Its been about a month since the last networking event where Christine Moon gave a talk on Google's plan to start incubators in South Africa. I haven't heard of any developments since then - has anyone else heard any news on this?

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No official word from them yet, but I suspect it will take a bit longer than a month or two...

It's worth mentioning that they seemed pretty serious when I met with them on this subject, and had gone to fair bit of effort to research it and talk to key players.
Nothing yet, maybe join us @ the Startup Incubator discussion group on 6 may.
Google is still very serious about this. The delay is caused by Christine Moon's move into another division at Google. I am speaking to the person who will from now on lead this initiative this week Wednesday and will keep you posted.
Pity that Christine Moon isn't on the project any more since she seemed really keen to do this, she also did mention she would be monitoring these forums, but I guess that might not be happening anymore.

There is a lot of potential for this kind of thing I just hope it doesn't end up being lots of talk because there is too much of that nowadays. Hopefully with drops in prices of bandwidth in SA players like Google will finally start to look more closely at SA.


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