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Hi-Fly Marketing appoints new General Manager

South African based aviation services firm Hi-Fly Marketing has announced the appointment of Christobal Henner to the position of General Manager. 


Hi-Fly Marketing, the South African based aviation services firm has strengthened its corporate team with the appointment of Christobal Henner as General Manager responsible for strategic business development and key account management.…


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Solving Intelligence, Solving Real-world Problems

As a smart technology entrepreneur with a machine intelligence research background and passionate about advancing the state-of-the-art in machine or artificial intelligence (AI) to help solve real-world problems, it is very encouraging and exciting to see the AI buzz in the tech…


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Digital Payments Solutions for Africa

The payments industry in Africa is in a state of flux, with several technological, economic and social factors severing the value chain, fragmenting our perception of traditional money transfer. FinTech products, as we are growing increasingly accustomed to, are the face of this new reality. The drivers behind this are not what most are accustomed to; this is not a regulatory change, but a market driven demand.
Payments processing will continue to undergo transformation as…

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Cyber Monday security risks

With Cyber Monday approaching, online shoppers are preparing for the massive cost reductions across ecommerce stores that will take place on 28 November this year.  Although this is an exciting prospect, it is also an opportunity for cyber criminals to strike.  As digital sales reach up to $3.19 billion on this day, there is potential for security breaches to be extremely damaging and for customers' sensitive data to be at risk.
IT Leaders Africa Summit…

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eCommerce and Fintech challenges for CIOs in 2017

What is keeping CIOs on their toes when staring down the ecommerce juggernaut? Is it the inflexibility of legacy systems or the frustration of migrating to future-proof platforms? Is it the journey through to scalability and delivering a homogenous omni-channel experience? Could it be managing the high-cost of conversion and the gravity of an extremely positive ROI?
Ecommerce: the seamlessly integrated business, marketing and retail platform,…

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eCommerce MoneyAfrica 2017 - Good decisions take planning

The past year has brought with it a lot of change. The rapid rise of fintech products and solutions, crowding a space that is in its infancy, all looking to be crowned the victor, is just one example of the ceaseless disruption we are experiencing. How do you plan to navigate 2017? These…

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10 winners announced at Cape Town Awards final


Ten winners of the Innovation Awards 2016 were announced at a pan-African mobile and tech awards party in Cape Town, South Africa last night.

The Awards supported by Opera Software, The Mobi Hunter, Uber, Shule Direct, Mobile Monday South Africa and The Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) celebrated the best in mobile and technology from across Africa.

This year the awards attracted over 200 entries from 25 countries,…


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The Innovation Awards 2016 attracted over 200 submissions from 25 countries, chosen by an independent panel of leading industry experts.

Supported by Uber, Opera, Mobile Monday South Africa…


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African eCommerce Strategies

The seemingly continuous boom of online services and retail is attributed to the congruence of mobile payment solutions and ecommerce delivery. Added to that, as disposable incomes grow for many Africans, the financial services gap has become more apparent, and opportunities quickly served. Enabling…

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Building a Digital Transformation Framework to maximize IT Value

Michael Njenga, Group ICT Manager at Subaru Kenya/ECTA Group has confirmed that he will be presenting a keynote on 'Building a Digital Transformation Framework to maximize IT Value' at the 8th IT Leaders Africa Summit. During his keynote, he will look at driving digital transformation with focus on Business…

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World's First Droneport to open next year in Rwanda

The sight of commercial delivery drones whizzing through the sky is much closer than anticipated according to  Jonathan Ledgard, Director of Afrotech-EPFL and Founder of Red Line ; and nowhere more so than in Africa, where the world's very first droneport, is expected to open in Rwanda next year.
In a recent…

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5 disruptive innovations changing business models in Africa


Business models are being disrupted by technology across Africa and we now take a closer look at the five disruptive innovations shortlisted for the Appsafrica Innovation Awards.

The Awards supported by Uber, …


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Deputy Minister, DTPS, Professor Hlengiwe Mkhize acknowledges Cyber Security Awareness Month

The Deputy Minister of Telecommunications & Postal Service, Professor Hlengiwe Mkhize, will be opening the second day of the 8th Annual IT Leaders Africa…

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Start-up and investor success stories on the agenda for eCommerce MoneyAfrica

What's on the eCommerce MoneyAfrica Exhibition agenda?


SweepSouth is an on-demand cleaning service company. Founded in 2014…


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Where eCommerce Meets FinTech

Mobile money and other financial services are a high priority for many mobile operators, financial institutions, technology firms and governments. In Sub-Saharan Africa, mobile money promises a low-cost scalable alternative to traditional banking.

Only a small percentage of households make use of card-based, online and traditional banking. One survey conducted by Gallup suggests that more than 80% of adults have their bills in cash. The sheer amount of cash payments puts a burden on…


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Blockchain Africa Conference 2017 - Press Release



CEO of CITI and CEO of FinTech Circle Innovate UK on board for the 3rd annual Blockchain Africa Conference in Johannesburg on 1-3 March 2017

Ian Merrington, a well-known thought leader in the South African blockchain community and CEO of Cape Innovation Technology Initiative (CITI), will be the Master of Ceremonies for the Blockchain Africa…


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Africa Tech Summit London announces Erik Hersman as keynote

Africa Tech Summit London has announced its keynote address and speaker line up for the event bringing together technology leaders from across Africa and Europe, international investors, entrepreneurs and leading African start-ups.

This year’s visionary keynote address will be given by Erik Hersman, leading…


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Digital investment leads to balance sheet value in the hospitality sector

Cape Town – Digital has played a major role in the hotel business, driving direct bookings and repeat business.

Phillip Taylor, CEO and founder of Hospitality Plus, addressing delegates at the Tourism, Hotel Investment and Networking Conference (THINC Africa) in Cape Town, said three critical technologies had emerged over the past few years and enabled the business models that we know today – namely the cloud, social media and mobile capabilities.

“M-Pesa, launched from Kenya,…


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Artificial Intelligence at the centre of MIIA partner activities with Silicon Cape, Rise Africa, and Insights2Impact

We live in truly exciting times where smart technology is not only substantially altering the way we work, play, live, and interact with one another, but is also disrupting all industries, disciplines, economies, education, society, the public sector, and entire systems at an…


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How to fix road issues in Africa

Road infrastructure in Africa is essential to all industries in the region. We can’t underestimate the importance of having working roads. Unfortunately, Africa suffers enormously throughout the continent from terrible road conditions. This is part of a genuine issue of lacking infrastructure. There are however steps various countries can take to try fix this.

Why roads matter

The most popular industry for…


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