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From YDE to Uber Flavour: Paul Simon’s journey as an ‘accidental entrepreneur’

There is no better place for a South African to spend a cold Thursday evening than sitting at Townhouse Lodge listening in on an entrepreneur flooded fireside chat hosted by Giullaume De Wet at Startup Grind Cape Town.


This month the man in the spotlight was none other than Mr YDE, or as he would prefer to be called today, Mr …


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The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos the Age of Amazon- Brad Stone (Book Review)

‘Rudeness is not cool. Defeating tiny guys is not cool. Close-following is not cool. Young is cool. Risk-taking is cool. Winning is cool. Polite is cool. Defeating bigger, unsympathetic guys is cool. Inventing is cool. Explorers are cool. Conquerers are cool. Obsessing over competitors is not cool. Empowering others is cool. Capturing all the value only for the company is not cool. Leadership is cool. Conviction is cool. Straightforwardness is cool. Pandering to the crowd is not cool.…


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Stand a chance to WIN R500 when answering 10 short questions

Hi Silicon Cape,

We're looking for participants for our survey on Identity Theft and Online Security. Each entrant will stand a chance of winning a R500 prize simply by completing the survey.

We are looking at how much consumers know about identity theft, and their awareness of the dangers and consequences that lie with it. Your feedback is essential as we are always looking for ways to improve and deliver the best possible solutions in keeping your online identity…


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A call for Women in Tech Mentors for Code4CT

The call for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to support young girls and women in these fields and upcoming has been highlighted often lately, more so at the IBM Bluemix Girls Night in Cape Town where young developers felt like they were isolated on their journey and didn't have someone to look up to and questioned what the more successful women already established in these fields were doing about it.  The takeaway was that more needs to be done in terms of…


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#V2Reality PwC's Vision to Reality - more than 70 entrants!

From vision to reality, and innovation to acceleration!

The 2015 Vision to Reality awards programme, launched during March, appeals to emerging companies with extraordinary vision. In collaboration with the SA Innovation Summit and organisations such as Silicon Cape, Entrepreneur Traction, SmartXChange, BizFarm, BWB/CITi, Start-up Grind, CoCT, Wesgro, UCT GSB and Knife Capital, we at PwC are very proud to announce that we’ve received over 70 high-quality nominations in the “Emerging…


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Code for Cape Town news - meeting the Queen and starting camp

Code4CT camp is about to begin

Imagine the energy and excitement as 75 Grade 10 and 11 girls gather to learn about the possibilities of technology to create solutions to important challenges, hear about different tech companies from local professionals and learn to code (most for the first time).  

From 4-18 July 73 girls will be staying in the school hostel of Cape Academy for Maths, Science and Tech in Constantia, learning to code and use design…


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Meet the Investor: Daniel Guasco

Entrepreneur-turned-angel investor Daniel Guasco knows a thing or two about building and exiting a business, having founded Twangoo with Wayne Gosling in 2011 and subsequently sold it on to Groupon. Now the pair, through their investment fund, are looking to offer South African startups the same opportunities.

“We were obviously just very fortunate for Groupon to have been in the position that it was. And we managed to sell the company and made good money out of it,” Guasco…


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Video Streaming Stuttering In Africa? (+ The Week's Biggest News)

The race is still on to discover the formula for successfully distributing digital content in Africa. In arecent blogpost, Jason Njoku, the outspoken founder of iROKOTV, announced that his company would soon retire the desktop version of their platform (for African users) to…


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15 Things To Do And Go From Idea → Product Market Fit → Scale

There has never been a better time for entrepreneurship.…


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Benefits of online car shopping

The internet has become a portal for all those who seek information. It’s your go to guide in time of need and sometimes you wonder why the telephone book still exists. Everything is basically online in the 21st century. You can do your shopping online and even study online, all in the comfort…


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Jamcloud - South Africa's On Demand Music Streaming Service

So Apple Inc. just launched their own music streaming service called Apple Music, and all Apple users get a 3 month free subscription. But the question is how many users are going to continue paying the overpriced forbid fruit the fee for streaming music?

But lets not start a war, let me 1st introduce myself. My name is Frans Elstadt <!*_*!> 20 year old internet entrepreneur from NMMU. Out of constant…


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Broll exec has desire to mentor and develop the real estate sector in emerging markets

Broll Property Group has managed to attract real estate professionals from across the globe into Africa with some nationals returning to their country of birth or others like Brad Gee who has a desire to mentor and develop the real estate sector in emerging markets. Broll is currently employing French and Portuguese speaking teams who will operate in the non –Anglo speaking countries.

Broll has appointed Gordon Bell, former City Property Administration Chief Executive Officer as…


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The Future is Collaborative


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Cape Town's Startup Trends


Take Aways:

1. Cape Town co-work spaces service lower, middle, upper end

2. Some startups worth noting

3. Some curve…


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GIBS Scholarships for female entrepreneurs

University of Pretoria GIBS Entreprise Development Academy in collaboration with African Management Initiative are recruiting 50 women entrepreneurs to participate in the Winning Women programme, a six month online and in-person programme designed for women entrepreneurs who want to apply for their first bank loan to expand their business. With support from Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), this programme aims to help women entrepreneurs prepare their business for a business…


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As a company are you ready for Data Breach & Cybercrime?

We at IT Conferences hope to answer these questions at ICT Africa CT & JHB.

There have been several cases of Data Breach & Cybercrime in some of the biggest companies in the world recently. Several companies are now tied up in continous court battles as to who owned the original patents on products of some of the top software giants in the world. Erik Van Der Vyver - Patent Attorney - Von Seidels will discuss the issue of protecting your intellectual property at ICT Africa…


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Five Years of Knife Life! — The Entrepreneurial Journey of a South African VC

Today marks the 5th birthday of Knife Capital! Time to think and reflect on how we cut our teeth in the South African Venture Capital (“VC”) space by becoming entrepreneurs…

Read original Blog Post.

Here be Awesome!

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Seedstars World announces Cape Town winners

These are the 5 winners from the Seedstars World Cape Town…

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The Hard Thing About Hard Things- Ben Horowitz (Book Review)

The Struggle is when you wonder why you started the company in the first place.

The Struggle is when people ask you why you don’t quit and you don’t know the answer.

The Struggle is when your employees think you are lying and you think they may be right.

The Struggle is when food loses its taste.

The Struggle is when you don’t believe you should be CEO of your company. The Struggle is when you know that you are in over your head…


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Importance of Telemetry Monitoring for your Organization

Telemetry monitoring can make it easier and faster to acquire important data from remotely located areas. Telemetry companies have been involved in various applications that they use to collect environmental data. They use the latest technology to provide well-formulated data gathering solutions for their clients.

Worthwhile Alternative

Telemetry makes use of signals for sending information and enabling data to transmit over different distances. It offers a worthwhile…


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