Event Policy

As Silicon Cape is a community owned brand, the Silicon Cape Initiative is obliged to ensure that the channel is not leveraged unfairly or exploited for profit.  Any event added to the Silicon Cape website and promoted through its channels must comply with any one of the following conditions:

  • The event is free to attend to any member of the online community. (If this is the case, please state this explicitly in the description of your event.)

  • If the ticket price is R500 or less and the Silicon Cape logo is clearly displayed on the main event page or sponsors page. (The price must be stated on in the Silicon Cape event description.)

  • If there is a fee to attend the event over R500 the organizers must offer 3 free tickets to the online community. The eligible members will be the first 3 to respond to a question via one of the Silicon Cape Initiatives media portals or on the actual event listing. This is at the discretion of the event organizer and Silicon Cape.

  • If there is a fee of over R500 to attend the event the organizers must make a donation of the full price of 1 ticket to the Silicon Cape Initiative Trust. 

  • If you are wishing to advertise a course where people will be taught a skill, the organiser must make a donation of R1000 to the Silicon Cape Initiative trust.

If there is a cost associated with the event or course it must be clearly displayed in the event description as well as the condition above that is met.

All events notices must be confined only to the events page and not anywhere else on the site. 

Note that there is a setting to disable the RSVP on Events. Please make sure you disable this if you would not like to use our RSVP system.

Donations may be done via the 'donate button' on the homepage, or via EFT. In both cases please email proof of transaction to engage@siliconcape.com

For any queries or requests for banking details or to be issued with an invoice / receipt please contact us with your query.

By posting an event on this site, the Silicon Cape Initiative is not held accountable to promote your event through any other means. 

An advertising rate card is available upon request to engage@siliconcape.com if you wish to promote your event on the site and/or via Silicon Cape Initiative communication channels.

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