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All you need to Know about Mortgages

If you are part of the lucky few or you belong to the one percent of world millionaires, you can afford to pay cash upfront for the full price of a property or home. However, in order for most people to own a home or property nowadays, they will most likely need to take out a mortgage. Mortgages are a lifelong commitment, much like making a career choice or getting married. It is very important to get informed about what your options are.

Below are the different types of mortgages…


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US Federal Prosecutor William Frentzen to speak at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Africa Conference 2016

William Frentzen, Federal Prosecutor with the US Attorney’s Office, will be lending his considerable weight to the next Blockchain & Bitcoin Africa Conference to be held on 3-4 March 2016 in Johannesburg.

Frentzen was an integral part of the prosecution team that put former Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges safely behind bars. Bridges was found guilty of money laundering and obstruction of justice. He stole thousands of bitcoins while investigating illegal drug and other…


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How to make your business a desirable place to work

Every business wants to find the best people: Being staffed by the best and brightest means the work will be of the highest quality. High quality work not only means clients stay with us, but we get more clients. This gives strength to our business and creates a cycle of success that every business craves. After all, it’s not massive profits business really are concerned with. It’s survival and continued existence.

It’s not enough for a business…


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Puzzling case of Malaysia's shrinking start-ups

While more Brazilians than ever are starting up new businesses and SA's start-up rate has increased, on the other side of the globe in Malaysia, the number of start-ups has hit rock bottom, shows the latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (Gem) survey.

The south-east Asian country's…


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Hackathon winner Unearthed

Unearthed hosted its first international Hackathon this past weekend in Cape Town where 100+ entrepreneurs and innovators came together to prototype solutions to industry challenges from De Beers and Anglo American. 17 teams were formed with each team spending over 54 hours attempting to solve one of five different challenges by developing an innovative solution.

Teams developed…


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Benefits of Commercial Installation of San Diego Solar

Since the 19th century when it was first discovered that the presence of sunlight can generate usable electric energy, solar systems have greatly improved in design and efficiency. Today, solar power systems are installed in various applications from residential solar power to large commercial solar powered systems.

One of the biggest concerns that comes with converting to solar power is the large initial investment necessary to set up the power saving systems. However, the…


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Using Blogger templates to build your startup website

There are several Content Management Systems (CMS) options to use for editing, modifying and publishing content on-line. Blogger by Google (aka Blogspot) is among the major choice for most bloggers, especially for starters. For those who do not know how to use and edit the codes, it can be challenging setting up your first blog. You can opt to use free or premium Blogger templates but when it comes to customization and setting up everything, there is no…


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What small businesses need to stay up to date

The world moves fast. Yet, small businesses still have to exist despite the sudden shifts in whatever climate they operate in. Unfortunately, considering the businesses’ size, there is often not a lot of resources to respond to sudden shifts in priorities. Business should start looking ahead and trying to line up past successes with future expectations.

One of the most important steps small businesses must take is improving their security. This…


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Massive boost for local tech economy as Cape Town selected to be sixth global French Tech Hub

It’s hard to show up at work in South Africa at the moment and avoid the dark cloud of doom and gloom that seems to have settled over our economy. But there are always rays of sunshine trying to peek through the clouds and our spirits were lifted to hear that Cape Town has been selected as the location of the new French Tech Hub.

Cape Town joins the cities of Moscow, New York, San Francisco, Tel-Aviv and Tokyo as cities handpicked to ‘foster the growth of start-up companies and to…


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What3Words revolutionising global addressing system

75% of the worlds population have poor or inconsistent address. What3words has built a uniform global location reference system that gives everyone,…


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High-impact investing portal Malaik calling for startup applications

Global portal for high-impact investing, Malaik, is calling for startup applications. The portal offers opportunities for global equity investment in African startups.

“Africa is brimming with entrepreneurs with growing high-impact businesses that could not only positively impact Africa, but the world,” says founder and CEO of Malaik, Neku Atawodi.

The programme is open to startups with high-impact, innovative, original, and diverse ideas…


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CITY OF CAPE TOWN, WESTERN CAPE - Entrepreneurship is a key driver of our economy and it is with this in mind that the City of Cape Town and Smart Procurement World are running the first annual Cape Town Smart Supplier Competition. Applications for 2016 are open and will close…


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Tuluntulu is making strides across Africa with innovative app

Netflix recent launch in Africa has ensured some mobile entertainment and video on demand services are on high alert, however Tuluntulu a mobile content platform is growing due to an attractive consumer proposition reports …


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Build your digital footprint with magnetic content

The digital world is evolving at the speed of light and it’s chaotic online. Most people and brands are just contributing to the noise with no strategy on building their digital footprint and to stand out from the growing online crowd.

There are many social media channels you can use to start building your digital footprint and some of the popular ones are LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and even your own blog.

Using social media to build your brand…


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How tech is changing the nature of time tracking

Time tracking has been a part of the daily work day for as long as most of us remember. From the early days of coal miner’s having their attendance checked off when they arrived at work for the day and again at night onto grabbing a time card and having it punched or stamped by a clock mechanism. Today, almost every business has some form of time tracking to help keep track of where their employees are and for how long.

Unfortunately some companies still rely on employees keeping…


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5 ways to make money for your startup

Even if you have invented a unique product or plan to provide a service nobody else has thought of, ideas alone aren’t enough to fund a startup. At the end of the day, you will still need some ready cash to develop a business plan, research the market, produce prototypes, and promote your creation to potential customers.

So, in order to get off the ground, the best plan of action is to explore some sure-fire ways of raising capital. With this in mind, here are five suggestions on how…


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SA coding incubator WeThinkCode gains sponsorship

South African tech incubator WeThinkCode, which trains young software engineers, has received sponsorship from pan-African network service provider Workonline Communications in the form of high speed internet access.

WeThinkCode is open to anyone between the ages of 17 and 35, and runs full-time, two-year coding courses sponsored by leading South African corporates. The incubator aims to  transform South Africa’s tech education…


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Sony running global fintech innovation challenge

Sony Corporation has partnered business matchmaking service Matchi to launch the Sony Fintech Innovation Challenge, offering startups the chance to win a proof of concept (PoC) project with the multinational conglomerate.

Applications for the challenge are open until February 17, with Sony calling for responses from the global fintech community in any of six categories.

These are Web Bank Interaction for…


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Gartner looking for African tech startups to showcase at expo

International research firm Gartner is looking for African tech startups to showcase through its Aspiring Innovators Programme at the annual Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Africa in Cape Town.

The event, which will take place on September 26-28, will highlight interesting African startup technology companies that have something unique to offer enterprise…


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6 things to do before selling your startup

Selling your business is a big step and one many business owners consider from time to time. Cashing in on the labours of your hard work and getting a cash pay-out can allow you to retire, start a new business or just to make money.

Understanding how best to go about the process is important and these tips should help:

1. Begin planning as soon as possible

You can never start the planning process for selling your business too early. Not only do you need to develop a…


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