Hi guys, we recently launched a property website using Microsoft Silverlight PivotViewer technology.

It's pretty different to the way any other property website navigates through the collection of properties. It's a more visual experience and we hoping it will attract users by giving them a richer experience.


Visit http://www.adlive.co.za and click on western cape. It might require you to install Silverlight if you haven't already done so.


Please could you guys give us some constructive critism on ways to improve our site or bugs that you've picked up.




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Hello Rizaan,


Congratulations on an attractive site and I wish you all success in your endeavour.


This is a very preliminary feedback, as I am still getting familiar with all your site's aspects. However, on first view, I find the search bar for a property somewhat overwhelming. Its very big and kind of in your face.  You might de-emphasize it a bit?



Hi George, we fully agree with you on the search bar and have redone the search bar ;) Have a look and let me know what you think.


Thanks Again.




Very Impressed by the Look 'n Feel you have with ADlive, my only opinion is the Silver Light aspect... It always takes ages to load, you have a 5 sec response time with the average user. Did you stress test the site over various internet connections?

I would also suggest perhaps moving the Properties sitting almost below my fold to the top above the silver light app, that way i have direct access to view the listings instead of patiently waiting for good old Silver to load.


But overall, it looks good and i have no doubt it functions well.

Thanks for the good feedback guys. I will definately take these points into consideration. We need to find a creative way to keep the user distracted from the silverlight loading.

Thanks once again fellows.

Hi Rizaan


I like the idea and everything its the speed thats the problem for me.

Have you thought of of having the options of just being able to look at apartments for example or houses. Maybe just add these to the bar under search.

Yeah, we going to break the collection up into smaller bits. Probably not by house category but by area. (eg. Southern Suburbs)

Currently it's loading all of the western cape, which isnt ideal when the collection grows alot bigger.


Thanks for the input.


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