Hi there, hoping to get people who have knowledge on the broadband services or have had experience with Cell C and 8ta to share info that may help in making a better decision.


I have been using iBurst Wireless for the past 2 years now on a 1Mbps modem at a cost of R257 per month on a 2Gig per month contract. A 1 gig top up comes at R69. They offer up to 4G free downloading from midnight to 8am and free mid-month data top up (if you are on a 2gig contract you get free 2Gig top up on the 15th). The speeds are however, now slow to what I'd personally expect. Main reason is obviously because I'm still sitting on a 1Mbps modem, but their contract renewal package only upgrades to a 2Mbps modem.


Cell C is offering 5G per month @ R299 12 month contract with a speed stick "with hardware capability of up to 21.6Mbps" - what does that mean? R199 once-off gets you going.


And 8ta is currently offering an Internet 5 Promo package 24 month contract with 10G per month @ R199 per month. This comes with no modem. Their entry modem is 3.6Mbps downlink. R200 once-off gets you going. 


I'm looking for more data (I consume over 5 gig a month), more speed and definitely the cheaper deal. Should i stay with iBurst or move between Cell C and 8ta? If moving which should I go with Cell C or 8ta?




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Hi Tatenda,


What are your actual data requirements, and your mobility needs?


As data rates keep dropping (Vodacom announced a 40% drop today), it might be good to consider what your total cost and savings could be 24 months from now, rather than tying yourself down to a contract.

From what I've seen, Cell C either works totally or not at all, depending on your coverage.

8ta, I don't know.


Hardware capability of 21.6Mbps is a theoretical value that Vodacom and Cell C are throwing out there as they are starting to install transmitters that can work that fast. In an ideal world,  with no interference and all the hardware compatible. That is also download, not upload.


Do you need mobile (3G) internet or would you consider ADSL? For under R1000 per month you can get fast ADSL (4Mbps to 10Mbps if lucky) with about 15GB of data / or unlimited bandwidth [terms and conditions apply]. And you can have more than one user, using the ADSL. (Ok, with a 3G-WAP you can do that as well).


We go through about 30GB a month as well as about 30-60GB downloads in our "free" time, which helps a lot.

Some ISP's offering good ADSL deals include Cybersmart, RSAWeb etc.  with data R19 -R29/GB.

Some ISP's you can pay month-month, but one or two of the big players want you to sign up to a 24 month contract.

If you have more than one site, a few of the ISP's offer multisite as an option, or built-in if you take a 4Mbps/package.

ADSL is (reasonably) stable, whereas 3G is not stable.


So it really depends on your own requirements what the better choice is.



Hi Marius,


Thank you for the info. In an average month I require 7 - 8GB and am one for mobile. I wouldn't consider ADSL as I wouldn't want to be fixed to location. My comparisons then are based on mobile solutions.


You are right about getting tied to a 24month contract with the way data is going down in cost, especially with this new undersea cable on track I'm hearing about (not sure, but I've heard it somewhere). Was unaware about the Vodacom drop. And it seems Cell C and 8ta are very well selling somewhat below cost, to fight the large user bases of MTN and Vodacom. 


So as someone trying to get a decent enough connection amidst all the special offers and promotions and without much knowledge on technicalities like uplink, downlink, ping, what not, there's the feeling the best deal today may not be the best in a few months time.


It's more of what suits my current requirements then, and iBurst currently does not cut it anymore. My eyes fell on Cell C and 8ta because they are promoted as cheaper, faster and more data and what is promised is not what you always get. MTN and Vodacom have previously proven to be expensive in my experience (might be a different case presently). 


At this moment, 8ta is looking like the best deal. I am just not sure.

Hi Tatenda, 

Been very happy with Cell C as a temporary backhaul at some of our Skyrove Wi-Fi hotspots. Pretty much anywhere in Cape Town, coverage has been good. 


From some research we did, 8ta currently has a very small footprint with patchy reception. 


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