This is a very simple Invoicing system - built on Drupal in about a month. It will still need some more work - both visually and functionally.

We built it primarily to 'test the waters' in SA (will people actually use our stuff?) and add some diversity to our somewhat tiny portfolio.

If you have some time - please do test :-)

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Looks good.  You going to charge for it later, freemium, advertising, or something else?

If I get some good feedback and a few users, I intend to add more features and try a freemium pricing model.

In the case that it really took off, we would develop it over in a more salable manner. For now, it's a fun pet project to have.

I was wasting time thinking of something, so I settled on the lesser evil of my ideas.

If I think of something unique, I'll be sure build it. As I said, it's a fun pet project (and I've actually been using it myself).

How about an update how is PayPod doing?

Same as when I first posted, save a few fixes and actual users!


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