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QlikTech Unveils Roadmap to Next Generation Business Discovery Platform to Replace Traditional Business Intelligence

QlikTech, a leader in user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), today announced the company’s strategic roadmap to once again disrupt the BI industry with its next-generation platform to enable better decision making.  QlikView.Next is designed to expand on QlikTech’s focus of filling the gap between visualization or dashboard solutions and complex BI platforms tied to report-centric ways of doing business.  As Business Discovery is being adopted as an…


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Silicon Cape Startup Profile: EDGE Campus

Silicon Cape Startup Profile: EDGE Campus

Once a week Silicon Cape will be featuring a member from the community. If you would like your company profiled please fill out the form below. For more information please contact

Company Name

EDGE Campus

Website Name …


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PwC opens up shop at Bandwidth Barn providing support to ICT sector

Professional services firm PwC recently extended its realm in Cape Town’s ICT space by opening an office at the Bandwidth Barn. Irene Allen, PwC Partner based in the Western  Cape, says: “Cape Town’s software and IT sector is fast-growing and we believe that PwC has an important role to play in this space.”

PwC has a number of initiatives that it is currently planning for the Barn, says Allen. “One of these relates to how we can assist business owners in the tech SME space with our…


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How emerging markets are rewriting the online payments play book

By Tom Cleveland

Online buying

Starting a new business in an emerging market has always been a daunting task with endless challenges greeting the entrepreneur at every turn. Having a great idea is one thing, but arranging for the proper licenses and the necessary capital funding can be formidable obstacles. Location issues are extremely important since waterways and roads may not support your needs for transporting your goods to market or receiving raw materials in the…


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Interested in learning how to use cloud computing and SaaS to leverage your billing into the future?

At SnapBill we've put together an informative guide that is geared towards assisting small to large corporations in achieving a simple and comprehensive billing solution.

We walk you through the transformation from traditional billing methods to the world of Cloud Computing.

In an ever-advancing technological age and the fascination surrounding this alleged magical “Cloud”, you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask (or even look at the sky) when hearing about the…


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Digging for treasure - A marketing strategy for small businesses

While teaching my son how to effectively dig for treasure during our regular game of pirates this weekend, I couldn't help but notice similarities between digging for buried gold coins and finding new clients for your small business.

Having buried 21 coins in a small sandpit, my son was surprised to see that he couldn't unearth all of them by simply making a cursory effort to find them. He knew exactly how many coins he was looking for and he knew they were buried in a very specific…


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HumanIPO's week in startups


by Brandon Gregory

HumanIPO connects with startups and tech hubs throughout Africa on a weekly basis. This week’s roundup features startups from Rwanda, Kenya, Egypt and Nigeria, as well as a tech innovation hub in Zimbabwe.


The Foyo Group is a…


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Why a ‘Mobile-First’ Responsive Web Design Approach Matters

By Mark Hawkins, Operations Director – Bluegrass Digital

In a world in which there are now more mobile phones than people, optimising content for mobile consumption has become a business imperative. In developing regions such as Africa, the importance of mobile is magnified by the fact that the majority of people only access the Internet via their mobile phones. Added to this, the variety of gadgets that middle and higher income consumers have to choose from is…


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WordCamp Cape Town 2013

There’s a strong chance many of your favorite websites are powered by WordPress, the free content management system that has empowered millions to create DIY websites. On November 7th, 400 small business owners, non-profit agencies, realtors, photographers, designers, bloggers, journalists and web developers will head to Cape Town Stadium for WordCamp Cape Town 2013.

WordCamp events are community-organised events,…


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How to choose a remote monitoring service

When Dr Rudolph Zinn of the School of Criminal Justice recently did intensive research on the nature of robberies and attacks, he revealed some interesting findings: one being that alarms and armed reaction services are not a deterrent for robbers any longer.

