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HumanIPO Academy to launch August 30 in Cape Town

by Gabriella Mulligan

HumanIPO will launch its Academy on August 30, with the aim of supporting the techpreneur, startup and small business ecosystem in Cape Town through engaging and informative events held throughout the year.

The HumanIPO Academy will include pitching practice sessions for startups, expert panel sessions featuring industry figures, “Dragon’s Den” evenings where startups will be…


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Not retiring to the vineyard: startups in Michael Jordaan’s post FNB future?

By Michelle Atagana

Michael Jordaan

Much has been rumoured about what current FNB CEO Michael Jordaan will do when he exits the bank termed the most innovative in the world at the end of the this year.

This just in: he is not retiring to make wine. Nope, he is leaving to learn more about innovation and look…


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Project Isizwe launches free Wi-Fi with City of Tshwane

Yesterday, the Mayor of Tshwane announced a 3 phase rollout of free Wi-Fi in Tshwane:


Phase 1           R1million, 30 Nov 2013, 5…


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It’s personal, whether you like it or not

I get frustrated when I small companies talk about ‘our vision’, ‘contact us', 'we pride ourselves on…’ or 'we'll get back to you shortly'. As a small business, one of your greatest advantages is being able to create a personal relationship with your clients but by using plural pronouns you lose that personal touch, the one thing which sets you apart from your competitors.

Rather than pretending to be larger than you are, tell your clients who you…


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Request for smart TV application developers

With the recent announcement of the relaunch of Vivid as Freevision, Sentech are looking to engage with application developers, startups and entrepreneurs looking to develop apps for smart TVs and HbbTV.

Myself and a colleague will be in Cape Town next week and are looking to meet up with anyone interested in working with us on this project. We are still in the initial stages of…


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Stuart Minnar - " You are the brand"

Stuart Minnaar, founder of Yappo, began his entrepreneurial career when he realized that there was so much value in the student market..... He created…


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6 entrepreneurs’ blogs worth following for their journey

By Ronan Steyn

Blog (2)

Whether you’re just starting out, founding your first company and looking for tips, or a seasoned veteran in search of some inspiration, there are a handful of entrepreneurs who are actively writing, posting, and sharing their thoughts on the entrepreneurial journey and the various aspects thereof.

I’m not just talking about those who tweet an inspirational 140 characters every now and then, I’m talking about entrepreneurs with an…


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The coworking revolution is here. Are you ready for it?

Coworking started in San Francisco in 2006 and has shown incredible worldwide growth since then. According to the 2nd Annual Global Coworking Survey, the number of coworking spaces around the world doubles every year and surprisingly, in October 2012, out of more than 2000 recorded coworking spaces worldwide, only 23 were located on the African continent.

Sounds promising but what is coworking, exactly?

When I started talking about coworking in April this year,…


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Nigerian company-builder Spark secures $2m international investment in 9 days

By Ronan Steyn

spark nigerian company

Lagos-based internet group SPARK, which invests in Nigerian startups, has raised US$2-million in seed-funding from a syndicate of international investors — based on a US$10-million valuation of the company that is just three months old.

Seventeen high net-worth individual investors contributed to the total investment made to the company, founded by Jason Njoku, Bastian Gotter and Mary…


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Integrated Recruitment

So recruiters, in general, get a pretty hard time, and there's always a beating drum in the media signalling the end of the recruitment sector.. we've been tossed on to the pile along with travel agents – the notion being that the uprising of the web, social media and networking sites such as Linkedin will hammer the nails in the coffin.

Its a big shout, and to be honest its probably quite accurate. Numerous industries have been affected by this scenario. It's not a new concept for…


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Interview with Vinny Lingham on #Tech and #SiliconCape

Last week Silicon Cape caught up with founder Vinny Lingham who was attending the 49th Endeavor Event ( in Johannesburg. 
You were last in SA 2 years ago can you outline what your underlying motivations for founding Silicon Cape? 
The motivations around Silicon Cape was to create a community that could work together to create a high tech cluster in South Africa.  There…

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How co-working nearly killed my business

Earlier in this year I joined my local co-working space here in Cape Town (GrowthSpace). When I joined I was still new to the whole “being an entrepreneur thing”. In fact, I was so new that I had only been up and running for 5 months.

