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Artificial Intelligence at the centre of MIIA partner activities with Silicon Cape, Rise Africa, and Insights2Impact

We live in truly exciting times where smart technology is not only substantially altering the way we work, play, live, and interact with one another, but is also disrupting all industries, disciplines, economies, education, society, the public sector, and entire systems at an…


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Silicon Cape Startup Profile - LinkTank

Once a week Silicon Cape will be featuring a member from the community. If you would like your company profiled please fill out THIS FORM. For more information please contact…


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The internet of things by 2020

Until now, the offerings of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have been geared towards mobile broadband and voice packages.

As a result, their networks have been built to cater for personal devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.

However, MNOs are quickly having to prepare for a third offering: The Internet of Things (IoT), which includes devices previously not considered as ‘connected’, ranging from multi-purpose sensors and smart meters for utility companies on the…


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Top tech entrepreneurs to judge SA e-commerce awards

With online retail in South Africa forecasted to grow beyond 1% of total retail this year, e-commerce is undoubtedly gaining that much needed momentum.

Despite a challenging economic environment, both new and established brands are investing in online platforms and looking to join the global shift towards digitised transactions.

In South Africa, the emerging e-commerce sector is attracting a dynamic generation of entrepreneurs and innovators, who are looking to harness…


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South Africa Launches New Business Angel Network. Here’s Why You Should Care

In South Africa’s environment of high unemployment and low economic growth, private angel investor groups already exist to fund great entrepreneurial ideas and turn them into businesses that create jobs.

Little is known about their efforts.

A new, national nonprofit network of angel…


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South Africa’s CLEVVA is making AI-powered virtual advisors a thing

Artificial intelligence is impressing us more everyday, as the technology demonstrates amazing learning capabilities and flexibility. It’s not just the likes of Google, …


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SA gets IBM's second research lab in Africa

Computing giant IBM today opened a research lab in SA at the University of the Witwatersrand's Tshimologong Precinct in Braamfontein.

This is IBM's second research location on the African continent following a similar facility it opened in Nairobi,…


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Central bank of South Africa considers blockchain implementation

Speaking at a conference on cyber security in Johannesburg, the head of the Reserve Bank of South Africa Lesetya Kganyango expressed his support to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

Mr Kganyango said that the institution is studying the technology and the ways for its application. He hopes that…


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Why should people invest?

Trying to convince people to part with their money is difficult. We need to understand how people think, believe and act if we hope to get anywhere. Dismissing people’s base motivations will prove dire to any goals in terms of business transactions and interest.

We must therefore begin considering precisely what can be done to make people consider investing. Knowing how people think is important to business – ignorance could spell death for our…


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New threshold will limit crowdfunding in SA

A new lending threshold under the National Credit Act could stunt the ability of start-ups to obtain funding via online lending platforms in SA, just as such loans are growing.…


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How better communication in tech saves lives

Technology saves lives. There’s been little doubt about this fact since we invented technology. Whether it’s people in hospitals surviving through rigorous surgery or activating distress signals on their phones to be rescued, we have been developing tech to help us for some time. After all, technology by definition focuses on tools to aid us and make our activities easier.

One good example of this is how making communication easier might itself…


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5 elements of a gamified approach to use in education

‘Gamification’ – the process of using elements of interactive game design in other applications – has become popular in education. This is…


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Fifteen solid years of commercialising mobile marketing solutions that tap into the vast business potential of 600 million cellular users has seen InTarget Mobile Advertising join an exclusive club of the Top 25 African & Middle Eastern Mobile Ad Networks.

Thalamus, the administrator of the world's biggest ad vendor database, has included South Africa-headquartered InTarget in its most recent list of the twenty five mobile marketing firms that matter in Africa and the Middle… Continue

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Want To Know Why It is Important to Get Business Law Assistance? Read This!

Real estate is s bustling industry that is full of opportunities. There are opportunities to make substantial amounts of money for the astute businessperson. Just like any other enterprise where there is a promise of high reward, the real estate business has many risks for business people. One of these risks is litigation. Businesspeople in this industry are constantly aware of lawsuits. Therefore, the smart ones normally invest in legal advice.

Who provides this…


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Private Company......what is it?


In our very first Blog we looked at the different business types you as an entrepreneur would probably need to consider when starting out, in this series of blogs we will look at these business types in a little more detail.

The most common business “type”…


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If you never have, than you should - Inside Man Media

This article was written by Brian Mawdsley, CEO and Founder of Inside Man Media.


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getTOD, South Africa’s innovative answer to 24-hour, on-demand home maintenance

Only four months since its inception in Cape Town, getTOD (Get Tasks on Demand) launched in Johannesburg on the 15th August 2016.  With over 250 registered tradespeople and an exciting exclusive partnership with Builders, it’s all set to become a game-changer for South African homeowners and tradespeople.

“getTOD is on an exciting path to deliver excellent service standards to key industries in terms of price and quality, to the benefit of all customers and service…


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StartupLink Fall Applications

We’d like to invite you to StartupLink, a unique platform that connects entrepreneurs from around the world with students from the best business schools in the US in order to collaborate on project based semester long experiences.  Our participating Startups get to team up with top-notch business students all…


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Zoona Raises $15 million in Series B funding

It’s been over seven years since Zoona was launched in 2009. It was born from an idea in a text message exchanged between our two founders, brothers Brad and Brett Magrath – and it’s humbling to see how far we’ve come.

We have enabled over 1,000 emerging entrepreneurs in Zambia…


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Best apps for health

These days there appears to be an app for everything. Yet, what matters to us in terms of our main priority is often our health. After all, not looking after our health means we can’t do anything else. To that end, we should consider the intersection of health and technology as it stands today. Once we recognise what can be used to aid health, we should consider it for our own businesses for staff and ourselves. Healthy workers means more productive teams and thus better…


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