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One event which needs to be on your 2015 calendar

With little over a month to go, the agenda for the eCommerce Africa Confex is jam-packed with the leaders in the industry. Kinetic has received confirmation from members of the advisory panel, Jaco Jonker and Paul Galatis, that they will be presenting keynotes during the conference sessions.

CEO of BidorBuy, Jaco Jonker, will be sharing the steps to your first online sale during his presentation. He will provide a…


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When should you translate your brand name?

By Ian Henderson, CTO at Rubric

The brand is the most valuable asset for most companies to secure a high level of future demand (and premium price). According to the latest Best Global Brands report, Apple’s brand is valued at $98.3 billion, Google at $93.3 billion and Coca-Cola’s worth is calculated as $79.2 billion.

Given the potential trade leverage from such brand equity,…


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Hello-tomorrow is coming to Cape Town


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LaunchLab: Operations Officer Position

The LaunchLab business incubator based in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, is looking for an Operations Officer who will be responsible for general operations and business development at the LaunchLab which includes building relationships with potential LaunchLab resident companies, sponsors, partners, mentors and coaches, interns, and guest speakers as well entrepreneurial support and development for companies resident in the LaunchLab.




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Dimension Data secures gold sponsorship for eCommerce Africa Confex

Kinetic is pleased to announce that Dimension Data has come on board as a premier sponsor for the eCommerce Africa Confex. They now join the gold sponsor line-up which includes global companies such as Amazon Web Services and…


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The Cell-phone is NOT the babysitter - How to avoid unwanted cellphone costs this Christmas

Heading up customer enquiries in the Value-Added-Services industry has its challenges.  Not least of all the influx of calls from disgruntled subscribers whose cell-phone statements have suddenly gone into orbit with the addition of services they hadn’t thought they had subscribed to.  Or…


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World First – Conquering the World Of Cashless Payments and Commerce

Pan-African technology services group, TrustPay, has defined a new space in the mobile money, cross-border, cashless payment sector. Designed specifically with merchants (product, service suppliers and businesses) in mind, TrustPay, today officially launched its unique range of innovative m/e Commerce merchant solutions that are set to accelerate economic growth in…


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How to run a startup during #LoadShedding (via OfficeBox)

When you run a startup, it’s essential to spend as much time as you can on growing your business. You are loosing money for every minute that you are stuck in the dark because of load shedding. At OfficeBox we understand that you still have a startup to run. To help you, we've compiled a list of the top 3 ways you can still run your startup during load shedding.…


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Global eCommerce: localising beyond just language

By Ian Henderson, CTO at Rubric

Localising a global e-commerce website can be a very effective way for a company to increase its client base in foreign markets, since research consistently shows customers prefer to do business in their own language.



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Fraud protection services can save millions for online merchants

By Brendon Williamson general manager of business development at PayGate 

Automated fraud protection services continue to save online businesses from lost revenue due to online fraud attempts.

One regional airline in Africa reduced their incidence of fraud from over a million rand a month to under R80,000 in just one month. An automated fraud protection service costs very little to implement, and it's not as complicated as some of the bigger independent…


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How to black out proof your holiday

Mere days after Eskom’s announcement that more rolling blackouts are expected, enterprising South Africans started coming up  with ways  of beating the load shedding blues.

There has been a dramatic spike in searches for items like solar lights, gas appliances and generators on Gumtree. South Africans are definitely not going to sit in the dark and brood – they are making alternative arrangements.  Alternative energy is a great investment over the long term, but it can be pricey at…


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codeX Open Days: Free access to internet and mentors to learn coding basics

Want to learn to code but don't have regular internet access?

Want to give back to the Silicon Cape community by mentoring coding newbies?

At codeX, we are hunting for the best raw talent to grow into the next generation of African coders, no matter where they…


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Support codeX and Innovate SA's Code4CT girls holiday bootcamp!

 Help us to get more African women and girls into tech!

codeX and Innovate South Africa are joining forces to run Code4CT, a project that trains girls to code.

We are raising money to hold a two-week…


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Warp Drive Research (interstellar space travel)

These are two serious researchers whom are putting their names behind this research, looks promising.

Prof. David Pares' Warp Drive Research:

NASA's Dr. Harold White's Warp Drive Research:…


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Dunkley Stables: Vibrant co-working space in Gardens, Cape Town

Hi Guys,

Join our Vibrant co-working space in Gardens at an affordable rate!

Monthly Rates(Including VAT):

Desks                …


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Why not to ignore your personal brand

Do you pay as much attention to your brand as you do to your company's?

Brand consistency - in the long term - ensures consistent business and career growth. Very often business owners steer clear of focusing on their personal brand, as they do not like the spotlight. The instinctive focus is on the PR and marketing activities to meet business objectives, highlighting their company's services and successes. However, it’s not that easy to…


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Paratus Telecom and Nomanini partner to bring “business in a box” to Namibia

Established Namibian ICT provider, Paratus Telecom, has diversified its offering by launching a new mobile airtime distribution service called “Katiti”. The service runs on Nomanini’s popular cloud-based mobile point of sale platform and is designed to be used by informal traders and budding entrepreneurs.…


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It’s not about how you start, but how you transform.

We all can have a business plan, research skills, qualifications, mentors, resources etc.

And that will really be great when needed. But if there's one thing we do most is focus on how we going to start our businesses.

During my time trying to find those answers, I've found many good examples on "how…


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Cash is still king, says Nomanini CEO

“Mobile money, while undoubtedly achieving impressive growth across Africa, is really still in its infancy,” says Vahid Monadjem, co-founder and CEO of cash-based mobile POS platform provider Nomanini.

“Unfortunately, many of the statistics surrounding the number of mobile money transactions taking place in countries like Kenya are misleading. We need to continue to build on the gains in digital money with an appreciation of the realities of these markets. Cash is definitely still…


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Why waiting for the right time to launch your new venture is worth it

When it comes to business the temptation is often to dive head first into a new venture, hot on the heels of a brilliant idea. Founders and investors get swept up into the wave of optimism that often follows and then are left scratching their head wondering what happened when the new business fails.

Sure, a lot of them do work, but in this article I’ll be talking about why it’s a good idea to wait for the right moment to launch your start-up into the market. Including, considering…


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