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Guarding the physical and the virtual

Most businesses have physical premises to protect – warehouses, offices or stores that are vulnerable to crime – as well as virtual “assets” and information. Technology can play a crucial role in protecting both.

Safe guarding your information

There are millions of smart phones and devices in South Africa – and employees are bringing them to work every day. Moreover, they are accessing the company’s network to download corporate emails or…


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Mobile Device Management is a must-have – even for SMEs, says Vox Telecom

The discussion around mobile device management has been going on for a number of years. Employees are bringing smartphones, tablets and other devices to work that are easier to carry around (and much easier to lose). Moreover, these devices are being increasingly used to access sensitive company information. It is clear that companies need to act fast and take control of the information that is leaving their premises in their employees’…


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Vox Telecom's Craig Freer on managed Services

Managing Services: what they are, how they work and which ones to engage with

Many companies have been confronted with the concept of managed services, a model whereby a third-party contractor (managed service provider, or MSP) delivers network-based services, applications and/or equipment to businesses. This can be in the form of a hosted company or an access provider that offers IT services as fully outsourced network management arrangements,…


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Junk Mail offers small business owners a virtual shopfront has recently launched a trader platform that allows small business to create and run a virtual shop front using the classifieds site.

“Our trader platform on Junk Mail allows small business owners – whether they are selling cakes out of their home kitchen or marketing ball bearings to vintage car collectors – to create a branded microsite on our platform,” says Francois Labuschagne, Product and Marketing manager of Junk Mail. “This gives…


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1Stream reveals reasons to move to the cloud

Frost & Sullivan’s most recent end-user research detailing the factors that motivate the adoption of a hosted solution has shown that 61% of companies have moved to the model because of the ease of provisioning and the ability to manage multi-site and remote agents.

According to Gartner Research, 1 out of every 10 international call centres is likely to shift at least partly to home-based agents – a trend known as…


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1Stream says, Hosting is now the norm, not the exception

Gartner has said that there will be a 17% compound growth over the next 5 years for contact center adoption of hosted call center solutions, and they expect that by the end of this year, 75% of global call centers will be leveraging hosted call center solutions. The same report reveals that the Enterprise Software market is flattening at about 5% and will remain so for the next few years – another strong indicator that the Contact Center as a Service Model…


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Skyrove launches free Wi-Fi in Camps Bay

Skyrove, in partnership with MacroLan and Café Caprice, announced today the launch of free Wi-Fi for Camps Bay. Consumers will be able to use up to 100MB of data per device per day, completely free of charge. After that, extra data may be purchased through Skyrove or one of its partners. Skyrove will be offering the landing page to advertisers.

The premium Wi-Fi installation consists of fibre from Cape Town-based ISP MacroLan, and top-end high density outdoor access points…


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The CIO Challenge 2014

Our exciting challenge discusses BYOD, Enterprise Mobility, Big Data & POPI implications for 2014.

Secure your seat by Friday 13 December & receive a complimentary seat to attend the challenge.

For more info


021 712 2882

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1Stream - Are enterprise companies the new ice exporters? Why big companies may have already lost the race to the cloud

It’s hard to believe that ice was once a precious commodity. But in the early 1800s, a man called Frederic Tudor (affectionately known as the “Ice King”) made his fortune shipping thousands of tons of ice across the globe.

Until Tudor entered the scene, ice was little more than an inconvenience in winter. Thanks to his persistence, it soon became a standard offering in bars and restaurants – and even hospitals, where it was used to treat fever. It was an expensive operation – laborers…


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Is South Africa really the entrepreneurial gateway into Africa?

By Lenoy Barkai

sa flag 650

The short answer is: it depends. It depends on whether you are an investor or an entrepreneur. And here’s why.

Investors, get there early!

On the surface, South Africa doesn’t seem to pose the most enticing investment case. Here is a comparison of the country’s GDP growth rate …


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Rise of Africa’s makers: Q&A with HacKidemia founder Stefania Druga

By Jacques Coetzee


Afrimakers is the brainchild of ex-Google engineer and founder of HacKidemia, Stefania Druga. The initiative has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with the aim to inspire and encourage young participants in Africa to…


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My journey from Coffice Nomad to Coworking Knowmad

This guest post by Cathy Grimes comes after her first successful month of coworking after being introduced to the concept by Wayne from Growth Space. After successfully establishing the Helderberg's first coworking space in Somerset West in 2013, Growth Space will be expanding their reach by opening up a modern, professional coworking…


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Immigration Lawyers in South Africa

If you run a startup or are building a business that involves a foreigner in any way, you'll definitely need the services of an immigration lawyer. Not as costly as one would think, these lawyers are the only resource you can turn to unless you decide to tackle the Department of Home Affairs on your own. (Do not use immigration practitioners or any other form of agency or consultant - only lawyers.)

Here are a few:

Immigration South Africa …


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TheBarn Summer School Programme on Coding (for Kids)

TheBarn Summer School Programme on Coding

Areas covered: Coding, Basic Computer Literacy, App Development

Target: Learners (Grade 10 - 12)
Intake 1: 9 December - 20 December 2013
Intake 2: 6 January - 10 January 2014

Total Programme beneficiaries: 40

Programme Sponsors: Cape IT Initiative (TheCITi), TheBarn,…


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Tips for Web translation projects in 2014

By Ian Henderson, CTO at Rubric 

With more than a third of the global population online, Web content production is growing faster than ever and website translation increasingly features on executive agendas. This has far-reaching implications for site owners. What should you bear in mind when translating in 2014?

Growing or…


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Silicon Cape Startup Profile: Property Switch

Silicon Cape Startup Profile: Property Switch

Once a week Silicon Cape will be featuring a member from the community. If you would like your company profiled please fill out the form below. For more information please contact

Company Name

Property Switch

Website Name …


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A Canadian Entrepreneur's Impression of the Startup Ecosystem in South Africa

Posted by Jonathan Bixby


We often talk about how being entrepreneurs is a hardcore experience. We consider ourselves risk takers and we take pride in going against the grain. We brag about our long hours, our travels and the hardships that we endure to climb the mountain of success.

The reality is that in North America, we live in a society where being an entrepreneur is a relatively safe…


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Why Whiteboard Animation Will Boost Traffic to Your Website

The use of video is the most effective method in boosting traffic to a website. Many businesses that just have text and pictures on their website struggle to keep the attention of their visitors. Videos have to be used in the correct way to be the most effective though. Simply standing in front of a camera and talking about your business is not enough. The video needs to be intriguing, engaging, and informative in order to keep the visitors interested. This is where whiteboard animation…


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SteadiDrone wins 2013 STEP-UP Technology Innovation Awards and awarded trip to U-Start #Bloom 2014 in Milan, Italy.

The Step Up Technology Innovation Competition finals were hosted in Johannesburg on the 21st and 22nd November 2013, a business idea competition, aimed specifically at South African inventors and innovators, sponsored by governments Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and Sasol’s…


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The CIO Challenge 2014 welcomes Outsystems SA on board.

The highly anticipated challenge takes place in March in CT.

Top CIO's representing Engen, Pick & Pay, Dept of the Premier WC, Francis Cronje, Novation Consulting and more will be discussing BYOD, Enterprise Mobility, Big Data & POPI implications for 2014.

Outsystems SA will be presenting their enterprise application solutions at the challenge.

For more info on the challenge.

Please contact.

Juliano Velacci

021 712…


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