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Affordable Choice launches tablet competition

by Nanine Steenkamp

South African e-commerce startup Affordable Choice (AC) has launched a competition as part of its online shop opening promotions.

AC offers online shoppers quality products at an affordable price by sourcing directly from suppliers.

A promotion competition which can be entered through Facebook likes opened on Thursday.

The online competition can be entered…


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GoMetro recorded 750,000 trip requests last month

Brandon Gregory

South Africa’s commuter rail app GoMetro received 750,000 trip requests on its platform last month, going live in its fourth province last week.

Speaking to HumanIPO Justin Coetzee, chief executive officer (CEO) of the popular platform, said one of the challenges was designing the platform for web-enabled feature phones, but it was important in an African…


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Calling for Entries - Technology for Woman in Business Awards (TWIB)

Since 1998 the Technology for Women in business (TWIB) an initiative of the dti has given hundreds of women the opportunity to apply technology to support and grow their businesses. This has largely contributed towards mainstreaming women’s businesses within the broader SA economy.

TWIB is calling for the 2013/14 Awards nominations. South Africans are invited to nominate women entrepreneurs who systematically use technological innovation and creative know-how for business growth and…


Added by Lianne du Toit on June 9, 2013 at 15:42 — No Comments Goes Live: South Africa's Full-Range Non-Prescription Pharmacy E-Commerce Site, South Africa’s first independent online store offering a full range of nonprescription pharmacy products has recently gone live with its interactive website featuring a comprehensive range of practical consumer healthcare products from vitamins and diet pills to personal grooming and infant care.

The new website uses the latest technology to offer savvy consumers a hassle-free, online shopping experience with access to big brands like Dove,…


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Kwami, an app to change the way you see energy

An innovative South African energy management solution reaches the final of the Urban App Challenge and receives appraisal from Nokia and AppCampus in Aalto University in Finland.

The project was incubated by Methys, an international technology company focused on big data and digital innovation and was presented this week at the AppCampus event at Aalto University in Finland. The application named…


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Seed Engine is a business accelerator developed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs who understand what is necessary to make a start-up successful. As early stage entrepreneurs are generally ignored in South Africa, Seed Engine seeks these entrepreneurs to put them through 3x13 week accelerator bootcamps per year where they are given start up capital in exchange for equity to convert their business ideas into investable businesses ready for launch and further investment. They are offered…


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Interview with Mike Kann, Internet Entrepreneur

This month AdMarula chats to Mike Kann, internet entrepreneur and founder of Olico, and most recently Prior to Olico, he founded the online financial product price comparison service Mike has over 10 years local and international…


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Innovator vs. entrepreneur - so what's the difference?

Innovation speaks to the creation of new, "out-of-the-box" ideas, ways or things, while entrepreneurship refers to the ability and risk appetite to start and run a business. Both are qualities that, like any other, may exist in a single person or entity - or not... or that may reach fruition at different intervals during a person's journey through life in business.

If I could liken the markets less to bulls and bears and perhaps (quite topically) draw the conversation to the weather,…


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We're looking for examples of how legislation could be changed to make life easier for startups

At Silicon Cape we are working to improve the legal and regulatory environment to make it easier for startups to grow, help them to get funding, and bring in capital and talent to SA. We are pursuing political processes to get these reforms implemented, but this can take a while and we need your help to speed it up.  

One way to do this is to increase the amount of public awareness around the problems we face. We'd like to collect examples and case studies that…


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JoziHub Joins The Silicon Cape Initiative Community

Hi All

For a bit of background, JoziHub is a dynamic co-creation space for tech entrepreneurs located at 44 Stanley Milpark, Johannesburg launched in February 2013. Founded by the Praekelt Foundation in collaboration Omidyar Network, Google, ISlabs and Venture Solutions. We facilitate interaction and collaboration among various stakeholders such as research, private sector and public institutions, providing a dynamic eco-system for…


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Do you know what it really takes to raise capital and then deliver on your business plan?!

