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Introduction - Itec Cape Town

About Us

Our solutions streamline business processes, enhance productivity and drive innovation. Itec is a leading document management and printing, production printing, enterprise communications and financial solutions provider, importing and distributing industry leading and award-winning brands.

Itec incorporates industry-leading…


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#ThoughtLeadership: What you need to know about safeguarding your corporate SIM

First published via Memeburn

For companies who have come to rely on SIM cards for machine-to-machine communication and other enterprise-level solutions, fraud can be crippling. Fortunately, there are several preventative measures decision-makers can take to minimise the risk.…


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Rush wants to change the way South Africans move their stuff from A to B

Powered by WeChatRush is a new platform that’s looking to forever change the way South Africans move stuff their from A to B. Launching today, the Rush app lets you compare a number of couriers, their prices and service delivery, in real-time.

“A combination of an Uber and,” the startup’s CEO, Glenn Whittaker,…


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ALN member Elizabeth Gould's project Codex trains Africa's next generation of Tech Leaders

Coding is fast becoming the most important tool for empowering the next generation of African leaders. Code has become an equalizing global lingua franca, with the ability to make the best ideas a reality, irrespective of the age or location of the coder. In this light, …


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Fincheck - Financial Comparisons

Technology is fast changing the way people search and shop for goods and services. Fincheck, a new online platform,  looks to aid customers who wish to access the financial market. Fincheck is a South African developed online platform modelled on the successful tech start-up, a British price-comparison website. Fincheck specialises in financial services, comparing a range of products including loans, banking, credit cards and debt consolidation. Fincheck provides the…


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Technology streamlining the financial sector?

Underpinned by demographic and sociotechnical shifts, internet penetration amongst South African consumers has increased significantly in recent years and now there is an ever shifting propensity to interact online. These shifts are increasingly having an effect on the way people go about their everyday lives and a strategic imperative for financial services businesses to develop and adopt digital strategies as a part of their channel and service strategies exists.

Consumers want…


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Mobility for your industry

What does mobility mean at a time where everyone is connected? As always, technology usually moves faster than we can respond. But, running businesses, means we can’t afford to stay behind trends and, further, we should be predicting them - in every sector.

Take, for example, even industrial operations. Mobility has altered almost all business in how it operates: from how employees work, how time is managed and even how we communicate with…


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Tips for a Successful Business and Recognition Products

A successful business requires focus and hard work. When you put in enough effort and adopt the right attitude, owning a business can be a very fulfilling experience. Determine whether or not you have what it takes to start a business by evaluating your personality traits.

Self Assessment

Before you launch your company, find out whether you have the traits that are necessary for successful entrepreneurship. An honest self-assessment will allow you to know whether you…


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Cape Town aims to lead the way as first truly digital city in Africa

BROADBAND connectivity is fundamental to creating an enabling environment for economic growth, development and inclusion.

The City of Cape Town is committed to making our city a digitally inclusive one in the most sustainable way possible. This approach is rooted in our quest to lay the foundation for our residents to access opportunities that will enable them to thrive economically on a global scale.

Our approach to consolidating the City of Cape Town as a digital city focuses…


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A Legal Perspective on the Resolution of Shareholder Disputes


Whether you are a shareholder in a startup just earning its stripes, or an established business seeking scale, the reality of unique human beings operating from their respective frames of reference are bound to lead to a few minor skirmishes.

Whether it is about the direction the company should take, an acquisition to be made, or a contemplated sale of…


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Learn the Advantages of Appointing a Real Estate Agent

When you are buying a home, it is definitely a part of your long term planning. If you can spend an extra 3 percent to a real estate agent, you will definitely be securing your future in safe hands. According to the experts, the money which is spent on the real estate agents cannot be considered as a waste instead it can be beneficial in the long run. Now, let us go through some of the advantages of appointing a real estate agent for buying your dream home:

Expertise in…


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When A Startup Wins Gold in an Advertising Competition

The Assegai Awards, the direct marketing industry awards were hosted in Sandton on 12 November 2015 and the Explore sideways team had much to celebrate!

What started as an initiative put forth by WESGRO to increase tourism into the winelands became an iPhone app and then a full-fledged South African winelands tourism…


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Entries for next 500 Startups class open - Deadline 1 December

Entries for the next batch of 500 Startups is open for application. Local SweepSouth, the first South African company on the program participated recently and benefitted enormously from their mentors, expertise, exposure and networks. Applications via ;…

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Groundbreaking SA Start-Up – BizLink – Is What LinkedIn Wants To Be - By 2 Oceans vibe

You’re at the age now where you’re looking for anything that gives you (or your business) a competitive edge. You’re not alone, of course, so maybe it’s time you nicked in ahead of the rest and set yourself apart.

Recently we’ve been hearing some real buzz around a new platform that individuals and businesses are pretty excited about. It’s kind of like that other platform, the one that links you in if you…


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Should we forget cash money

One of the best ways we’ve progressed in terms of technology has been focused on how we’ve managed our finances. Increasingly, all over the world, we’re seeing a move away from hard, physical currency to digital.

As Forbes’ notes of American spending:

“Studies by Visa show…


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Silicon Cape Startup Profile - Unparalleled Media

Once a week Silicon Cape will be featuring a member from the community. If you would like your company profiled please fill out the form below. For more information please contact



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Africa Should Accelerate Transitioning To High-Value Manufacturing Like 3D Printing

One of the most puzzling paradoxes of the much lauded recent African growth is its bizarre matrix of high growth and high unemployment.

The low impact on poverty reduction and unemployment of the otherwise impressive growth has in turn been attributed to the low contribution of the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing has stagnated and contracted while the service sector continues to grow at a strong rate, leaving economists with the task of pondering whether …


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Reflections from a Silicon Cape Startup at Finland's 15,000 person Slush

In the last ten days, this American-turned-adopted-South African was honoured to participate in the Global Impact Accelerator…

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Why Cape Town has emerged as the biggest startup hub on the African continent

Cape Town is fast cementing itself as the biggest continental hub for tech startups. It’s a growing trend, confirmed by a number of research surveys and articles over the past decade. The Mother City is rightfully living up to monikers such as “The Silicon Cape” and the “…


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What tech features should be standard by now

We’ve reached a point where pointing at a TV, saying our name out loud, and scanning our fingerprints are activities that are part of every day life. Technology has taken massive leaps over the last decade that most of us could not have predicted. It’s no wonder that, in South Africa, tech is one of the fastest growing industries in general, as we…


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