox is offering busy professionals the convenience of errand hirelings, while supplying freelancers basic task jobs.

Taskbox assists the ticking off of to-do lists through posting chores, which are open to responses from willing helpers with payment as a reward.

Speaking to HumanIPO, Greg Kempe, founder of Taskbox, said:…


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Group dating site launched in South Africa

by Richard Cutcher

South Africa’s latest dating platform has been launched, aiming to remove the awkwardness from one-on-one dates and instead looking to pair two groups of friends.

Cape Town-based Andrew Lynch and Kiril Dobrev, the duo behind Cable Kiosk and ShopDeploy, have made Weaver their latest venture, hoping to fill the gap between social networking and traditional online dating…


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Silvertree Capital Invests in Nigerian E-Commerce Retail Companies and

Cape Town based Silvertree Capital (, an Africa-focused business builder and venture capital investor, has recently invested in two of Nigeria’s largest e-commerce sites, and

Both of these leading e-commerce sites offer a broad range of top consumer…


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Interview with Mike Kann, Internet Entrepreneur

This month AdMarula chats to Mike Kann, internet entrepreneur and founder of Olico, and most recently Prior to Olico, he founded the online financial product price comparison service Mike has over 10 years local and international…


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Interview with Tobie van Zyl, CEO of Moneysmart SA

This month we meet Tobie Van Zyl, CEO of Moneysmart South Africa, an online platform that pulls together all your online financial banking accounts and ITC Credit Bureau report into a single…


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ApexPeak to launch in Singapore

by Nanine Steenkamp

Online financing startup ApexPeak is planning to move into the Singaporean market after completing the 88mph startup programme in Cape Town.

ApexPeak was one of ten startups who pitched at the 88mph Demo Day as the conclusion to the 88mph startup programme on Thursday, April 25.

According to co-founder John Fearon, the business model was set up with Singaporean…


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Wabona online subscription launched

by Nanine Steenkamp

Online video streaming startup Wabona has begun paid-for subscriptions, which will ultimately make 2,500 hours of African content available across Africa and to the diaspora.

The multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-ethnic online library contains exclusive material, making Wabona one of the top five online streaming platforms in…


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