After dealing with over 500 entrepreneurs seeking venture capital our investors have made it clear that there is a serious issue with unprepared applicants. 

Its not just a matter of setting up a business plan! If you not using the correct methodology for valuing your company or if you over estimating your forecasts,you might as well stop searching for private investors cause it just aint going to happen!

How are you going to deliver on your targets? Have you done a sensitivity…


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5 Rules of Thumb for Startup Financial Projections

An insightful report authored earlier this week by Marty Zwilling lists the basic rules that aspiring entrepreneurs should follow when compiling the kind of financial projections that will help their startup appear more attractive to VCs (Venture Capitalists).

Marty Zwilling, who has been published in Forbes magazine and the Harvard Business Review, is the CEO and founder of Startup Professionals, Inc. as well as an advisory board member for multiple startups.

His observation…


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A Tale of Two Cities: Building A Global Business Model

Digital production agency’s international outsource model serves as a benchmark for local business


With the rapid advance of Internet technology and increasing smartphone penetration, ‘digital’ is fast becoming the buzzword in South African business circles. And as enterprises clamour to own a piece of the mobile and social media space, digital agencies are quickly springing forth to meet growing demands. But will local agencies…


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FundFind - South Africa's new and exciting crowdfunding platform!

FundFind - South Africa's new and exciting crowdfunding platform which officially launched on the 22nd of April 2013 is growing from strength to strength.

Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept to South Africans and many are nervous to give it a go, but with the challenges that we face when searching for funding for our various ventures, crowdfunding is likely to become the latest trend in creative, charity and entrepreneurial…


Added by Steve Larter on May 28, 2013 at 18:35 — 2 Comments

Research funding for South Africans

Below are some funds available for South African's. 

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the financial instrument implementing the Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness. Running from 2014 to 2020 with an €80 billion budget, the EU's new programme for research and innovation is part of the drive to create new growth and jobs in…


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Reflections on focus and fire - from an older entrepreneur

I was once raising some capital for a startup based in Switzerland and was meeting with potential VCs in Geneva.  One of them said to me "I'm not that interested in your business plan, I want to see the fire in your belly." He then poked me in the chest and said "Do you have fire in your belly sir?!". I was tempted to show him the packet of Rennies that I had been dipping into all day, but somehow I think he was talking metaphorically.

Entrepreneurs do need to have a single minded…


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KnoGno to make difference in SA townships

by Nanine Steenkamp

Technology research startup KnoGno is aiming to elevate entrepreneurship in Cape Town townships by collaborating with local non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

Started in June 2012 by academic and former investment manager Simon Jones, KnoGno aims to optimise the provision of information to consumers for making better, informed choices.

The main project areas of…


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Q&A: Successful SA entrepreneurs should help startups

by Nanine Steenkamp

Eran Eyal, founder of Springleap, spoke to HumanIPO about social media marketing, South African investment in startups and crowdfunding.

HumanIPO: What do you think of social media marketing in South Africa?

Eyal: I think we have come into a time where there is an enormous amount of art where people go: “we need social media”. Now where we are in a…


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Startups: A Launch48 weekend experience

Over the past weekend (17-May to 19 May) in Cape Town, South Africa I took part in a Launch48 weekend event. If you found this article because you were searching for information on Launch48, I hope after reading this you are convinced that it is something you should attend. If you don’t know what I am talking about yet, well enjoy the read and hopefully it will inspire you to take part in similar events.

This is my narrative of a Launch48 weekend experience.…


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Fast Growing Startup Looking For Investment And Seat Belt

Allow me to introduce – a social and dynamic student noticeboard, developed to give students the power of community. Think of it as an online mall for students, allowing P2P and B2P trading.

The site was created as a place where students can go to find/buy/sell/share all things relevant to their day-to-day lives, from finding a place to stay, a cheap car, to help with academic work and everything in between.

The result is a community that consists of universities,…


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