WANTED: Tech start-ups looking for Software development partners


Alchemy Software is a family of skilled, passionate people committed to delivering quality software.

We build long term relationships with clients who want to enhance delivery of their core business value, creating custom software products to their specifications.

Our Clients . . .

Are looking to grow or establish their businesses through the application of software. Usually, we are creating software products that our clients will sell. In engaging with us, they do business while we do technology. We share values and a commitment to their long-term growth and success.


The Microsoft development platform includes technologies such as ASP.Net and C#.Net using Visual Studio 2008/2010 and SQL Server 2005/2008.

Our mobile development team uses the Symbian SDK and C++ and also has the ability to create J2ME applications for the mobile platform.

We use C++ for low-level components that may be required for network protocol development or hardware integration.

We have also used various open source frameworks like the C++ based Ogre3D for 3D rendering and Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) for physics used in our 3D simulation framework development.

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Can you contact me, I would like to get a quote from you...

I am working on an IT based financial services system that will need software support to increase revenue inflow .We will be launching in one of the Southern African region countries and then spreading out ,thereafter. I can be contacted on my email trackers@hotmail.co.za ,

www.facebook.com/lovemoremhindu or on  mobile no. +27704376745  


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