It makes sense – most of us will admit that we don’t naturally rush to investigate every time a neighbour’s alarm goes off. In fact, police forces have reported “false alarm” rates as high as 90%.  Making use of an armed reaction…


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Fax is far from dead

by Craig Freer, Vox Telecom

As the business world becomes increasingly digitised and virtualised, it’s hard to imagine that corporates are still stamping fax numbers at the bottom of their business cards. But the truth is there are still over one-hundred million fax devices in use globally today – and the numbers are rising, not declining.

People often tend to think of faxes as those organ-grinders that stood in the corner office churning out paper and making a screeching…


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Startup Knight 2013


Press Release

Startup Knight was launched in 2012 for the first time, by software company Byte Orbit. The premise of the competition is to promulgate, support and embrace tech startups in South Africa by offering a disruptive competition platform. Many competitions, in and around South Africa, offer similar competitions. Unfortunately none of them enter into a partnership with the winner in order to…


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Why not all Wi-Fi is created equal

Although Wi-Fi technology has become part and parcel of the average office’s connectivity, only a select few are able to distinguish a good router from the bad. Plugging a standard, off-shelf router into your office connection might provide access – but not security or reliable quality. Surveys have shown that 32% of employees globally rely on more than one device during the average working day, which means that Wi-Fi connectivity could either hinder or enable employee…


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Why Entrepreneurs Should Establish Their Own Non-Profit

There are a number of compelling reasons why tech-entrepreneurs in the SiliconCape should start their own non-profit. Firstly, most tech start-ups don’t register as a company until they have developed their product. They typically grind away for at least six months to a year. One generally avoids the bureaucracy of having an entity until the foundations are in place. So why would starting a non-profit make any sense for someone trying to avoid the cumbersome nature of any enterprise other…


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How did Elan give up a corporate job to follow a dream?

Elan Lohmann’s mission: To inspire 100,000 South Africans achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

He founded SleekGeek, a health focused movement in 2012, in order to achieve this goal. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he enjoyed 13 rewarding years in corporate Digital Media, heading up many SA brands such as, TimesLIVE, SowetanLIVE.

He was appointed Group Head of Digital…


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Apply Now: Chamber Trade of Sweden wants to meet Startups - November 2013

The Cape Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Chamber Trade Sweden, is hosting a Nordic Southern African Business Forum on 14 and 15 November.

This two-day conference in Cape Town will be focussing on the ICT, greentech and agribusiness sectors, with the objective of facilitating trade between attending companies.

Organisations from across Southern Africa and the Nordic region have been selected to join in and we are now looking for local companies which could benefit from…


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Man versus machine: virtual real estate agent Property Switch bets on tech

By Martin Carstens


Selling your house in the 21st Century has come a long way. Days where your only options were to go with an agency or fly solo are long gone, and yet entrepreneurs are still finding room for innovation.Property Switch, is the latest in a new breed of startups locked on disrupting markets with the…


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Is Self-Service doing the Call Center a disservice? The role of voice in the digital age

By Jed Hewson, 1Stream

The effects of the global recession was keenly felt in call centres, with managers and IT under increasing pressure to lower costs, but some of the tactics may be doing more harm than good.

Staff costs are, of course, the most significant expenditure in any call centre and in an effort to reduce these costs, the market has seen an uptake in companies that choose to use low-cost, self-service channels to complete simple transactions and queries. These…


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Why Wi-Fi will be the next corporate must-have

This week, Vox Telecom will launch Vox Aura. Wi-Fi is not new. Although it’s hard to track its origins, it’s safe to say Wi-Fi was being used on a large scale for the first time in the late 1990s – which probably qualifies it as being prehistoric in tech terms. But there has been renewed interest in the technology of late, and with good reason.

For one, analysts have predicted that in the next few years, the average people will go from owning two to three Wi-Fi enabled devices (such…


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Onesimus Programme: WHO and WHAT exactly are we looking for?

WHO and WHAT exactly are we looking for?! The employee, the college student or graduate (even the talented drop out), the startup entrepreneur or established businessman. However, we are also looking for something more: you're that guy - or girl- who feels slightly out of place where you are right now. You're discontented, you want more and you KNOW you can have more because you have this crazy idea for a business or an app!…


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