Promoting consumer engagement by e-connecting brands with South African consumers. Immediate, inexpensive market intelligence for brands, extra cash for consumers who can give their opinion on anything, anytime, anywhere. GutFeel is developing a data base of active consumers for brands to get honest, real time opinions on products, services and advertising

Brands – can survey valuable insight before embarking on R&D, buyers can canvass opinions before procurement, restaurants can test new menu ideas, website developers and designers can shortlist options, advertising agencies can present storyboards… the possibilities are endless. From raw data to customised interpretation to suit any budget – GutFeel is a must for brands looking for fast, reliable research without a high price tag. 

Consumers -  express an opinion, influence the way brands do business and advertise and get paid up R 100 each time they are selected to participate in an online survey. Payment via FNB e-wallet - SMS One Time Pin (OTP) can be redeemed at any FNB ATM. It's free to join, easy to sign up and there's no obligation.

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Sounds like it could be really useful for Brands and a great way for people to make extra cash.

There are a lot of "prizes for surveys" out there online, and I'm prettty sure some have been used (or are being used) as an email harvesting scam.  Is this something you've been concerned about and have you implemented anything to prevent Gutfeel being perceived this way?


We guarantee our users that their personal information will never be shared with any other brand or company without their permission. The only time we may ask for permission is for example if a brand wanted to send a new or improved product for a sampling survey and even then we would only provide a delivery address if the GutFeeler permits us to do so. I also refer to our Privacy Policy on the site.


Hi Monique,

I have no doubt you guys are 100% above board. I think it's great that you're facilitating payments with FNB eWallet rather than offering prizes.


I think GutFeel is a terrific concept.  I heard your punt on 5fm about 3 weeks ago.  I remember an online survey platform similar to this a few years ago, I think it was called Elite but I cant seem to find it which probably means it's no longer operational and there is still one called Opinionate.  How does GutFeel differ?  How are brands responding to your offer?


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