I find it odd that the SC committee is so quiet.

When people run forums and things like this its important to keep the community talking, but I only see the odd trace here and there.


Perhaps we could get a thread or two started from you guys?

What do you guys do? What are you doing currently in your business ventures?








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Sorry guys, but I don't buy any of the busy excuses. 

I run a software business Lucid Ocean and involved with 2 startups, seeking funding, attending meetings. I volunteer my time training people, ghost write for some books, help my wife run her business and still find time to have a good week-end once a month. When I cant do something I delegate the tasks to suitable people.  being too busy, means spreading oneself too thinly and a thorough job cannot be done on all tasks.


Sounds like you need a plan. 


  • A community is fostered and created through conversation.
  • Not everyone attends these events
  • If you remove the top 10 brilliantly active posters on this forum, it would be absolutely dead.
  • Events are just part of the community equation, the forum is also
  • The website aids in you having a community to advertise these events
  • Being Busy is an excuse, 
    • One could spend 30 min each day per week on different days (5 people to get a day each)
    • Even if once or twice you were too busy to do your allocated day, another committee member would be here the next day, thus never for more than a day or so would be missed.
    • If one is too busy to do all the tasks at hand, then perhaps finding another to help


The reason why I'm bringing this up.

  • I think if its not nipped in the bud, the forum could very easily die and that would be a shame
  • the "views" to "posts" ratio is very high, meaning people are not drawn in to comment on things
    • not interesting enough
    • no leadership
    • shyness
    • not controversial enough
    • not helpful enough 
    • so on
  • I am not seeing much value to posts and one cant expect the community to make forums interesting, it has to be lead


I have a suggestion Jonathan. As Silicon Cape is purely volunteer driven, why don't you volunteer to manage the forums?


If a thread started, along the lines of asking "who in the community would be interested in helping in the running of the forum?".


There may be others who wish to volunteer and I certainly would think about putting my name on that list.



Jonathan I agree with Rob as this is obviously something you feel passionate about. Silicon Cape can only grow if we have passionate people getting involved in the areas where they see a real need.


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