The RSA (UK) is holding a film competition.....

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Hi Jennifer,


What is the cash prize offered? What exposure is the winner (and entrants) likely to get? 





Hi Henk,


Details and terms and conditions, including deadline and cash prize here:


I'm not connected to RSA. Attended their lectures in the UK, so I'm just a fan. Thought some Silicon Capers might be interested but they'll have to weigh up input versus return.  You could check out viewer stats on their RSAnimate page and by searching "rsa animate" on YouTube. One of their videos has 6,339,425 views.  There are about 25 videos, each getting between 200 000 - 5 million views. Might give you an idea of exposure!


I think the idea around RSA Animate is a kind of TedX ideas illustrated for those of us who like to visually learn!



Hi Jennifer, maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place, but I don't see the prize details on the link you pasted. (I did look there before posting my question)

Hi Henk,


I think it's mentioned in the video on the top.  From recollection, the cash prizes were around 2000 pounds, so I think you're looking more at the benefits of exposure.  Entry close date has been extended to mid-September.




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