Albeit, I did learn a lot in those 5 months but I learnt so much more in the 3 months that followed. This is the story of how co-working nearly killed my business.

It was just too…


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Cape Town Car Hire Market

The Cape Town car hire market is geographically centred in Cape Town International Airport, as the biggest demand for car rentals is from passengers who have hopped off a flight to Cape Town and need some form of transport. 

Although the City of Cape Town has done a wonderful job with its MyCiti bus shuttles, they don't serve everybody's needs as (1) one needs to wait a (short) while for the shuttle, and (2) there's usually a second trip required and therefore a second wait in the…


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Collaborative improvement and the future of education?

The Problem:

The concept of a book in an educational context in its current static form, is pretty outdated in fields such as  Computer Science, Life Sciences and pretty much any field in Science.

Existing solutions:

Quora, Hackernews, Reddit, Stackoverflow, ....

Proposed solution:

Collaborative learning using the collective wisdom of crowds.

Syndicating answers from…

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567 Cape Talk and SAGE looking for Cape Town’s best small businesses


Press Release

Friday 16th August 2013

567 Cape Talk and SAGE looking for Cape Town’s best small businesses

The 567 Cape Talk Small Business Awards in partnership with SAGE is back and once again, consumers are asked to nominate businesses that have provided them with excellent service.

Now in its fifth year, the Small Business Awards has become a highly acclaimed platform…


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Managing the uptime of business critical Internet-based systems

The development and use of Internet-based applications have become prevalent due to the major improvements in terms of reliability and performance that so-called “cloud computing” offers. Applications such as these are often referred to as “software as a service” or “SaaS” applications, because the end user is presented with a secure service that is accessible (typically via an Internet browser), rather than a physical installation at the end user’s site. It is easy to assume that SaaS…


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Introduction to the memorandum of incorporation ("MOI") under the new Companies Act

One of the most important changes brought about by the new Companies Act (“the Act”) is the creation of a new founding document for companies, called a Memorandum of Incorporation (the “MOI”), which combines the current memorandum of association and articles of association of a South African company into one document. The MOI stipulates the rights, duties and responsibilities of shareholders, directors and others within and in relation to a…


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Endeavor International Selection Panel - Next class of Entrepreneurs announced

Johannesburg 15 August 2013 – The Endeavor International Selection Panel interviews kicked off in an atmosphere of tense expectation. Entrepreneurs from 10 countries – South Africa, Greece, Mexico, Jordan, Brazil, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Chile and Indonesia – gathered at Villa Arcadia on the Hollard Campus in Johannesburg to “pitch” their businesses to a panel of top-tier business leaders from around the world. If they are successful they will be invited to join the exclusive group of…


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Seed Engine accelerator to launch new programme to boost SA startups

By Jacques Coetzee

Seed Engine

South Africa’s Seed Engine Business Accelerator is looking for prospective tech businesses for its next programme. Seed Engine will be accelerating six new startups starting 1 September that will get the chance of receiving R100 000 startup capital plus over R300 000 in services. These selected ventures are also given relevant mentorship, coaching and workspace.

CEO of Seed Engine Marc Elias says that he’s looking for early stage…


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Rave reviews for Daddy’s Crash Course - 2 new dates added.

Our mandate to have a positive impact on all entrepreneurs we come into contact with seem s to be working wonders even if you’re not really sure that you are an entrepreneur…

Freelancer Sue Northam attended our course recently not sure of how to describe her career, freelancer or entrepreneur. In her wonderful review of the course on Biz Community Sue wrote  ”… Paul guided me beautifully to a…


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