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Press Release: New startup "Hiring Bounty" pays you a bounty for finding successful candidates

Hiring Bounty, a new local tech startup, aims to solve the companies recruitment challenge, by harnessing the power of the crowd. By leveraging trusted networks between people, Hiring Bounty is able to identified skilled candidates and place them in better suited jobs, faster and at a lower cost, when compared to recruitment agents.



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Umonya and Python Training to High School Students

Umonya is an amazing initiative that will be providing Python training during Software Week in October. It was started as an initiative by students from University of Cape Town and has been held at Stellenbosch University and now at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. 

Umonya is an initiative that primarily aims to expand the availability and accessibility of computer science in South Africa. Allowing children who would usually not have the opportunity,…


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The International Guest Speakers at Software Week

Our international guest speakers at the Software Week Conference will provide local software professionals with an amazing opportunity to gain insight directly from those who have had a significant impact and contribution to software and software engineering as we know it today. 

Ed Yourdon was inducted into the Computer Hall of Fame for his contribution to software engineering. He was a leading developer of structured methodology in the 70s and…


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Tech Start-up Lesson 2 – Nice to haves & Must Haves

I can still remember as a child when Duke Nukem 3D came out. It was two years after South Africa did away with apartheid and had become a democracy. The international barriers had come down and the censorship of the old days was no longer there to prevent violent games such as Duke Nukem from reaching our shores. Duke Nukem was the first multiplayer networked game to make it big in South Africa, or at least that was my experience of the whole thing. Every kid that was fortunate enough…


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Tech Start-up Lesson 1 - Choose your team wisely

When you are single and actively putting yourself out in the dating wilderness, a small part of you is always subjectively biased to the potential partners that you meet along the way.  Most of us who put up emotional walls in a vain attempt of protecting our fragile egos would say that this is not true. But you can’t deny the fact that when we are desperately single and we meet someone nice, part of us hopes that the person standing in front of us will tick all of the boxes we are…


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When you are stuck locating a WiFi Hotspot that won't charge you

As a result of the dedicated, joint efforts of our committee member Lianne DuToit and www.brokenkeyboards.com, The Silicon Cape Initiative is now able to offer a free service for locating points of free WiFi access on a map of your area via this resource.

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Apache Web Configuration expert

We looking for an Apache web configuration expert for consultation and advice. Contact on email info@e-magination.co.za

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Now receive your Gmails in SMS format on your Mobile

Google launches Gmail SMS service in three African countries

While much of the developed world has grown used to high-speed internet access, the majority of the African continent remains without reliable and affordable internet, placing modern communication staples like email firmly out of reach to most. However, Google has recently announced Gmail SMS, a new…


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Over One Third World's Mobile Ad Spend is from Asia-Pacific



The global mobile advertising market was valued at over $5.3 billion for 2011. The IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB Europe, and HIS Screen Digest came together to size the mobile advertising market at a global and regional level.

The data shows the Asia-Pacific…

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Committee Election - Know The Roles (Part 1)

With our committee election coming up in November we'd like to encourage you to think about who you would nominate to take up a specific portfolio seat on the committee. Take a minute to read a brief description of the first four committee portfolios, and we'll tell you more about the other four next month.

Any member of the committee should ideally have a strong ambition for…


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Are You Ready to Set a World Record at Software Week in the SiliconCape?

During the Software Week from the 13th to the 19th of October 2012, we will be attempting to set a World Record for the number of people trained, mentored and certified in a software skill in one week. 

We have 100 FREE Seats to Software Week for SiliconCape Participants 


We are offering 100 free seats to the 3 Day Software Week conference from the 15th to the 17th October at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) to SiliconCape…


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MEDIA RELEASE: New experiential school for entrepreneurs launched in Cape Town

 A new Cape Town-based school for entrepreneurs is set to open its doors in September 2012.



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International Interns for your company

Have you heard of AIESEC? The world's largest youth-run organisation has 60,000 members in 110 countries. For over 60 years AIESEC has been sending young people on international internships around the world.

AIESEC UCT is growing rapidly. Being the first AIESEC committee in Africa, founded in 1958, we are busy going through a rapid growth phase and looking for partners for our internship programs.

We have a massive database full of talent in all fields ranging…


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Africa’s first startup accelerator program to invest min. $200,000 by September 2012

By Tefo Mohapi

Today, Kenyan seed investment fund 88mph launched its accelerator program in Africa, aiming to invest in another 8-15 startups that target the African mobile/web market.

88mph has invested in 7 Kenyan technology startups since August 2011.

For the upcoming program, tech startups…


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Types of Keyloggers

There are mainly 2 kinds of keyloggers which are generally encountered by the particular computer users. Included in this are software keyloggers in addition to hardware keyloggers. The essential way of application of hardware keyloggers is via the actual bios of the personal computer or alternatively, it may also be launched by simply placing a unit in between the computer keyboard and the personal computer.

Like the title…


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How social networks can get you hired!

Many have referred mockingly to social networking as social “notworking” but there are great employment benefits to be gained from looking online. Firstly the word networking explains it all – you can connect with likeminded people from all over the world and forge relationships that may advance your career once they are realised offline. There are many other reasons why the web can simplify your job search.…


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Mobiflock parental control service available for operators

*** Mobile operators, handset manufacturers and other service providers can integrate the Mobiflock parental control service to offer to their customers

*** Service providers are increasingly under pressure to enable parents to protect children online

*** Mobiflock provides a flexible,…


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Prezi Wonderland

This is a presentation we did that showcases many of the cool things you can do with Prezi all the while following the story of "Alice in Wonderland". Enjoy!

Check out the original Prezi here -> https://prezi.com/xwja941po289/wonderland/ We're featured on the front…


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Freelance Wordpress developer

Do you have some free time to take on a wordpress project as a freelancer. Send me an email for more info.

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