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[Photos] World Design Capital 2014 (WDC2014) Grooming Session - 28 January 2014

We've uploaded pictures from yesterday's @WDC2014 Grooming Session with Charles Maisel & @ThundaFund on our FB page #WDC308

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20 Lessons from my First Year in Startups

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One year after leaving my 9-to-5 job and joining Cliquidity, I reflect on the lessons I have learnt so far about the industry and myself. (Just for fun)

  1. Your friends will think working from home means you are always free for lunch - because "you aren't really working, #amiright?" Wrong.
  2. You…

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Post Matric Entrepreneurial Skills Training Programme

The objective of the Post Matric Entrepreneurial Skills Training Programme is to give unemployed matrics an opportunity to become skilled in entrepreneurship as a very real possible option to creating their own employment (and possible employment for others in the long term) and earning an income. The programme is driven by the obvious need we face in South Africa to see very many more young people not only earning an income but feeling a sense of…


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Thoughts on the Local Startup Investment scene

More recently I have scouted the past investments that our local accelerators have made and as much as the accelerators proclaim a market fit, scalability and profitability, why are we not seeing more disruptive products being built? Why are we not competing head-on with international startups?

To me it just seems our investors are missing a trick here. Big growth sectors like Platform as a Service (PaaS), health, robotics (think Google's recent investments) seem to be passed over in…


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The most important question an entrepreneur can ask themselves? It’s all about mindset

By Anthony Farr


Every year at this time we are bombarded with numerous articles on New Year’s resolutions and goal setting for the year ahead. And yet the average person makes the same New Year’s resolution 10 separate times without success. In a similar manner the entrepreneurial equation is equally hope depleting as business failures track at around nine out of every 10 initiatives started. Imagine if one simple question could unlock the answer to greater…


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The CIO Challenge is 5 weeks away.

We look forward to meeting you at the exciting CIO Challenge taking place on the 5th & 6th of March at Lagoon Beach Hotel in CT.

Top CIO's representing Engen, Pick & Pay, Pernod Ricard, Dept of the Premier WC,Olrac SPS, Francis Cronje, Novation Consulting and more will offer you insights into the latest developments for enterprise in BYOD, Enterprise Mobility,Big Data & POPI implications for the year ahead.

Key solution providers will be presenting their…


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The pros and cons of crowdsourcing translation

By Ian Henderson, CTO at Rubric

Crowdsourcing translation services – what an intriguing, even shocking concept! Subscribing to the philosophy of grassroots movements such as open source software, Wikipedia and even popular revolts like the Arab Spring, crowdsourcing seriously calls the value…


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eCommerce in South Africa has seen increased adoption by furniture retailers

The global success of online shopping has given rise to the widespread adoption of eCommerce ventures by furniture retailers wishing to capture the potential of this ever-growing market. Largest online retail corporation,, saw its initial success as an online bookstore; however it is no longer quite so exclusive, its catalogue has extended. Amazon now also caters for automotive parts, clothing, electronics, and furniture, to name but a few. While Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay have…


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Finding a career path after graduation using digital tools

 According to union group Solidarity, only four matriculants out of every 10 will find gainful employment after graduation – and university graduates are not much better off.  Labour market analyst Loane Sharp says that in 2012, about 600 000 university graduates were unemployed unable to put into practice what they have learned. But you do not have to be a statistic, says Job Mail Product and Marketing Manager, Angelique Robbertse.…


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What South African Call Centres can learn from India (and other prime BPO destinations)

By Jed Hewson, director of 1Stream

A white paper commissioned by British-based company Teleperformance found that 10% of all contact centre agents serving the UK will be based in South Africa by 2014. Jed Hewson, director of 1Stream, believes that the figure should be a lot higher.

“Offshoring” does not carry the same negative connotations it had ten years ago. In fact, whereas UK customers were complaining about being put…


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In the Global Village, does geography still matter? 1Stream believes it doesn't

Saying that we’re living in a global village or a virtual world is stating the obvious. Video calling, high-speed Internet, social media and teleconferencing have given us the ability to instantly connect, regardless of our location. Nowhere is this more obviously demonstrated than in the realm of call centres where customers in countries such as the UK and US regularly interact with support services in the Philippines, India and of course, South Africa.…


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Making Wi-Fi work for you

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg may have raised some eyebrows when he said that connectivity should be a human right, but many smart device users would agree. Research has shown that as many as 32% globally rely on more than one device during the average working day to conduct their duties and half of the world’s CIOs have said that they view Wi-Fi as an essential part of operations.

Creating a Wi-Fi network in the workplace used to be a matter of…


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Jobmail's guide to finding a job at every stage of your life

Finding a job at every stage of your life

Job hunting can be a tricky process and unfortunately, there isn’t a standard recipe for success that applies to everyone. Whether you have years of experience, or none at all, there are different tips and tricks you need to apply throughout your working life. Angelique Robbertse, Job Mail Product and Marketing Manager, shares her tips for job seekers from all walks of life.…


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U-START #Africa business plan competition - EARLY STAGE ENTREPRENEURS WANTED

Do you have what it takes to represent Africa globally at the U-Start Conference Business Plan Competition In Italy in May 2014?

U-Start  is a global…


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Youth network, ACTIVATE! celebrates top 10 social innovations

Projects ranging from environmental education and improved mathematics learning to astronomy-based tourism were among the top ten social development projects for 2014 recognised at the ACTIVATE! Innovation Showcase held in Magaliesberg this weekend (17/18 January 20144).


Chosen from 87 exceptional social development initiatives that are either already being implemented or are in the planning phases, the top ten were selected by more than 350 youth leaders from the ACTIVATE!…


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How to protect your data from the world

The NSA revelations from Edward Snowden are hot on the minds of any person seeking to protect their data. Considering how more and more of this information is being released, it makes anyone wanting a sense of safety on the internet fight to retain it – but of course, it is also harder. The documents revealing the spying from such a powerful…


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De-mystifying Mobility: Can it really solve business problems?

Mobile is on the Move

We are all aware that mobile devices and apps are quickly replacing PC’s and desktops. In fact,…


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Does your Startup qualify for the KnifeCap/ BizSpark Intervention?

Microsoft South Africa has partnered with the Government’s JobsFund to help drive the creation & growth of technology startups by expanding its BizSpark programme. BizSpark aims to assist local startups through the provision of a growth gap analysis, development tools and business…


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Looking for leadership in your startup? Everyone’s capable

by Mbali Ndandani


Everyone has an innate ability to become a leader. There are a number of reasons why many do not become leaders or do not even see themselves as leaders with their own company. The greatest of these is possibly that they have not understood their own unique value. What they are passionate about and the exact reason they exist — the way in which they (uniquely) can change the…


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Realmdigital extends their digital service offering to include digital marketing and more

Leading e-business strategy and technology provider, Realmdigital, has launched new digital services to ensure the provision of a complete end-to-end digital strategy. Our new services include digital marketing solutions,…


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