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The Silicon Cape Initiative steering committee community voting process begins - Please VOTE!

As the interim steering committee and founders of the Silicon Cape Initiative, it has always been our intention to hand this initiative over to the community which makes it up. Without the community, there is nothing, and it is impossible to act and engage on a community's behalf without a firm mandate.

Thus, we are pleased to announce the commencement of the community voting process for the new official steering committee, whose mandate will be to carry the vision and work of the… Continue

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Debt counsellors approach banks for more help for consumers

The Debt Counsellors Association of SA (DCASA) has approached banks to get more help for embattled consumers, it said on Friday.

There were still instances of some creditors ignoring the provisions of the National Credit Act and harassing consumers paying off debt, including breaking down doors or seizing cars and homes, president of the DCASA Tony Richards said in a statement.

“We need to reach common understanding and work in ways that encourage people to pay off their… Continue

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Bath vs Shower

You Use Less Water When Taking a Shower Than a Bath.

This is sometimes a myth, but it is true. Depending on your shower head and whether it has a flow restrictor or how long you shower of course.

If your home was built before 1992, chances are your showerheads put out about 18.9L of water per minute. Multiply this by the number of minutes you’re in the shower, and the water adds up fast!

An average bath requires 113 – 189 litre of water. The average shower of… Continue

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The Job Description of a Knowledge Worker

We recently decided to go back to the drawing board to fill a position within our company. We followed our Recruitment and Selection process, and reviewed the Job Description for the new candidate. We summarised the job, listing essential duties and responsibilities, job requirements, key performance areas, and personal attributes. My colleague and I critically brainstormed about the position and the role that the new candidate would have to fulfil. The discussion we had sparked my interest, as… Continue

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Cape Silicon :) 1st network event ???? How many new contacts did you make challenge?

Firstly I would like to say thank you guys for organizing the event I had lots of fun.....

Just a fun project I would like to start, we all have been to network functions and I am personally shocked to see how people just stay in groups and chat with people they already know.I being guilty of it.

I will tell you that I am not shy to chat up someone iI dont know but, I have found that when i try to join a group I always get the greasy look that says something like this,"… Continue

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First Silicon Cape networking event - successful with a tinge of fun ...

The first official Silicon Cape networking event held last night at the Biscuit Mill not only drew a substantial crowd, but was successful from a speaker and entertainment point of view. Okay, so we started slightly late, this did not seem to bother the attendees and in fact added to the networking before the official start of the event.

MC - Kevin Derman ran the evening quite smoothly and speaker Mark Levitt wowed us with his Chess knowledge, tips and lessons learned along the way.… Continue

Added by Shana Kay on November 25, 2009 at 8:50 — 4 Comments

An idea for the format of a future Silicone Cape event..

Nice work with the event last night: how about taking the notion further? Let those who are interested setup stalls within the market venue selling/proposing/informing others of what they either bring to the table, or want to bring to the table.

The Old Biscuit Mill already has the Neighbourgoods market, the DesignGoods market, even the KinderGoods market (and of course night markets and Christmas markets). How about a SiliconGoods/DigitalGoods market?

It might be a nice… Continue

Added by alan alston on November 25, 2009 at 8:43 — 4 Comments

Find me tonight

Find me in the crowd tonight, get my card and gain access to a free Feasibility Assessment to measure your next business venture. This simple yet effective assessment measures the business's ability to access the market in its current form. The ROI is the highlighting of areas that may still require attention before going to market. It has been proved to save much moola for entrepreneurs. Catch me if you can...

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Five reasons people seek debt help

People seek debt help for reasons as varied as the people themselves. Whether it’s an unexpected turn of events or a gradual build up of problems, facing debt problems is always a worrying time, but thankfully there are a number of debt counselling services available. The top five causes of debt range from the unexpected to a ‘dripping tap’ effect.

Credit card debt

One of the primary causes of the economic recession was the ease with which ordinary people could run up… Continue

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Do You Know Google is Hiring in Africa ?

send CVs to:

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Get closer

So, the first networking event is closing in, just a few days away, and we're all looking forward to it.

But as we know the networking doesn't begin at the event. It's important for us to get closer, make it easier for people to see us and what we're about. It's also vital to be able to make closer connections with people that share attributes with you. Groups that we've seen so far such as venture capital, angels, journalists are good examples, but they aren't sufficient, and I have… Continue

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Debt Settlement – Know Your Rights Before Getting a Debt Settlement

Due to the current recession, unemployment, salary cuts and lay offs are rampant. Due to this many debtors are unable to repay their loans. Many customers are forced to file for bankruptcy, but some are in a relatively better financial situation and can opt for debt settlement instead. But before enrolling for a debt settlement program offered by the creditors, it is important to know the rights of a debtor.

First and foremost the creditor should inform the debtors of the payment due date.… Continue

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Exciting opportunity for a Project Manager in the Northern Suburbs

* Minimum five(5) years related experience within a project environment is preferred

* Experience within a business analyst environment will be advantageous

* Experience within the Financial Services Industry

* Extensive knowledge and experience in MS-Project and MS-Access is important


* Grade 12.

* A related project management qualification will be… Continue

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Web Developer

Hi All

We are currently expanding our team at our Cape town offices and are looking for a local web developer to come on board full time.


Location based social networking company requires the services of a web developer to work alongside our HOD and assist with further development on an ongoing basis.

Check out our website:…


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Additional Vacancies - 17/11/2009

DataBase Developer
• SQL server

.Net Developer
• C#
• Unix

Linux Technical Consultant
• Experience with DEL Hardware

Please email your application to

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Freelance c++ Developer

Calling all freelance developers!

Currently seeking freelance C++ Developers to work on international project on a full time or part time basis - work from home.

Please email your application to including a brief CV

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Strategy is simple - just think

Why does everything in business these days have to have some ridiculous military term associated with it.

If we used the word 'thinking', instead of 'strategy', it would be clear that this is a simple exercise that most people are equipped to handle. The word strategy implies some special, difficult activity undertaken only by boffins. Highly paid consultants sell strategy like it is some product they laid their hands on while doing an MBA. Consultants who sell you strategy are like… Continue

Added by Dele Sikuade on November 16, 2009 at 11:30 — 3 Comments

Raising Venture Capital For The Serious Entrepreneur..

I have been reading the book Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur – written by Dermot Berkery, it is a really good read and describes the fundraising process and general description of early-stage businesses a lot differently to other books that I’ve read, and in my opinion, the book does so better than the others.

*This book was mentioned here on SiliconCape, thats how I heard of it..

On my… Continue

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Netcampus: Collaborative Learning


Netcampus is an international online campus, with its head office based in beautiful, vibrant Cape Town (Somerset West), South Africa.

Netcampus is a leading Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Learning Solutions (CPLS), a Certified Business Professional Authorised Training Partner (CBP ATP) and a CompTIA Gold Education Partner.

Established in 1997, Netcampus has been empowering students to enter the IT industry with world-class… Continue

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