I need recommendations on possible software packages our dev team can use for project management. 

We are 3 developers in our team and would like to use a software package to stream line our project management.

What we need the software to do:

- Show the project name

- Show milestones

- Show total time spent

- Do reporting in a nice graph format

That's the core functionality we require.

We have dailly 10-min meetings to discuss progress on projects.

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Thanks teambox looks like what we after, I will have a look.

if you want an online solution: basecamp or activecollab 

for an offline solution: ms project should suffice

I've used basecamp for years, and basecamp next is due for release this year...

Thanks mate, will check it out.

We currently trying out http://collabtive.o-dyn.de

If you're mac based, checkout Wunderkit http://get.wunderkit.com/ as a Project Management app.

It all depends on your development methodology...

For agile approaches check out:

- Pivotal http://www.pivotaltracker.com/

- Redmine http://www.redmine.org/


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