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Toshiba achieves product marketing holy grail

By Ian Henderson, CTO at Rubric

‘Simship’ (simultaneous shipment) – the ability of companies to ship other-language versions of their products and manuals on the same day as the original, is a desire of many companies.

The market drivers include a move from print manuals to online, making it cheaper to produce multiple language copies (while removing none of the deadline pressure).

Another factor is ever-shortening product development life cycles, necessitating…


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CNBC Africa All Africa Business Leader Awards 2014 (AABLA)

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How to never fail… ever

One strange thing about entrepreneurship is the amount of discussion there is around failure.

We all know the old stats remain true that about 9 out of 10 businesses fail within the first five years and now there’s a whole industry built around the business failure.

Books and Motivational speakers will tell you that failure is your right of passage to success, they tell you that you need…


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Ensure POPI compliance by protecting data in motion

The advent of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) means companies need to pay special attention to how they protect data during transmission, according to Craig Freer of Vox Telecom.


“There has been a lot of attention focussed on what we call data at rest – information that is stored on servers or in databases,” says Freer. “Most companies of any size now understand that they need to have clear and well-enforced policies…


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Job losses reached a 3 year high in February…here’s what you should do if yours was one of them

Last month, South Africa shed close to 120 000 jobs, marking the biggest monthly loss in almost three years, according to the latest Adcorp Employment Index. All occupations were affected. But what should you do if you were one of the statistics in February?

“Retrenchment can be devastating, but it’s important to stay proactive and positive,” says Angelique Robbertse, Marketing and Product Manager for Job Mail. “It…


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Are physical and digital album sales losing out to music streaming and internet radio?

If you were like me, pre-teen, you sat patiently by your portable radio, finger poised above the Record and Play buttons (because you know, you have to press them simultaneously) waiting for the DJ to play your favourite song so that you can immortalise it on your mixtape. All this so that you didn't have to spend your monthly allowance on a NOW compilation at CD Select. Because let's face it, everybody loves free stuff, but when it really comes down to it, we'll happily pay…


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Happy International Women's Day


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Join this Workshop . . .What an Idea?!

Some are brilliant, a few are scary and the rest should rather remain in the thought bubble hovering above your head. Managing your Ideas is not always an easy task, but with proper guidance one of your ideas could become greater than the Great Wall of China.



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Venture Capital/Social Impact aspects of technology commercialisation

I've previously surveyed SA VC and angel investors on behalf of SAVCA, to determine the extent of VC and early-stage investment activity in South Africa. One key finding is the difference between the SA start-up scene and that reported internationally (especially Silicon Valley type myths and legends), based on how we have to adapt commercialisation strategies to account for social impact. It…

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PHP Session - Cape Town 12th April 2014 - Only 15 tickets remaining

Tickets for this event limited unfortunately:

We will be hosting a PHP Advanced Developers Track in Cape Town for One Day Only. We will be playing host to some of the best Developers in the World to share knowledge and connect with our local developers. 


Few Speakers attending:

Rasmus Lerdorf is one of the most influential developers…


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Silicon Cape Startup Profile: Developer Factory

Once a week Silicon Cape will be featuring a member from the community. If you would like your company profiled please fill out the form below. For more information please contact

Company Name

Developer Factory

Website Name …


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Peer-to-peer lending enters the South African mainstream as Barclays Africa invests in RainFin

Cape Town, 5th March 2014 – RainFin, South Africa’s leading peer-to-peer marketplace, announces that Barclays Africa Group Limited (Barclays Africa) has acquired a 49% stake in its business. This investment is set to give a major boost to the emerging sector of lending exchanges and social lending in South Africa.

“We’re excited to have finalised this transaction with Barclays Africa after a long and thorough due…


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Women's Innovative Trade Fair 2014 - Igniting Economic Possibilities for Women

The Women's Innovative Trade Fair(WITF) is a platform enabling women to have greater economic impact in society. It provides a vibrant platform for exceptional companies and women in trade, from every level, to showcase their products, roles and contributions to the economy and society. 



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Global Tech Discovery Platform launches in South Africa

Entrepreneur Country (EC) is a global online discovery platform that enables Digital “Davids” to profile themselves and connect with Corporate “Goliaths” to unlock value and opportunities through their respective strengths. This symbiotic relationship, defined by…


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Global Investment Advisory firm U-Start launches hunt for Africa’s top 3 early-stage innovative ventures, ripe for investment

U-Start, the international investment advisory firm, fortifies its presence in Africa with an international conference for early stage ventures featuring business pitches from top African enterprises, discussions with national and international investors, elite speakers and panelists. One of the leading events of its kind in South Africa, the U-Start Conference will select and partner a selection of the regions’ most prominent ventures with a body of active global investors. With Platinum…


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Technovation Challenge: Creating our first Kitty App!

Two weeks ago, we reached out to the community to help us find girls between the ages of 10-23 to take part in the Technovation Challenge. If you missed it you can view the blogpost …


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Antifragile Software Ecosystems

Antifragile, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I recently finished reading the book Antifragile, by Nassim N. Taleb, in which he discusses the idea of "antifragility", the property that allows something to ultimately improve and grow stronger when subjected to volatility and stressors.

I highly recommend Taleb's books, they have a tendency to throw conventional wisdom on its head and make…


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Trashing the way we think [video]

Could this be a South African hero? 

Douglas Hoernle, founder of Rethink Education, has found a way to use his entrepreneurial insights to change lives. At 16 he built a homeless woman a house. Now, at 23, he has made great education available to the whole of South Africa.…


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Living Rent-Free in Cape Town: Airbnb from an SA Perspective

Thought I would share my experience of hosting on Airbnb with the community. It is a great way to meet new people and save on rent so you can spend more time working on the next big idea.

This blog post was originally published at

What is Airbnb?…


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Silicon Cape Startup Profile: Allabout City Guides

Silicon Cape Startup Profile: Allabout City Guides

Once a week Silicon Cape will be featuring a member from the community. If you would like your company profiled please fill out the form below. For more information please contact

Company Name

Allabout City Guides

Website Name …


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