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EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Programme

“To accelerate Africa’s growth, we need to harness the potential of women entrepreneurs. Our program empowers women entrepreneurs to think bigger, gain access to capital, learn from their peers and find seasoned advisors. These connections help their companies scale, increasing employment and prosperity.”
- Azim Omar, EY Africa Strategic Growth Markets Leader

With the…


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Visual IVR — Creating a more engaging customer service environment

Anybody who has ever had to phone a call centre knows the frustration of listening to numerous menu options before eventually being able to speak to an agent. But thanks to the emergence of visual interactive response technology, this no longer needs to be the case, says Bruce Von Maltitz, co-founder…


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IMB - Entrepreneurship and Community Upliftment in South Africa

The Financial Services Industry is getting a much-needed shake up


If you drive through the centre of Kraaifontein and head into the township, it's hard to miss Isaia Mpeoa. Isaia is a friendly face in the neighbourhood and well-liked by all. A pastor at the nearby church, he's a man of God - but also a businessman. "I'm not just a pastor. Words are not enough on their own. I'm a pastor that does business too." 

Isaia recently opened his own IMB…


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The Wi-Fi Forum of South Africa (WFFSA) has successfully completed its first year and elected a new management committee to take it into a second year of lobbying for Wi-Fi as a viable and affordable access medium for the majority of the country's population.

Management committee members elected at the WFFSA's second Annual General Meeting (AGM) held recently in Johannesburg included Andile Ngcaba, Bruce Pitso, Gareth Mortimer, Kervin Pillay, Mpho Mokete, Raj Wanniappa and Zanele… Continue

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Launching Freelway Go, the Uber of Deliveries

A mobile application can turn life’s essential tasks into convenient undertakings, and right across the world, they’re becoming all the more popular every day. By making life that little bit simpler, applications like Uber and Wumdrop help to improve our daily doings and move forward with purpose.

Image: Freelway Go Mobile Application, designed and developed by 4i Mobile

Image: Freelway Go Mobile Application, designed and developed by 4i Mobile

4i Mobile was recently…


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Tech to manage your life in 2016

Technology, at its core, is about making our lives easier. All tech achieves goals we find important. Technological progress is about achieving those goals in more efficient ways. For example, we need phones to be able to communicate and phones have gone from giant, room-dominating tools to pocket-sized computers.

To that end, we should consider just what tech can be used to make our lives better.

Smartphones and…


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7 seriously innovative ways brands are using VR

Aside from games and movies, what else is possible with virtual reality? Well, there are actually quite a few innovative and mind-blowing ways we’re seeing VR being used.

Between vehicle test drives and public speaking sims, these are some of the more notable applications of the technology by brands.

Buying tickets? Check the view first!

The USA’s StubHub came up with a …


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Google derps, thinks own domain is dodgy

Here’s a strange story.

Google has a little tool for internet users to check the good standing of websites across the web. Its known as the Safe Browsing Site Checker, and aims to keep netizens out of trouble.

But while you can definitely use it to check if is a place you just shouldn’t visit, some …


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YouTube now supports 360 live video. Is this VR’s killer app?

Between the Gear VR and PC-based headsets, virtual reality is slowly gaining steam. But the technology needs all the content it can get to have staying power.

So we’re glad to see YouTube step up its VR offering, announcing support for live 360 video streams this week.

“We first launched support for 360-degree videos back in March 2015. From musicians to athletes to brands, creators…


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10 great pieces of business intelligence software

Business intelligence is based on understanding, visualizing and acting based on the data that you already have in your possession. So a good BI software should be able to provide you with the most relevant insights in the simplest and quickest way possible.

The most relevant factor in choosing the right BI tool is your organization. You need to take into consideration your company, the number of employees, departments and teams. The best way to determine the quality of the BI…


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10 great merchant account providers (that aren’t PayPal and Google Wallet)

When your ecommerce dreams are new and you aren’t yet sure how to run an online store, it makes sense that you would use the most popular online payment services providers on the web. Indeed, Paypal and Google Wallet offer some interesting and exciting merchant services when you have no clue what you need or how you want your shop to function.

However, after a few months, most people in the ecommerce industry become frustrated with the titans of the internet: Paypal is outrageously…


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4 WordPress theme design tips for improved conversion rates

Let’s make something clear. We’ll not be talking about trending themes and fads. I won’t tell you whether you should use this color or that. And we sure as anything won’t be talking about how to optimise pictures (progressive rendering, by the way). Sorry to disappoint you by not giving you information which you should know already.

This article is for web designers. And we’ll talk theory. You can put the ideas and principles to practice on your own.

1. Focusing and…


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South Africa's Wireless Application Service Providers' Association (WASPA) has been looking out for the interests of the country's mobile consumers since its inception in 2004.

An important milestone that has boosted consumer confidence in the local mobile content and applications industry is the alignment of the WASPA Code of Conduct with national legislation such as the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECTA), the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and the Protection of… Continue

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These are the 3 winners of SA’s Total Startupper Challenge

In 2015, petro-chemical giant Total AMO jumped on the entrepreneurial bandwagon with its “STARTUPER OF THE YEAR BY TOTAL” campaign. Running in countries across countries in the Africa and Middle East region, the competition sought to help young entrepreneurs get their ventures off the ground, with a R1.2-million prize pool on offer in South Africa. Three companies emerged out of the 10 finalists to this competition. They are:

Nkazimulo Applied Sciences, Kwa-Zulu…


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5 tips to keep your employees from burning out

If there are people who work extremely hard it has to be entrepreneurs. These people can put in serious hours of work time and not feel like they have done enough. There are those people who just want to show up at the office at nine in the morning and leave before five. The moment you own your business and you want to achieve something from it, you will work yourself like a donkey. The reason for working hard could be a motivation to attain success or simply to avoid failure. The most…


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Payments testing and validation startup set to launch in SA

South African startup Tesseract is gearing up for a launch in the third quarter of the year, dedicated to bringing affordable payments testing and validation solutions to both local and international markets.

The Tesseract solution will be a cloud platform with two flavours: a public cloud-hosted solution and an onsite white labelled version for larger, more demanding organisations.

It is aimed at…


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Internet Solutions launches startup package

Pan African telecoms service provider Internet Solutions recently announced the launch of IGNITE, a suite of technology solutions specifically aimed at startups.

According to a press release sent to Ventureburn, the IGNITE package allows smaller, up-and-coming companies access to ICT infrastructure which rivals that afforded by big business. This infrastructure, it says, includes fast, easy, and affordable access to internet, billing, employee management and communications…


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These 15 startups are vying for victory at African Utility Week

From 17 to 19 May, leading players in the African water, energy, and electricity spaces will converge on the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) for African Utility Week. Joining them will be 15 startups — ranging from an Aquaponic farming outfit and a geyser switch company to makers of data gathering software — for the conference’s Innovation Hub.

The finalists will each receive a free exhibition stand…


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5 business hiccoughs tech startups need to be prepared for

Just like all great things take time to materialize, so does the success of a tech startup. Of course, it will also require tremendous effort and the hope that, at the end of the day, things will pan out the way you desired.

The first step to a successful and sustainable startup is starting it right. This comes with its fair share of trials and tribulations. There will be several factors to consider such as acquiring capital,…


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Did SME sector really sink by six percentage points?

Has the contribution of South Africa's small, medium and micro sector really contracted by six percentage points within a year, or is it down to errors by statisticians and researchers?…


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