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Legal Update on Transfering IP Offshore

Unfortunately the President has published an amendment to the Exchange Control Regulations this month to provide for an expansive new definition of "capital" to include all forms of intellectual property.  This means that Reserve Bank approval is again required before you can sell IP ownership to a foreign person or corporation.

However, for those interested in democracy and law, there is a question mark over the validity of the amendment to the regulation...

In terms of…


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Interview with Johan Nel - Umuntu revolutionising content gathering and publishing across Africa

Umuntu revolutionising content gathering and publishing across Africa…


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Google Drive

What is it?

Google drive acts like an external drive where folders of all documents and media can be kept on the web and on your computer or any mobile device. You can access Google Drive and edit presentations, documents, set up events and share this information and have others comment on it while you’re busy. You can include media such as videos, photos,…


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Call To Action

By creating effective call-to-action in your internet marketing you can drive your business to get every potential client clicking on your page! Telling people what to do seems easy enough. If someone is sick tell them “Go to Doctor Swindon”! If someone’s hungry you tell them “Go eat a burger!” This becomes…


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Being A SA Tech Entrepreneur

I had a chat to Jess Green about being a tech entrepreneur in SA, whoc certainly has the pedigree after starting and selling off http://www.ubuntudeal.co.za/. Jess shared some great insights. 



See other interviews on No Picket Fence…


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Interview will Brett Commaille

Money. It’s what all Entrepreneurs (like those that join No Picket Fence) need to get their businesses off the ground, and to keep the lights on. How do you get it?

That’s what we spoke to Brett Commaille, CEO of AngleHub about. We explored the world of Angel…


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Follow up NHI

Read this article : http://www.fanews.co.za/article.asp?Healthcare~6

Its seems that the planning is going ahead strong. Note the quote "A future healthcare environment could therefore exist with medical schemes as “top up” for services not readily available on NHI."


The question is WHAT will be available in the NHI and what not. 

Biologics ? Nope…


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Silicon Cape continues to nest supportive ecosystem for startups in South Africa

Launched on October 8, 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa, by two South African tech entrepreneurs, Justin Stanford and Vinny Lingham, Founder and CEO of Yola, the Silicon Cape Initiative (Silicon Cape) has grown to become a champion for technology startups not only in the Western Cape but also in the whole of South Africa.


Representatives from educational institutions, technology start-ups, established businesses, local and national government, Non Profit…


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How do you raise funds for your project

You have a great idea, all your friends and family say you're brilliant. You take the decision that you're going to go for it. Now comes the hard part. You have no funds and you don't know how access funds. This is the greatest challenge facing entrepeneurs.

Go to facebook page at tblcapital or website at www.tblcapital.co.za

For some free advice, contact me at dave@tblcapital.co.za

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Struto Brings Inbound Marketing and HubSpot to South Africa

Struto is proud to announce that we are entering the South African market. We have identified that Inbound Marketing opportunities for South African businesses is somewhat limited and as such we feel that in these tough economic times, businesses need all the help they can get.

As HubSpot Certified…


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A list of providers of web hosting services in South Africa

We often get asked by some about who could provide them web hosting services.

In response to those inquiries, I have compiled a table of South African web hosts.

This list includes suppliers who are able to accommodate needs for web hosting, which range from those of the small home-based users to those of the big corporations.

Our community will be able to refer back in future to…


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The 5 biggest mistakes users make in Amazon’s cloud

A report which just came from "Newvem" claims that an alarmingly high number of Amazon's Cloud users follow shocking implementation practices.
The mistakes which are mostly caused by confusion when making changes and scaling up AWS, leaves those users' data and systems highly vulnerable to compromise.
For more details of  their 5 biggest mistakes, read this report.

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Hate Programming? Hate Coffee? Hate Microsoft? Hate Startup's? Hate Social Media? Look away quickly...

evly's looking for a couple people to join our Cape Town team.

* Junior / Mid level .net developer (apply on our linkedin posting, or email eric - details below)

* design / css intern (for details of the intern position, email eric AT evly DOT com)

here's a few details of the dev position - http://lnkd.in/_yMsKf

We're a Cape Town based internet startup looking to expand our team with a competent…


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Silicon Cape Academy: 7th June 2012

On the 7th June 2012 The Silicon Cape Academy hosted "Redefining E-commerce Footfall and Checkout" with Andre De Wet of PriceCheck at the Alba Lounge. 

For those who were not able to attend please find the slide show that was presented. 


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A Great Sign for Global Location

Sorry about the signage pun ......... 





We are happy to see our signage going up on the wall of our new offices at  !WaytagHQ  (our…


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Startup profile: TaxTim – an interview with founders Evan and Marc

TaxTim is a web based digital tax assistant who asks you simple…


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Mobiflock launches commercial parental control for smartphone service

Mobiflock, the mobile safety and security company, announced the commercial launch of its parental control service for smartphonesand tablets. In addition, Mobiflock released a raft of new features and services for its customers:

  • web…

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In an effort to boost the level of entrepreneurship in South Africa, Sanlam and Business Partners have announced the launch of the 2012 Sanlam / Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year® competition.

This initiative, widely considered to be the pre-eminent competition of its kind in South Africa, has served as a springboard for past finalists and winners. “Besides the chance to win prizes worth a total value of R1 345 000, which includes…


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Internet: The Quiet Engine Driving the South African Economy

Those of you who do not subscribe to the Google Africa Blog may have missed a post in it which reports on the results of a study, that shows among other conclusions that the Internet sector contributes up to 2% (or $7.1 billion/R59-billion) of the South Afica’s GDP and is predicted to grow dramatically.

Because of that article's pertinence and likely interest to our community, I reproduce it below here in full with thankful acknowledgement to Google Africa…


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Your pictures speak a thousand words

No Picket Fence - www.nopicketfence.co.za is an information network for entrepreneurs in South Africa to Ask, Share & Connect. 

Just added - Story Boards

I'm sure this will be of interest to you:…


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