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ADSL Modem Admin Panel Address

The actual IP address is the default IP address used for a number of broadband internet wireless routers, particularly for different models of Netgear or D-Link. Manufacturers assign this particular IP address to all the routers they manufacture. However it is useful to realize that this specific IP might be changed in the wireless router admin page.…


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How to secure payment

We’ve fully entered the digital age. There’s no escaping this fact, as we change entire business models and how we operate day-to-day. Travelling in order to conduct meetings is negated by video conferencing; people can work from home to accomplish the same goals; files no longer need to be stored physically, but can be accessed by the necessary people at any time. One way that also has changed – and must change – is how we deal with securing payment.…


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25 July 2016

CAPE TOWN - The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands presents its next #cocreateSA initiative: #cocreate2ACCELERATE. #cocreate2ACCELERATE brings together five South African companies and five Dutch innovators to tackle five different challenges. The program will take place from 10-21 August 2016 at Open Design Festival. The Dutch Consulate General has also invited disruptive thinker…


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Securing the right investor for every stage of your business - Nomanini CEO

First published on Entrepreneur SA

Securing the right investors, at very specific points in the lifecycle of your business, can ultimately make or break your entrepreneurial journey.

So you’ve nailed down the big idea, you’ve got the inspiration, and you’ve laid out a savvy business plan – now all you need is the right investor (or…


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Nominate Women Entrepreneurs for Global Virtual Accelerator by 31st July 2016!

Circular Board is a collaborative accelerator for growth-oriented female entrepreneurs who lead, or aspire to build, businesses with multi-million dollar revenues. We support women in business around the world…


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POPI Compliance and its impact on IT Operations

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) is causing much angst within IT departments due to the fact that any infrastructure that holds personal information needs to be secure at all times.  Failure to achieve this may result in significant penalties.  It is anticipated that the act will come into force in the last quarter of 2017.

Many large and well known organisations I…


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5 Steps How You Can Secure Your Current Home Network

Belkin and SMC make use of as a default IP for computer network router configuration in the home, small business, or college. The address is inside the private IP range based on the IANA underneath the IETF authority. Then the regular person wants to connect to its router to setup his Wi-Fi or secure its home computer network he has to utilize this Internet protocol address. The particular address can also be used to troubleshoot network internet issues and conduct various other…


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I.T Careers

Data Science Technologies are looking for I.T professionals with the following skills and experience to work on various projects and clients requirements.

I.T Careers

E-mail CV or…


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Silicon Cape Startup Profile - Renderheads

Once a week Silicon Cape will be featuring a member from the community. If you would like your company profiled please fill out THIS FORM. For more information please contact……


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10 Expert Tips On Managing Cash Flow As A New Business

Follow these tips to manage cash flow effectively as a new business owner.

New start-ups should fully understand that running out of money is one of the primary reasons that businesses fold shortly after a launch. This scenario is a proven statistic, but startups can avoid joining the ranks of failed businesses by being smart about how they spend their startup capital.

And that’s crucial: Trying to run a…


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South Africa: How (Not) To Value A Startup

Are you a startup making absolutely no money? Do you also have no clear way of or plan for generating revenue (other than suddenly and randomly slapping advertising onto your product/service five years from now)? If so, then here, have a billion dollar valuation.

About a month ago, I read an …


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Township-based digital agency Lemok flying South African flag abroad

An agency originating from Soshanguve, north of Pretoria, has earned itself international recognition. Known as Lemok, the township-based digital agency has won clients from Angola and Florida in its first five months.

Lemok is the brainchild of Lebogang…


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Edward Snowden working on spy-proof smartphone case for cyber-sleuths

Notorious public whistleblower Edward Snowden and famous hacker Andrew “Bunnie” Huang are co-developing a smartphone case that aims to protect users from wireless device snooping.

According to the duo’s paper “…


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Verizon to buy Yahoo core business for $4.8bn – report

Yahoo’s publishing and advertising business has seen much better days, being viewed as an ailing internet icon by many. Now, the New York Times has reported that US network Verizon is stepping in to…


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Stop charging import duties on mobile phones – WASPA

The Wireless Application Services Providers’ Association (WASPA) has called on the government to stop charging import duties on smartphones, saying that they aren’t a luxury.

The association said that mobile use needs to be encouraged, because of the relationship between…


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User experience and the IoT: tech should be all about humans

I remember reading about the Twittering Ferries a few years ago. This story captured my imagination and I started to explore the …


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IAB salary survey reveals highest-earning roles in SA’s digital agencies

IAB SA today revealed South Africa’s “first-ever” digital industry salary survey, which itself revealed some interesting statistics about…


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Email marketing is still relevant, ignore it at your peril

Email has found itself in a precarious situation. While it’s still everywhere — and not going anywhere — its users have no shortage of legitimate complaints. Chief among them: email marketing — which fills inboxes all day, every day — is basically synonymous with…


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Five tech startups chosen for Dutch #cocreate2ACCELERATE challenge

Five SA tech startups have been selected as part of the #cocreate2ACCELERATE challenge, an initiative created by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

According to a…


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Startup Funding: Not Always Straightforward

As with many things in life, there’s the good, the creative, and the downright weird. Startup funding is no…


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