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Siyavula, the edtech startup enabling learners through feature phones [updated]

Update: Facts and quotes have been amended. Our apologies to Mark Horner and Siyavula for the errors.

Education has been preached about as the way to a better life, “get good grades, go to a good school, then off to a better university where you’ll get a degree and make…


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Here are 7 things that SA government can do to help startups

new report by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) has outlined a number of ways that the South African government can help small and medium …


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Businesses, entrepreneurs are making money from Pokemon Go

You might think of Pokemon Go as a fun way to get outdoors, but did you know it’s making money in a ton of unexpected ways?

The most obvious way Pokemon Go is making money is in the in-app purchases department, allowing people to buy virtual items for real money.…


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Radio 702, Cape Talk, Sage One 2016 Small Business Awards nominations now open

Nominations are now open for the 2016 Small Business Awards, held by Radio 702Cape Talk, andSage One.

According to a press release sent to Ventureburn, the prize pot, sponsored by Sage One and worth…


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Brazilian incubators pile on jobs, despite crisis

There may be slightly fewer business incubators in Brazil than five years ago, but those businesses assisted by incubators are now on average hiring more employees than before - despite the country being in the middle of its biggest economic crisis in decades.…


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Importance of Hiring Recruitment Agencies

Employees are the backbone of any organisation. Therefore, hiring the right employee is a vital process for the company. It is not easy task to hire the right person for the right position, not to forget the fact that it is a time consuming matter. This problem can be solved by hiring a recruitment agency. There are many recruitment agencies in South Africa that will help you to find the suitable employee for your company. This…


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Final Report Edtech 2016: Global Perspectives

Dear South Africa Edtech community,

We are very pleased to announce the release of our final report Edtech 2016: Global Perspectives, Local Insights today!

The report is in open-access on our website, so feel free to have look, download and share it! For each country, we chose to…


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Digicape Acquires and Rebrands Stellenbosch-based Buro Stores

Digicape has announced the acquisition of Buro Stores, the Stellenbosch Independent Authorised Apple Reseller. The deal, effective 01 August 2016, will see the retail store rebranded to Digicape Stellenbosch and Digicape take over the operational running of the company.

Speaking on the acquisition, Digicape CEO, Robin Olivier says, “We have been looking to expand into new territories for a while now and Stellenbosch has always been a region that we were interested in. We have great…


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Achieving full visibility in a cloudy hybrid environment

As the digital transformation wave sweeps through enterprises, users now expect 24/7 access to applications on whatever device they want to use. As a result, a growing number of organisations are migrating applications and information stores to public and private cloud solutions, so that hybrid IT architectures—where information is stored in the cloud as well as on local systems – have become the norm.


These complex networks have made monitoring the performance of all the…


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OLX inspires South Africans to #MoveUp

Ntsikakazi Mxenge graduated with a B.Com in Economics from the University of Pretoria in 2007. After a short spell in banking, she moved into retail financial services, but it wasn’t until she joined OLX in 2013 as online marketing manager that she discovered her passion for brand-building and brand…


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Silicon Cape Startup Profile - Postbox Courier

Once a week Silicon Cape will be featuring a member from the community. If you would like your company profiled please fill out THIS FORM. For more information please contact…


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M-Net’s startup pitching show gets prominent ‘shark’

Upcoming pitching TV show Shark Tank South Africa, has named Co-CEO and co-founder of The Creative Council Gil Oved as one of it’s ‘Sharks’.

The show will feature …


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The leap into entrepreneurship: how and when women should make it

I recently attended a Geek Girl Dinner, which raised, again, the extraordinary challenges of talking about women and entrepreneurship without getting sucked into a black and white discussion about how…


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Here are the pros and cons to starting your own startup

Movies depict a grand view of an entrepreneur, a view of a life that’s filled with bright ideas and enthusiastic men and women. The dedication to their dream unrelenting and somewhat childlike in a sense that they show the world anything is possible. The true grit and sacrifice of an…


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Teaching tech to navigate

One of the best ways to demonstrate how we’ve progressed in terms of technology is navigation. The ability to figure out our location, destination and path has changed how many of us live our lives. This matters on a number of levels. Importantly, we should begin seeing the necessity of prioritising navigation in all manner of technology moving forward.

Why navigation matters

One of the key areas of app development…


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For those people out there who have been focused on Brexit (Britain leaving the EU) and or the start of The Tour de France, we have important news that you might have missed…….The 2016 Tax Season has started without you.

The 2016 Tax Filing season started on 1 July 2016 and will close on 25 November 2016 (for e-filing clients) and while you might think November 25th is a long way off, experience has…


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Types of Packaging Used in Companies

All businesses, whether big or small, are in need of packing and shipping services from time to time. And there is no end to the types and kinds of industrial packaging that various companies might require based on their field of operation. Thus although packaging styles and materials are hugely specific to particular industry types, there are some basic features which every sort of industrial packaging requires. Goods, which are delicate and fragile, need multiple layers of bubble wraps,…


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Fives alive! ZADotCities achieving key registration numbers

South Africa's ZAdotCities domains of .capetown ('dotCapeTown'), .joburg ('dotJoburg') and .durban ('dotDurban') have notched up impressive totals of over 4 500, 3 500 and 2 500 domain name registrations, respectively. This is as of today and according to the ZA Central Registry (ZACR), which first made these geographic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) available for public registration in July 2014.

"The Internet presence of our three leading cities is rapidly becoming a South African… Continue

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Seven Tips to Choose the Perfect Hotel for Your Trip

Normally, most of us would research a place inside out if we were to go on a trip somewhere. One does everything within their means to find out as much about a place as they can—be it the internet, travel magazines or the TLC. Everything about a certain place—its architectural marvels, its museums, its art, parks, shopping malls and everything else that is there. Some people also care to get…


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Gamification in Education: How Gamifying Improves Learner Outcomes

Learning environments that are fun and engaging rather than dry give learners stronger motivation to persist and take charge of their own educational outcomes. Because positive attitudes to learning foster positive teaching and learning environments, gamification in education has become an important concept and has seen educators find innovative ways to introduce elements of game design to the classroom.…


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