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Supreme Court rules cancellation of a written contract using email correspondence is valid


In Spring Forest Trading CC v Wilberry (Pty) Ltd t/a Ecowash and Another, the Supreme Court of Appeal ("the SCA") held that it was permissible for a written agreement, which required cancellation to be in writing and signed by the parties, to be cancelled by email.

The facts of the case

The parties to the dispute were Wilberry (Pty) Ltd…


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Introducing Some of the Soweto Innovation Week 2015 Speakers


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Are machines the contact centre agents of the future?

Artificial Intelligence is not yet a reality. But very smart computers are. They’re poised to take over all sorts of routine, repetitive tasks. After all, a robot doesn’t make mistakes, it can’t get tired and slack off, it won’t lack motivation, and it doesn’t hurt that it can’t lie or steal…


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10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines

I found this article on Smashing Magazine's website.

The points are (with my comments in brackets)

  1. Form Labels Work Best Above The Field

    (And should be in a single column)
  2. Users Focus On Faces

    (And big fonts)
  3. Quality Of Design Is An Indicator Of Credibility

    (Audience dependent)
  4. Most Users Do Scroll

    (And on mobile devices they sprint down on screens even before it has completed loading)
  5. Blue Is The Best Color For…

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The number of adults starting new businesses drops by 34% in one year!

According to an article in Ventureburn by Stephen Timm

The percentage of adult South Africans involved in starting a business has plunged by 34% since last year, a new report shows.

The Global Entrepreneur Monitor (GEM) global report for…


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Hero Keyboard wants to reinvent the way you type

Although our brains and fingers are most familiar with the QWERTY layout of a keyboard, it really isn’t such a smart design when you think about it. I mean, how often do you use the letter Q?

So, i ask myself - will this new keyboard be usable?  Can it be that our minds have been set on the current QWERTY keyboard layout and won't be able to adapt?

I will download, install and have a look at it and post my thoughts.



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What does a UX specialist do?

A UX Specialist is...

  • a user experience consultant
  • a usability consultant
  • a design thinker
  • a problem solver
  • gives feedback
  • creates wireframes
  • creates prototypes
  • creates storyboards
  • does usability reviews
  • does user research
  • does usability testing

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Seeing Shades of Grey Just Got Easier


James Fisher, Qlik VP Global Product Marketing and an analytics geek who is passionate about customer success. 

Unlike human perception, computing is linear: systems are built to follow the rules exactly as outlined.  If it isn’t a yes, then it must be a no.  We…


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Keep control of terminology as your data volumes explode

By Ian Henderson, CTO at Rubric 

Companies that target consumers in different languages, markets and cultures need to establish a blueprint for how they translate key words and phrases into other languages to avoid terminology spiraling out of control.

As more content is created, translations can quickly become inconsistent and inappropriate if there is no system to harvest, standardise and integrate your company and industry terminology across the business.…


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7 Reasons To Attend #hruCapeTown

7 Reasons To Attend #hruCapeTown

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Where exactly is Silicon Cape?

This past week has been interesting, the Western Cape government dished out R6.5 million (six point five million randelas) to 12 Cape-based tech companies. 

A few things are interesting about the funding, firstly the fund is called the "Design Innovation Seed Fund" and the prize money comes courtesy of the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and the "implementing" partner is The Cape Craft and Design Institute (CCDI). Look money is money regardless of who's dishing it out, so read… Continue

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Announcing Soweto Innovation Week 2015 Startup Showcase Competition and Featured Speakers

Announcing the Startup Showcase Competition and Featured Speakers

Today, Soweto Innovation Week 2015 announces featured speakers and the Startup Showcase Competition. The four featured speakers are only four of over twenty speakers to be announced over the next couple of weeks for this inaugural three day technology conference that will take place at the Soweto Theatre…


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GSMA case study: Nomanini enables rapid, reliable prepaid retail in informal markets

South African-based company Nomanini has created a mobile point of sale terminal and cloud-based distribution platform that is fundamentally changing the nature of the prepaid voucher industry in informal markets.

This is according to the latest case study from…


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I, Business

  • If you s*** at sales don’t build a startup. Go lean. Get someone to do sales.
  • You won’t go viral. Stay determined.
  • Be human. You are dealing with humans.
  • Entrepreneurs become better everyday. No-one knows it all.
  • People have to trust you. Only then will you be successful.
  • Have a blog. And be you.
  • Have a purpose. In life.
  • Remember why you started.

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R6.5million for TOP Cape Innovators

Seed funding totaling R6.5million has been allocated to develop 12 innovative Western Cape ideas – the 12 innovators were all recipients of Design Innovation Seed Fund (DISF) grants at an event at the Cape Craft and Design Institute (CCDI) today.

The DISF is a joint fund between the Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism and the Technology Innovation Agency. It is project managed by the Cape Craft and Design Institute (CCDI). A total of 151 applications were…


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UCD stands for User Centered Design

So often UX (user experience) teams are asked to VET systems or applications AFTER BRS's & FRS's (Business Requirement Specification, Functional Requirement Specification) have been completed.

The UX guys must just check the new system (or application) to make sure it's user friendly.

Yeah, right.

I focus on the experience a user has when using a new system (or application) and i use a User Centered Design (UCD) methodology to do…


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The CIO Challenge Cape Town!

The Challenge takes place on the 5th & 6th of May in Cape Town.

The conference will provide an exclusive opportunity to discover effective enterprise solutions, as well as sharing experiences with various industry sector peers from industries including finance, telecoms and IT, Government, transport, manufacturing,retail and healthcare to name a few.

The format of the CIO Challenge is based on interaction and over 2 days, the audience will hear from industry…


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GoMetro launches an “Email-Your-Boss” button today to bring relief to late workers in Western Cape

In another move to help South African commuters by using mobile technology, GoMetro has launched a service for commuters to initiate an email to their employers from a delayed train - no matter their device type. This button has been designed for the South African developing environment for users who do not have email addresses and are accessing train times and delays on older phones - they don’t even need an internet connection.

Employees on their way to…


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