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#WiredWomen Conference 15 Oct


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Vulcan Labs Payday Talks - bringing Tech and Entrepreneurship together

At our Intro to Ruby on Rails events we found a good portion of the attendees were not developers but entrepreneurs wanting to know more about how to get their businesses on the web. We enjoyed the interaction between the developers and entrepreneurs and want to encourage that interaction further.

We started the Vulcan Labs Payday Talks as a way to bring together entrepreneurs and technically skilled individuals. The Payday talks are scheduled on the last Friday of every month (hence…


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Invitation to Comment: Draft National IP Policy

On 4 September 2013 the Minister of Trade and Industry published the Draft National Policy on
Intellectual Property (the “IP Policy”). The IP Policy proposes dealing
with a very wide spectrum of topics. This is an exceptionally important development, which has the
potential to…

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Gesture Recognition - Use Your Hands And Feet to Interact with Dynamic Video

Gesture Recognition - Use Your Hands And Feet to Interact with Dynamic Video

Take the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia, for example. Tapping into a 3D gestural interface system developed, children use their hands and feet to interact with dynamic video while engaging in fitness-related activities, such as playing in a virtual pumpkin patch or catching virtual butterflies.

Similarly, at the…


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OPINION: Startups need to wake up

by Nanine Steenkamp

The Cape Town tech startup scene is not short of ideas and willing individuals, but ideas are only as valuable as the funds and skills that are applied to them.

Pitching for funding is essential to introduce, convince and eventually sell an idea for a value-adding business to stakeholders such as angel investors, venture capitalists and crowd funders.

In order to get…


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Calling all developers and Managers to “The Oktober Tour” in South Africa and Hungary

In my previous article, I mentioned a study that clearly demonstrates that projects with a budget over 10 Million+ dollars fail in one way or another. Either by…


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SC Startup Profile:Problemio

Once a week Silicon Cape will be featuring a member from the community. If you would like your company profiled please fill out the form below. For more information please contact

Company Name


Website Name …


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New Range Launched!

Hey everyone,

When I first launched my online store ( a few months ago, I posted an article here and received some great feedback. 

A couple months down the line and I've just launched a new range of tees and would love some feedback again.

Check it out. Spread the word. Support!…


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SchoolAdvisor app from SABC News Online – from hackathon to public beta testing!

Korwe Software's Dr David J. Hislop joined Izak Minnaar, Michael Salzwedel and the team from SABC News Online, at Sub-Sahara’s first Editors Lab Hackathon in Cape Town.

Editors Lab was organised by the Global Editors Network (GEN), African Media Initiative (AMI) and Google, with venue partner, to promote new ideas for news apps, digital services, or mobile platforms.…


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Cloud is about more than cost-cutting

Analysts such as Gartner have long said that the cloud isn’t about recession-busting or cutting costs any more – but perhaps it never was, says 1Stream director, Bruce von Maltitz. “I think there has always been massive confusion about the cloud and cost-savings. Most people have no idea how much they spend per user on their call center, so they often pitch the cloud as being exactly the same product as on-premise, but for a fraction of the price,” Von Maltitz says. “Although the cloud does…


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Hiring master crafts people strategy

First off there is an ulterior motive for this blogpost, Vulcan Labs is expanding and actively scouting for Ruby on Rails developers.

Great, now that is out the way I can write with a clear conscience. The thing is we are looking for exceptional people to join our organisation (like most companies really) and that’s not an easy thing to do. In fact its pretty daunting, the new people in the company can determine the fate of the company for better…


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HumanIPO startup feature

by Richard Cutcher

Africa’s startup scene is seeing new players and updates every day and this week saw the release of a new CMS platform aimed at those in creative industries.

Cape Town startup VIGO has launched myViGOand the company’s chief executive officer (CEO), Carl Wallace, told…


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TECH4AFRICA 2013 – The Tech community has spoken


A first for African tech

In a complete departure from the usual African conference scheduling, and in response to the many requests to speak at Tech4Africa since it’s inception, earlier this year Tech4Africa opened up speaker submissions to the tech community. The results were 90 speaker submissions, and 3225 votes spread across almost 70 technology topics.

As with last year, the format focusses on short, bite sized, juicy content which will keep…


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VentureBeat Infographic: The pros and cons of working at a startup

Infographic: The pros and cons of working at a startup

Actually, the Foosball table is not a great reason to work at a startup.

Free lunches and Foosball tables might be perceived as popular benefits among offices these days, but company perks didn’t even make it to the top five pros of working at a startup in VentureVillage’s online survey of more than 150 participants.…


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Telkom: Open Innovation Mega Challenge

Telkom is pleased to announce the Open Innovation “Mega Challenge” to all South Africans at the 6th annual Innovation Summit 2013 taking place at IDC convention centre in Sandton. Telkom is one of Africa’s largest telecommunications companies in pursuit of its vision, “Leading in the converged ICT markets through deep and credible relationships and a distinctive customer experience”, and therefore invites SMMEs, universities, research institutes, not-for-profit organisations, start ups,…


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Startup Grind chats to Rob Heyns (League of Beers)

Startup Grind will once again return to Cape Town on 26th September 2013.

Startup Grind is in more than 50 cities and 15 countries. Startup Grind’s goal is to Educate, Inspire and Connect entrepreneurs from all sectors.

Monthly events are held at the upmarket Atlantic Imbizo Conference Centre at the V&A Waterfront. Watch this snippet of the most recent event:…


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Managing change...

Are you faced with wrenching changes in your venture, or maybe with your life?

...if so please read my latest KoiTip on "moving through the four rooms of change":…


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Shared office space does not = coworking

With the rise of any new idea it's inevitable that some will try and find a way to ride the wave of publicity, using the idea to benefit themselves and the sudden rise of coworking has been no different. Apart from the legitimate coworking spaces popping up all over SA, There are also some companies who think they've spotted a way to bring in some extra income or get rid of surplus office space by advertising their office as a coworking space.



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We’re a startup too – 4Di Capital

by Richard Cutcher

Justin Stanford, founder of South African venture capital fund 4Di Capital, has lamented the lack of investors in the ecosystem and emphasised the immature state of the investment scene.

Speaking at HumanIPO Academy’s first ProChat event in Cape Town last night, Stanford began the story of a three-year-old “startup”…


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Why do I need Social media, how can it help me grow my business and do I really have the time?

As a business professional / Entrepreneur you may wonder “Why do I need Social media, how can it help me grow my business and do I really have the time?”

If you don't already know, Social media is here to stay, the platforms may change in time but Social media is not going anywhere.

To answer the above Questions:

Why do I need Social Media?------------Social Media is like word of mouth about your business. When people talk about your business / industry we can monitor…


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